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  1. I have High Country Canadian basic brewing with Glacier Pellet hops(not in hop sack) for about 3 weeks now. Im wondering what color it should be its kinda pale cloudy yellowish color?
  2. Oh yea Ive been busy in Albuquerque brewing today. Brewed 2 gal. of High Country Canadian Draft whith added glacier hopps. Than the second batch a brewed was the classic american blonde ale with a pale export added. Just found out my Grandfather passed away late Saturday night so i just figured i would try and take my mind off if it by brewing some beer. It will hit me again because this coming up thursday Im flying out of Albuquerque to be with family in Washington State.
  3. would be kool if u posted recipe because i would so brew that. sounds good
  4. kool thanx for the help ready to start brewing tomorrow going to do the 2-2-2 week method for it
  5. as in you use the hops without the hop sack?
  6. No i just picked stuff. That dose sound good but i did not order hop sack. Anyway I can get by that or to use something else for a hop sack?
  7. Got my brew club order and this is what i got for beer: 1. Classic Blonde Ale Deluxe 2. Cowboy Golden Lager Standard 3. High Country Canadian Draft Standard 4. West Coast Pale Ale Deluxe Question is that I also got Glacier Pellet Hops 1/2 ounce and im wondering what beer i should put it in and also that i keep my house temp between 69 to 70 degrees. i got the hops for the west coast pale ale but figured i better ask the pro's
  8. bacon beer sounds like something i want to try. bacon good
  9. got that right....... My fav. is a green chillie pizza and beer :woohoo:
  10. nice to meet u shawn another peep from NM :woohoo:
  11. I have two mr beer kegs and they both leaked on me. One i actually put my hand inside the wort (which i dont recomend) to tighen the nut thing. The second one i just let drip untill the wort sealed it closed it self.
  12. good to know now. to late for this batch but the the future ones....
  13. Ive brewed 2 batches of West coast and i let them ferment for 1 week and than bottled. My question is how long do u peeps recomend i let it ferment? I just bought a couple deluxe refills and should they ferment longer than standard refills and if so how much longer. Dont u guys get tired of answearing all these questions?
  14. I love the desert and the nice weather. Oh and the best part is being able to ride my harley almost year round.
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