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    Light Pilsner If I add DME to pring my OG up do I boil it, if so how long? :S
  2. It is alive six hours ago wort showed no sign of being alive Ijust check it out the top is full of foam. Starting temp was 72 it droped down to 70 and stayed there. The TBM package had a use before date of 10-2008.Today was a learing time for me, and I hope this info will be help full. Thank you every one for your imput.
  3. sg1020


    thanks joe I checked with the local brew shop they have 6gm packs Iwill need to pick up a few packs they are for ale.
  4. sg1020


    thanks for your help bygreen I am a 80 year old man with a problem rembering any thing that I read three min ago so I printed you questions out. the yeast was from an outeated kit there is a little trib in the bottom and it looks like there is hops flotting on top. aerate wort yes temp 72 I need to go back an see your first questions. This is a good hobby for me it keep's me out of trouble. I have done 4 brews and they came out good. I was not much of a beer drinking man until now.
  5. sg1020


    It is from Cabela's they said they would send me another one. Thought I would try the stuff they sent me no harm in trying.I will give it anouther day before I give up. I also have a Golden Lager from them that is expired and it is doing fine.I think that Cabela is trying to get rid of TMG's old kits at a good price they are sure doing a good job of it. Thanks a for the info.
  6. sg1020


    Yes The Beer Machine
  7. What happens if you put to much yeast in brew? I have a kit that is out dated 2008 from TMB. IT IS A PILSNER.I brewed one patch 2 days ago and nothing is going on. Reasion I ask that question I thought start another batch with new yeast.
  8. I did call them they said they would replace it and do not send it back.
  9. Recived a Pilsner Light from the other beer co, the date of use before May 2010 was on the beer mix.The order came from CABELAS will that mix be any good?
  10. My forth batch I did a GINGER CASTAWAY ALE it has been fermenting for 25 days directions say to ferment for three weeks. It is starting to clear up a little the SG Is 1.004 the top has little particals that seams not to go away. My questiom is what is going on? my outher batches the FG was 1.010. and the top of the brew was clear. Thanks for any answers.
  11. Iam new to brewing did one brew it came out good except that every bottle the carbs were not the same as the last even the flavors were not the same. Tell me how to prine the whole MRBEER keg how much sugar do you transfer the brew to adifernt kag?
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