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  1. Ok so 3 weeks not 2? What about the 2-2-2?
  2. I have been wanting to get into brewing for some time and with the recent deal on Woot for Mr Beer and they are on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond I purchased 2 kits. I also got a few refills Whispering Wheat Weizenbier w/Golden Wheat, Mountain Raspberry, and Lady Liberty Lager. I got my first batch going last night, I did the basic West Coast Pale Ale that comes with the kit as kind of a starter. I did a bunch of reading here and watched all the video that drew from crytopbrewology did and gave it a go. Currently my LBK is in the closet at 65 degrees and I see a bit of Krausen at the top, now to wait 2 weeks, that is the hard part. Also you guys weren't kidding when you said to stir the booster, it took forever to dissolve. I figure my next batch will most likely be the Mountain Raspberry for my wife as she loves fruity beer. I also found that if you go to your local recycling place you can get all the glass bottles you ever wanted for free. Mine had no issues with me digging through the glass bin to look for amber 12oz pry top bottles.
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