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  1. Any body out here towards abilene
  2. That's not a bad question I've never thought about it. I guess cause its the same density as the rest of the liquid. Just a thought I'm not sure lol
  3. Alright thanks for the help again guys
  4. Is it safe to take it out of the fridge if its been in for a day
  5. What is the yeast doing after the beer is carbonated
  6. There is no goal just wanting to try something diff. Is it bad for the beer. They have been in the bottle for 3 weeks
  7. My beer finished carbonation and I want to cold condition for a month would this cause any problems
  8. Whispering wheat and the Canadian draft. The discription are different but I think they could mess
  9. Okay so the second won't work will the first one be good
  10. I'm going to buy a three pack from walmart and I have 2 kegs so So I'm thinking of putting 2 hme and a booster in one and the other hme and 2 boosters in the other. If this will work how long should I Ferment
  11. My father-in-law gave me his keg and he used spong with dish soap residue on it. How can I save the keg
  12. Okay ill do that for sure. I'm into this and ill take any advice from the pros
  13. Thanks a ton. I'm letting them carbonate for a week and chill for 6 days So that should make it fine. Thanks again
  14. I got some sediment in my last bottle. This is my first brew and it went very well Besides this little problem. Is it safe to drink or should I dump it
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