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  1. +1 To what beer-lord said and welcome to the borg.
  2. I would believe so, but I havent harvested yeast from a dark ale. The yeast ate up the dark malts that you cooked.... so I guess you are what you eat lol.
  3. I would use the higher number just in case. I have used Galena and have liked the results.
  4. I make the 1gal of the iodophor/water mix and have no problems with it.
  5. I have never used LME, but would imagine to just carry on as you would. I dont think the vodka will get in the way of everything. I use vodka in my airlock for my 1gal carboy. I dont worry about running out, cause my wife is a tequila kinda girl!
  6. Hey DIRT, When you use half a can of LME add vodka to the half that you are saving. LME is just basically concentrated wort (malt sugar water). Bacteria and certain kinds of mold/wild yeast LOVE this stuff, so the vodka puts a protective layer to preserve the LME until it is to be used.
  7. Growing centennial, cascade and liberty. Thought the liberty died, so just put it in the ground and it started growing. Have the centennial and cascade in 5 gallon buckets. The centennial took off like a rocket!
  8. Dammit. Sorry bout that. http://www.brewtoad.com/recipes/polaris-folly http://www.brewtoad.com/recipes/falconers-folly I know I didnt have the SRM correct since AHS does not seperate the grains. So I didnt know the % of the grist they had, but they will all be some level of brown. I have also never used falconers flight or polaris hops.... so I tried something along the lines of just a single hopped brew. Gnasher's folly had blew the airlock top off twice! You could say that these were very experimental batches. AND, its the first time I have ever FWH. My technique on it may not be what the guidelines say, but I think I will be happy with it. I also invited the new neighbor over for a small brewing lesson. He loves the beers I give him and he is getting the brewing itch! :banana:
  9. I purchased the Cantankerous ale from AHS. It was 13lb base grain and 1.75lb specialty (C150L, and carawheat) I figured I had enough for 2x2.5 gal and one 1gal carboy. I seperated the grains as even as I could with the base grain, but the 1gal got an extra 1oz of blackprinz malt. So I had 2x 5lb 9oz for the 2.5gal and 3.25lb for the 1 gal. http://www.brewtoad.com/recipes/gnashers-folly
  10. @ DirtRacer- I thought I was the only one to use A&W and Dad's bottles! They work well for me too. I might be getting a capper since I have a good collection of 12oz glass bottles laying around. I gotta get them to work!
  11. Kinda looks like a tampon... :dry:
  12. Stay classy.... thats all I got.
  13. hapa howli here bruh. Grandma was full blood and called me Iokepa. Anyways, Try to find some hops that can give off these flavors. There are some that are "experimental" that you can google. what your talking about can be attributed to cider and/or wine, which could turn out great, but I have not treaded down the path of wine. I have been wanting to do a pineapple ale. I hear there is one on the big island that is pretty good. :banana: Also, take all the advice you can from these guys. aloha
  14. Thought the same thing on my Pangopils.... a LOT of sulfur taste after 2wks lagering. Thought it was a lost cause, then after 6wks... I couldnt put it down! Tricksy yeast.
  15. welcome to the family Rob!
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