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  1. Concerned that the OVL in the fermenter has no krausen and little to no action in the tank. In a two stage system, I would simply movie to the secondary fermenter and carry on. With this system, obviously, I don't have that option. So do I still wait another week? With the WCPA, I had action all the way through and had some krausen the whole time. I did notice that the yeast went to work very fast this time, and I had a huge krausen for the first two or three days when i looked through the side with a flashlight. I checked again tonight, and zilch...do I continue to wait, or should I consider bottling at this point. I was also going to use glass bottles this time with a capper... I have a hydrometer as well, but I haven't used it yet. Should I try taking a reading and see where the temp adjusted gravity is? Thanks for your time and patience. -SudsUp
  2. So I cracked my second bottle of the WCPA(West Coast Pale Ale), which I think it was actually ready this time. I am not embarrassed by this brew...not bad at all. It had a nice head but it faded quickly with little lacing, the taste was good but not fantastic, the mouth feel was about where I would expect an Ale to be this time with only a few fruity tones. I am actually satisfied with this initial batch. Now I can't wait until the Octoberfest is ready...I also ordered a Oatmeal Stout and a Amreican Devil IPA extract (and a second LBK) which I plan to dry hop. Can't wait to taste those. I am so hooked on this stuff now!
  3. Thanks for the replies and welcomes guys! I am super excited about brewing my own beer, and can't wait to drink it.
  4. I have started the West Coast Pale Ale, and looking forward to starting the Octoberfest refill that I got as well. So the question, do I need to go ahead and get the chest freezer with temp control to keep it at 50 degrees, or will the Octoberfest ferment at 62 - 68?
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