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  1. I've got the Spring special Lager that I'm planning to start soon, having kept the yeast packet in the refrigerator. I'm sure it was a lager yeast that came with it, but will double check before making that same mistake. The wife said she actually liked the Cowboy Lager better a bit flat. Will have to leave a bottle out to un-fiz (another good technical term - or is it de-fiz?) for her. Tom Oxley
  2. Thanks. I missed the period at room temp. I'll take them out and to the basement for a bit. Dont think I have spoiled anything yet, but glad I checked. Tom Oxley
  3. I made up a batch of the Cowboy Lager, 2 weeks in the LBK and now 5 weeks lagered in the refrigerator. My target date to get it out is December 7th, at a two-month mark, but we decided to open one up last night to see how it's going. Taste is pretty much what we were hoping for, but there was no head to speak of, just a little bit of bubbling. Not exactly flat, but not what I've had with my ales and such. This is my first attempt at cold lagering, so I wasnt sure if this is normal or not. 3 12-oz bottles are earmarked for my office christmas party on the 14th of December while the rest is bottled in 24-oz bottles for enjoyment by the wife and me. Thanks for your thoughts. Tom Oxley
  4. I'll be giving that a try next time. I use the half-litre bottles and always fill to the recommended 1.5 inch from the top and had no problem filling all 16, but then I tip the LBK very slowly and gently before I start bottling, so may get just a bit of the trub as I go. No complaints yet, since it's mostly me drinking it. :gulp: Tom Oxley
  5. I noticed that the Bock was gone from the website. Sorry to see that. I think my friend bought a bunch of stuff on a whim and never went beyond the first batch. Mr Beer got me hooked on home brewing, and I dont see any reason to give up on it as I expand my capacity. Now when I try other beer brands, I try to sort out how I could make it and if it would be worth while doing it. At some point, I can stop buying and just make my own. My son isnt interested in beer so much, but said he and his wife love hard cider, so a Mr Cider kit is on the agenda for his birthday. Tom
  6. A friend gave me his 5-gallon fermentor and gear, so I'm planning to do a Mr Beer batch in the LBK and a bigger batch of something else in that set. Hoping to start a 5-gallon Bock as soon as I can sort out what makes it a Weinachtsbier so I can give a dozen 12-oz bottles to a Christmas party. After trying a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, I'm sort of looking at a Cherry Wheat recipe for the LBK this fall. Tom
  7. I was thrilled with the way my Stout came out. Great head, great flavor. Only problem is that it's gone. But a Bavarian Weissbier just went from LBK to bottle today, and I immediately started a Czech Pilsner after cleaning up the LBK. Looking forward to moving from bottle to belly.
  8. I thought citrusy, the wife had a taste and thought vinegary, just a hint. I didnt notice a sweetness beyond that. The foam has settled to just a little layer of krausen (assuming I have learned something from the first batch). It wouldnt keep me from drinking it. :gulp: Tom
  9. I was all ready to start bottling yesterday but thought I would do the little taste test first. Glad I did, it was just a hint citrusy yet. Will try again on Wednesday. Tom
  10. Thanks, I'll check them out. One question came up that I need to ask before I start bottling this weekend. The instructions on the can say to use 2 and a half teaspoons of sugar, but the instruction booklet has the table that says to use 1 and 1 quarter teaspoons for my half-litre bottles. Just wanted to make sure that I'm not reading into it, that the instructions on the can are for the litre size bottles. Hate to not use enough sugar in the process. Tom Oxley
  11. A friend gave me his 5-gallon kit and a bunch of glass bottles. Now to work on that a bit. I expect to give everyone a bottle of something for Christmas. If I can sort out a 5-gallon batch of Weinachtsbier, that would be great, and appropriate :freeze:. I've got a few months to sort that out. For now, just want to get the process moving. Tom
  12. The starter kit of Pale Ale came out excellent. Only thing that happened was that some bottles were more mellow than others. All the same, they certainly drank well, and I even shared one at work with good reviews. Now starting an Irish Stout with the refill kit. Had a bit of a spill as I poured the warm wort into the LBK but less than a quarter cup went all over the front of the sink. Looked pretty bad as dark as it was but didnt seen to affect anything. By last night, the foam from stirring had settled, and this morning there was a tremendous bit of foam from fermenting. This is what I was looking for in the first batch that I didnt see, so I'm gaining confidence with this batch. Already planning on a Weizen for the next one. Tom Oxley
  13. Had to be out of town over the weekend so put the first bottle in the fridge on Thursday evening so it would be good for Sunday afternoon. It was great. A bit more of a bite than I would like, but no twangy taste, no citrisy taste. I'd compare it favorably with several of the big company brews. Now to start looking for my next batch. I put a few more in the fridge last night and want to see what a few more days of sitting at room temp may mean for the bite. Certainly wont stop me from enjoying it, anyway. :stout:
  14. Thanks. That coincides with the number of bottles of beer already on hand, so I can manage the wait. Homebrew really makes "beer and pretzel" gaming a lot more fun. :popbeer: Tom
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