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  1. What can i use in place of a funnel with a strainer? I dont have one and I need to bottle a Bewitched Red Ale w/Mellow Amber. Is there something else i can use or should i go and try to find one local. Thanks.
  2. His contact info is at the bottom of his website. I used his site to make all my labels. Worth the $5.00 for the primo use of the label maker. For the 5.00 due get access to more labels than what is shown or does the 5.00 just let you save all of the labels shown?
  3. Just bottled my first batch west coast pale ale. Nice and clear and taste like flat beer. Now four weeks in the bottles at 68'-70'and then into the fridge for one week.Just in time for my b-day. Ready for my next batch Bewitched Red Ale w/Mellow Amber. ps.I'm going to need more bottles :woohoo:
  4. Just got my mr.beer kit and cant wait to get started. Does anyone know what refill kit taste close to Killian's Irish Red. Thanks PS.great site!
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