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  1. got it down from 76 to 70 in the course of a few hours with strategically placed ice packs! Now I should be able to hold that temp =) If it spent about 24-36 hours at a higher than desirable temp, around 76-78 degrees, will that have a significantly negative effect on the finished beer? Thanks!
  2. Well, good to know that temp control isnt as important with steeping. I will definitely be less anal about it next time lol. The good thing is that the time flew what with me watching the thermometer like a hawk and adjusting the stove every couple mins! :pound: I actually have a cooler mash tun in mind for when I get started in AG brewing, hopefully sooner than later. Well, now my only concern has been fermentation temp, our temperature here in the east county of san diego has kept low for weeks, and the day after I brew it bumps up into the 80s!? So I've been rotating ice packs trying to get the temp of the beer down so I don't eff up all my hard work.
  3. Beer-lord wrote: This is a good idea but unfortunately, my brew pot won't fit in my oven. I've used smaller pots but my 5 gallon BIAB recipes won't allow this. I try not to do too many large batches now as I don't have a chiller and don't want to buy one. And, I'm not patient enough to make one (yes, lazy too!) An ice bath takes me more than an hour to bring the temps down. I'm happy with the smaller batches for BIAB. I'm very much a DIY enthusiast, so that's part of the reason I want to get into all grain... I want to build a mash tun and a wort chiller and what not, it's a lot of fun to me. I want to try a BIAB soon though, I'd like to experience all grain without jumping head first into needing all the mash tun stuff, just to try it out. cheers!
  4. 2 - There's an easier way to keep the temps. Preheat your oven to 170F, turn it off, put your pot in there to maintain the steeping (or mashing) temperatures - no need to twiddle with the burners. The hot oven will not allow the temps to drop.Brew on! Wow... That is pure genius! I will definitely try that next time. I'm thinking of buying a kit down the road that will come with an 8gal brew kettle, so that will make life way easier for when I do all grain brewing, but will also be usable for steeping, or BIAB. Thanks for the tip on temp control! cheers!
  5. Well, the brew day has come and past, I brewed the collaboration beer yesterday! This one involved using DME, steeping grains, and boiling hops... and I learned a few things with it... 1- I need a bigger brew kettle! lol, I thought my 6 quart stock pot would work (biggest thing I have right now) and I was very wrong. I managed, but I had a small boil over which I rescued fairly quickly, didn't lose much. 2- Steeping grains is a PAIN on an electric stove... Any idea how hard it is to keep liquid at the right temp on electric? SHEESH! 3- It can be messy when you're trying it for the first time. But overall I think it was a huge success! It's a robust porter recipe. Pitched my yeast around... well, shoot I dont remember what time, but it was last night anyways. And this morning I have krausen almost up to the lid of the LBK. I was going to take pics of the process, but I found I had my hands full just keeping up with everything lol. So sorry, no visual aids :blush: Anyways, Just thought I'd post about my brew day! -Scott
  6. Well I'll likely be bottling this beer tomorrow. A few things came up this past weekend so I didn't get a chance, so I gave the beer a few more days to sit and think about what it did! lol. But really, I'm figuring if I bottle it, worst case is it just doesn't taste good, and will get dumped, best case is it tasted good enough to drink. Thanks for all the info on this one guys.
  7. The room the lbk is in is a completely interior room, no exterior walls, so it stays really temperate. The stick on therm showed it was always around 70-72, however it may have gotten up to 76 at one point now that I think of it. I haven't heard of fussell alcohol... Is it something that happens with higher fermentation temperatures? Thanks again!
  8. Hmm, specifics... I've never been a very good beer reviewer, but I will do my best! Visual- Come out of the LBK a murky brown color (not the red it's intended to be) has particle matter in the liquid, most of which settles to the bottom of the shot glass, some stays in suspension. Smell- Harsh, alcohol smell. Not much of the typical "beer" scents, no detectable hop scent, can't pick up on on much in the way of maltyness either, just mostly a sharp, dry, alcohol smell. Almost like wine, just a bit more musky. Taste- The initial flavor is warm alcohol. No significant malt or hops taste, just sharp and goes down kinda hot, not much real flavor to actually talk about if I'm honest... It doesn't taste bad so to speak, but it certainly isn't something I'd order twice lol. Should I possibly give it another week in fermentation to let it settle out more? It's been in 3 weeks now, I don't know if there's a such thing as "over fermenting" but if it might help I don't mind giving it additional time. Thanks for any info you can give. Cheers!
  9. So I'm kinda thinking this beer may be a bust... I poured a little bit into a shot glass and it doesnt seem much like any beer should. smell is all wrong, taste is all wrong, and it has solids still suspended in it, which can't be good. I gave it another week in the fermenter to see if it helped to leave it alone longer, it hasn't lol. So... Do you guys still bottle beer that you're pretty sure is effed up? Or do you toss it out? Trying to decide if I'm actually going to try and proceed with this one or not. Thanks for any advice. -Scott
  10. Jeffrey Sp8 wrote: Reading your original post after you poured your wort into the LBK topped it off with water and added your yeast did you wait 5 minutes and stir the crap out of it ??, From the pic it looks kinda like yeast stuck on the side of the LBK and I see some condensation, a couple of the brown spots look like floating yeast colonies but the waxy looking white particles look like the beginning of pellicle forming I didn't wait 5 mins before stirring, I asked a Mr. Beer rep about the wyeast smack packs, they said not to wait the 5 mins, just to stir it up right after pouring it in. But I did stir it...
  11. Thanks for the info on posting a pic, here goes nothing! ok cool so the pic worked. so that's not a great pic, but the best I can do for the time being, hopefully it helps to "diagnose" my beer lol. So, there's a bunch of white speckles on the surface when looking at it from top down, I tried to get a picture through the side of what it looks like, but it didnt work out so well... Basically, it's a layering effect going on. There's the trub bed at the bottom (which is not uniform in color, if that means anything, it's spotty) then there's the beer, very cloudy still. Then on top of that is a 1/8" to 1/4" clear layer, and then the white spotty stuff on the very surface, in the thin clear layer, you can see air bubbles pressing against the surface, but not passing through.
  12. I haven't made it myself, but from what I'm seeing when doing some searching on the internets, is that extract is the easy route, however you can use peaches, someone mentioned have a primary fermentation, then racking to a secondary fermentation on top of the peaches, he said it turns out quite good. Hope this helps, I'm still new myself, but thats what I found with some searching. I'm sure someone here will have the experience to say one way or the other for sure! -Scott
  13. ok so what the heck am I doing wrong here, I'm trying to attach a picture, but am having the damndest time with it. I select the file, hit preview, no pic... does the preview show a pic when you attach it? Thanks. -Scott
  14. oly wrote: Are you certain it is not simply a layer of clearer beer? Beer will clear from the top down as the yeast settles. I've never had a pellicle (knocking on wood now), but I would not expect one to be clear. All the pictures I've seen of them showed them as very opaque. Looking from the side of the LBK it's clear, but looking at the surface of it it seems quite opaque, I'll try to get a pic in a min here.
  15. DesreveR wrote: just pop the top off for 5 seconds and take a pic. That wont eff up the beer in the event nothing is wrong with it? Just wanna be sure hehe
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