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  1. :gulp: so i tasted my first 1776 ale today. i bottled it on Feb 19 with a awesome boil over made a bug mess and it was darn good if i had put anymore in the fridge i would have drank ALL of them lol its a must do recipe
  2. Daniels

    my return

    thanks y'all i also had a 1776 ale in there and just poped the top on that one i brewed on Feb 19 and man is it good the best brew I've done so far
  3. so i made the blonde bombshell Monday afternoon and today when i looked at it the yeast is going crazy in there gonna leave this one in there for the max 4 weeks before i bottle just for the heck of it.
  4. im about to brew up some blonde bombshell any body ever add any booster with this recipe or any other professional tips
  5. that's what i had to do also order all the hops separate a store sells the refill kits so i got those i needed then ordered the rest but since im in Alaska its 15.00 for delivery so next time i wanna order more stuff to make up for that delivery charge gotta go clean bottles the best part
  6. i think this is gonna be a favorite too i gotta make it again to get the full taste i had a boil over when i made it kinda bumbed i gotta wait another couple weeks though doing a little mission on Tuesday and won't be back till next month sometime i have the blonde bomb shell up next for when i return from the alution islands
  7. brewed this on Jan 28 and put it in the fridge today 15 Feb to cold crash after 3 days in the fridge should i batch prime this in my second lbk or just bottle it from the one that has the trube in it
  8. Red baron simple and easy
  9. My only thing is if you scrape that metal spinny blade and take chunks or scratches in the plastic i was told don't scratch the plastic holds mold and bad things that will ruin the beer i use the trusty old whisk
  10. Ok so im gonna do another brew big Eds red and was wondering if anybody has some good tips since its a 6 month lager time
  11. Just let them bad boys sit for about a month and chill in the fridge for a couple days i think the flavor of the beer gets better after a few days in the fridge and once you pour into the glass those bubbles won't stop my wcpa i put three in the fridge waited a few hours had one then the next day had another and the third bottle the third day and that beer was the best... that's just my experience lol
  12. Mine dis that too i left it in hot water and didn't flip it over to even it out but when i poured it it was ok or your water isn't hot enough or it cooled to fast
  13. Thankyou Thankyou just wanna say hi to my family for all the support and mrbeer for a great product and a new hobbie
  14. I know those ones my daughter loves rootbeer but too young for daddy beer :blush:
  15. I save all my bottles clear green brown rainbow lol as long as there out of the sunlight there shouldn't be a problem I've used them during my second batch i have carb/condition right now
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