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  1. So I'm working on moving over to making my own recipes through my own hop boils and such and decided to start playing with an ounce here and there. Here's the latest: .5 pound Pilsen DME brought to boil 2 grams MB yeast @ 22 min 1/2 ounce Cascade @ 22 min 1/2 ounce Cascade @ 7 min flame out @ 0 min 1 pound Pilsen DME 2 cans ADIPA 11.5 grams US-05 Before putting the lbk away for a few weeks I took a whiff and noticed a strong, nice aroma.
  2. "Joechianti" post=262763 said: "T8r Salad" post=262755 said: "onefatgerman" post=262752 said: "Joechianti" post=262618 said: ...if the old deluxe refill at $17.99 had 550 grams of HME in one can and 550 grams of UME in another can (1100 grams total), but the new standard refill at $17.99 has 850 grams total of HME and UME combined in one can, then ... ...I'd call that 'dumb sizing' (charging the same for less product).But the New newbies won't care because they won't know any better. IMHO, they are losing the regulars, the not-so-regulars, and the ones that do know better. T8r thinks the Aussies are committing suicide here but what the hell does this ol' phart know. I have ordered from MrB many a time since I started this homebrew hobby in January but am now only buying the bargain basement sites and utilizing my LHBS to keep my costs down and I am able to make better beer for less regardless if you agree with what I say or do. I seem to have alienated myself from some of the self-professed borg regular kingpins here but I speak from the heart. :evil: Well, Tater, if you can't have the kingpins will you settle for this pinhead? I'll stick with you. I'm with ya too. I've even bought bottles and caps and other accessories from MB. I'm not going to spend what they're asking for a beer kit that I still need to add to. Make the kit 1000g of malt and 5g of yeast and I'd pay that price. Not going to pay $18 for a significantly smaller can of the same product at ~$25 The acquisition was supposed to lower operating costs for MB...
  3. Yes, the whole can can be technically hme... But it's still most likely a mix of hme and ume. It's like taking a can of tomato sauce and adding another can of water. It's still tomato sauce but... It's just not as good.
  4. "pete rose haircut" post=262475 said:Here's what i have decided, if the bundles are still on sale after I go back to work I'm gonna buy all 10 & add a pound of the proper dme to each batch, that gets me right around $20/ case of beer, not cheap, but ok for good beer. That will give me 10 weeks worth of brewing which carries me into fall when I was planing on going to 5 gal batches since i will have more time. Will get a chance to sample all the new beers at least. But that's only if a pound of dme will not cause the brew to become severely underhopped... That 850g is not 850g of hme... it's most likely a mix of hopped and unhopped extract. You may need 1/2oz of hops to balance out any further malt addition. In other words... the new MB mixes are way overpriced for what you get...
  5. "pete rose haircut" post=262396 said: "VanceFox" post=262394 said: "Skelly" post=262393 said: Bottled the TBM Pilsner today. Smelled real nice, similar to other batches of Pilsner that I've made. I had cold crashed for a week, it was still somewhat cloudy, but did have a nice light straw color. Actually tasted pretty nice, kinda hoppy, like a good Pilsner should. :cheer: I have high hopes for this one. I wish I had high hopes. I bottled only a few of my TBM pilsner because it didn't taste anything like any pilsner I've done before. Maybe lack of consistency is why TBM went down hard? Which yeast? Brewed the kit with yeast included. Everything it came it I used... except the co2, of course.
  6. "Skelly" post=262393 said: Bottled the TBM Pilsner today. Smelled real nice, similar to other batches of Pilsner that I've made. I had cold crashed for a week, it was still somewhat cloudy, but did have a nice light straw color. Actually tasted pretty nice, kinda hoppy, like a good Pilsner should. :cheer: I have high hopes for this one. I wish I had high hopes. I bottled only a few of my TBM pilsner because it didn't taste anything like any pilsner I've done before. Maybe lack of consistency is why TBM went down hard?
  7. I can't say that the new MB are just smaller re-branded Coopers products since I haven't bought one yet, but they sure do look like it. 2 gallons of Mexican Cerveza for $17.95 (+ shipping) 6 gallons of Mexican Cerveza for $22.84 (inc shipping) Both Coopers products... Something doesn't add up. Must be the division by 0.
  8. Throw the lbk in the fridge for 2-3 days, and at an angle to keep the trub away from the spigot. I went to lowes and bought a package of door shims. One door shim gives the lbk just enough of an angle. I tapes 3 together so that the shim would span the whole width of the lbk's bottom. That will pull some, if not most or all, of the cloudiness out.
  9. I have another 5 cans of old MB hme standards and 2 premium sets that I got through my bargain hunting. After they're done, I'll be making my own through the lhbs or morebeer.com or dmemart.com or... well you get the idea. Coopers/MB is going to lose more money then they're going to make with these new higher prices. When I went to the recipes I laughed. ~$45 for a case of "premium" brew. That's about $2 a bottle. Ridiculous.
  10. "FedoraDave" post=262236 said:One of the things I wonder is whether these new extracts are going to be mixed and incorporated into the Advanced Recipes, the same way the HMEs and UMEs were. It's all well and good to have a Mexican Cerveza HME, or an American Ale HME, but part of the fun, for me, was looking through the Advanced Recipes and deciding if Rose's Rambling Red or Otto's Octoberfest sounded interesting, or if I'd prefer the Angry Ox Ale or the Bombay Bliss IPA. Part of Mr. Beer's success with its users was the versatility and variations that could be achieved using nothing more than Mr. Beer extracts. I'd hate to see that go by the wayside. In fact, I'd probably stop using the Homebrew Club altogether, and go with my own LME and AG recipes. They already have. New recipes with new price tags are already up. The old recipes seem to be out of stock too.
