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  1. hows it going dave. my name is also dave. how long have you been brewing for. this is my first attempt. and my friend also just bouht a kit. making a wcpa w/ honey and a bluberry ale currently. so far so good.
  2. Reaching out to people in the South Hudson Valley.
  3. Thats the plan . Just excited that so far the taste doesnt suck, it's accually pretty good. The worst part of this experience is the waiting.
  4. just took a taste sweetness only in scent taste is really good alomost ready to bottle. thanks.
  5. I am 9 days into my firts brew, it smells a little sweet. i used wcpa booster and honey. and i dont tjink i waited long enough to pitch the yeast wort might have been around 75*+. could this be the reason? it tastes good just sweet.
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