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  1. My "no longer current" batch just went down the drain Three weeks into fermentation and it was looking and smelling great. I was expecting to BOTTLE today. Instead, I spent the time cleaning up. Not too bad, as I put the LBKs on an oversized cookie sheet. It retained about 1.75 gal., with the rest going to the floor. The spigot had broken - yup, right where it goes through the washer. I'm not sure if this is one of my original spigots, that I had before MrBeer started issuing the new ones or not. I expect so. Thankfully, I have a sufficient pipeline to be able to ride the "supply bump". :drinking:
  2. "Screwy Brewer" post=368459 said:When in doubt, throw it out! [img size=300]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-r8KNy1EnWPE/URiANHgMfkI/AAAAAAAAFyI/7cIooeMQ2_o/w439-h734/starSan.jpg Fill To The 1/4 Mark Will Make 1.25 Gallons Of StarSan .This is the bottle I have.... I have a devil of a time getting the fluid from the main reservoir up to the small reservoir that you have marked. Any one have suggestions?
  3. That shure is pretty What were your ingredients?
  4. You can also use a sanitized hose attached to the LBK spigot.
  5. Hmmm, while my dishwasher has a sani setting, it only works if a wash cycle is selected too. Thus the rinsing agent would be applied, reducing head. >(
  6. "swenocha" post=290589 said:Kinda sorta on topic... Here's the very tasty Bass Pale Ale clone recipe I did out of BYO. Very, very nice... I can dig up the extract version if you are interested... I would be interested in a extract version if you can find it. Thanks
  7. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=313143 said:Stick it in the fridge and then pull it out, attach the spigot and bottle. Hm, you're sticking the initial LBK in the fridge, right? so the spigot is already attached? Did you mean a bottling ?
  8. "yankeedag" post=302533 said:if you put the right sized washer on your vinator...it will work for the larger mouthed bottles. Technically, you only have to squirt once..but I like to give it 3 shots...don't know why, just do. Oh, DUH.... What a great idea! (or as Inkleg suggested a gaterade type cap with a hole cut) I use 12 oz bottles, but they don't quite "fit" the trigger... sometime slide of a side?... any way this idea should help me. Gotta love the Borg! Yup, a vinator and bottle tree are IMHO a near necessity for bottlin day.
  9. Welcome exnav29 - and thanks for asking the question. Screwy Brewer, Wings_Fan_In_KC, et al; On CaraPils - I've seen this mentioned before. Can you explain what it is? and how it affects Head Retention? Thanks I shoulda googled before posting - sorry. I guess this answers (at least in part) http://byo.com/stories/wizard/article/section/121-mr-wizard/1619-what-is-carapils-and-what-are-those-other-qcaraq-malts
  10. Well, Mr. Beer comes through AGAIN!!! They saw my post here and told me that they'd send me a replacement. How cool is that! Today, their package was in my mailbox - it was a WHOLE NEW ASSEMBLY!!! MrBeer, my hat is off to you :charlie: AWESOME Customer Service!
  11. "docpd" post=301045 said: off flavors from yeast autolysis (breakdown products of dying yeast), I expect that the "off flavors" would depend on the specific yeast?
  12. "manosteel9423" post=298334 said:Timewarp...sorry, not in your area. However, the next time you place an order with Mr Beer, I suggest giving them a call and explaining your situation...they may just surprise you with the spare part you need. I happened to mention to them that one of my LBKs had sprung a leak last week while using it as a bottling bucket and they sent me a brand new one at no charge even though they had no obligation to! Great people those folks at the head office in AZ!! Great suggestion. I don't usually call my orders in, but I may try this. Thanks
  13. There actually is a Monastery Our local homebrew club is the AbNormals, and those of us living in the Northend are referred to as AboveNormal, while the rest are BelowNormal, but there is absolutely NoOne I would call "normal". "Chuck N" post=298360 said:You live in a town called "Normal", Ill? That's incredible. There wouldn't by any chance be a Monastery in your town, would there? If there is would it possibly be called... ... ... Wait for it... ... ... Abbey Normal? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  14. I lost the washer to one of my spigots. Not sure where it could have gone, but I can't find it anywhere. Hoping someone in my area [Normal, IL] would be willing to part with one.
  15. "Screwy Brewer" post=295478 said:I bought my bench capper a few years ago from Princeton Homebrew and its a godsend on bottling day. I've bottled over 100 bottles at a time, with a little help, but I couldn't imagine not owning one, they're rock solid and very dependable. [img size=300]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-KM9qT6xQJBI/TdXKxqFdIJI/AAAAAAAAAtk/CjAIEBWCgG8/s720/first12ozs.jpg Bench Cappers Rock!I have this same set up and agree 110% with Screwy Brewer
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