  11. I'll probably purchase a few just to try out. I find the 5 gal cooper no boil liquid cans to be much more economical at ~$24 with tax from my local shop if I'm being lazy. Now that I'll be scaling to 15 gal batches with the lbks as experimenters and secondaries for fruit flavoring I'll probably rarely use MB now... but I'll always remember the little brown bread smelling thing sitting in my closet.
  12. D Rabbit wrote: I had a job interview several years ago where one question he asked me was "Is the Customer always right?" I was a little stuck at first but came back by telling him some blown up story I thought he would like to hear and that backfired on me. He looked at me and said, "Simply put, the customer is not always right. They like to think they are but they aren't. With that being said we try out best to accommodate whatever they need or want in order to make them happy, within reason." Probably the most enlightening thing I had ever heard in my short interviewing career to that point. It has stuck with me even in my retail career and has helped my decision making quite a bit. Company policies seem to be the customer is wrong except when we're publicly asked... Then the customer is right. I give my business and hard earned money to businesses that I feel treat me as a customer, not a person there to give them money. I haven't had any dealings with MB that have been bad. I purchased a large order and received it on time. But... my local shop treats me like I'm the most important person ever to walk in that store. I buy a lot from them even though some things are pricier simply because I feel they think "I'm always right".
  13. Amazon has a buy 3 get 4 deal, 3 pack kits included along with very reasonable shipping fees (free saver shipping). MoreBeer.com has extremely good pricing and free shipping for most orders over $59. Cabela's has, at least for now, The Beer Machine refills for extremely cheap since they are no longer carrying that product. ~$18 shipped for three 2.5# hopped dme packs is a pretty good deal... And of course there is always going to be eBay. So yes, give your business to those who you feel deserve it. EDIT: Not to be harsh to those above... but retail businesses only survive when they have paying customers. The old adage of the "customer is always right" applies here because there are many places to spend money for beer supplies...
  14. Ok, so my Cabela's "Beer Machine" kit came in the mail today. There are 3 packs of approximately 2 pounds of "dry malted barley extract and hops ingredients". My plan is to add a pound of dme to the mix and I'll see how it turns out.
  15. docpd wrote: I received the new spigot last year as a test from Eric and have been using it ever since. The nut has a wider flat surface to eliminate the need for an inner gasket. I like it better than the previous locking spigot, and just ordered another one. However, I would not worry about the inner gasket. I used that one for over a year with no affect on beer flavor. I think the new spigot is less likely to clog based on its design. It seems like it's a ball valve design instead of a globe valve. That way the beer will have a straight shot out of the lbk.
  16. If you have 12oz bottles then use 4 for most of them and have one or two each with 3 and 5 so you can try the different carbonation levels.
  17. LouieMacGoo wrote: I asked that same question at my LHBS and they gave me the following recipe. 1 can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME ½ LB Bavarian Wheat Briess DME ½ oz crushed coriander ½ oz dried orange peel ¼ cup honey 1 pkg yeast (included w/ Whispering Wheat Weizenbier) I have this fermenting right now but when I run it through Qbrew it ends up a little light on the ABV but I'm not sure if it's the recipe or just me not putting it in correctly. Depending on how it turns out I may think about adding the booster to the next batch. You pitched way too much yeast. ;-) I would have pitched 6g, 4g at bare minimum.
  18. Can't speak for the MB spigots... I never used them. I switched over to a custom stainless setup before I started. Had I received my lbks with the new valve they're offering I think I may not of even thought of replacing it... The old style was just was too Jimmy rigged looking.
  19. The only thing I can help you with is use sweet orange zest. Blue moon is rather "orangey".
  20. Bucks, right down the road from a brew shop
  21. I'll take your kit off your hands. But, if you feel overwhelmed by the hop boils and grain steeps then stick with the extract brewing for a little while so you get a handle on the kind of ingredients you like and such. You can brew anything consistently just by being consistent with your brews. Keep a log book.
  22. SmokeDiver3zero wrote: When I get 8-10 bags of Booster and/or OneStep saved up, I sell them on eBay. It's always enough to buy me a MB Premium/Deluxe Refill Kit. I do use Booster - just not alot of it. It gets a bad rap from some people, but I like it. Cheers! :chug: I actually like using that booster (so far)... want to save ebay fees?
  23. I just got off the phone with Cabela's. $18.83 shipped for 3 packs of pilsner light. Not a bad deal, even if I have to add another pound of dme to each recipe.
  24. Don't forget about morebeer.com. Great prices there too... mrblase wrote: If your looking for bargains - try this: The Beer Machine Refills *about $18 with shipping for 3 bags (they are like DME) I got the Dutch Lager and it taste real good. I added 1lb of Breiss DME and it's currently conditioning. I just ordered 2 of these, that's 6 refills, and the cost with shipping was $32 or $5.33 each! :cheer: A great deal. I agree that this type of information exchange should be a permanent topic. I never knew about the Amazon 4 for 3 deal until I read this thread and ordered 4 refills from them as well. Got my brewing schedule pretty filled up right now and might have to get a second LBK. My first beer, the WCPA, came out wonderful. Everyone who's had it was impressed and enjoyed it. Last night I sampled my second batch, the Bewitched Red Ale, and it was also excellent but a little young with only 2 weeks of carbing. I'm impressed with the standard refills so far and can't wait for all the new refills to show up and my trying some advanced recipes. Thanks to all who make this forum one of the best.
  25. monk wrote: :shoot: What good is the mr.Beer wishlist u take the time to go over the website picking out recipes tools etc. Then u go back on the site and the list gets cleared every fing time. So that you get so annoyed you look at other sources to get your ingredients for cheaper?
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