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  1. Oh boy, I'm not going to sleep well tonight. I noticed that there is a lot of chunky white stuff floating at the top of the keg, in addition to white particles floating throughout. I may be crazy, but I don't believe I saw this with the previous batch which used twice the HME. Is this normal? You have to forgive me for being OCD on this because good beer is potentially on the line!
  2. Ha, thanks for all the replies. I feel better about it now. It's such a fickle process and there's nothing worse than ruining your own beer.
  3. I just bottled a batch the other day that had two cans of west coast pale ale hme and booster. It tasted like flat hoppy beer. I can't wait for it to carb and condition.
  4. New brewer here, I just successfully brewed a double dose of west coast pale ale that is currently carbing. 3 days ago I dropped a batch of the blonde ale into the keg to ferment. I was very meticulous with the sanitation, etc. 3 days into it now their are strange musty/sweet grassy smells coming from the keg. I poured a little into a cup and the same scent was strong and the beer tasted OK at first, but then was followed by a bitter and stringent alcohol taste. Is something wrong with the batch? Are these smells and tastes normal so soon in the process? I was just too excited that I had to take a small taste after work today and was immediately struck by how much different it smells today vs yesterday.
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