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  1. Cool thanks for the advice! I think Ill wait four or five more days and then bottle. I really appreciate it!!!
  2. I forgot to mention that it has a subtle carbonation to it when I tasted it. Not sure if that helps anything.
  3. Finally got the picture up. does that help you help me?
  4. Hey I'm a new brewer and I am trying to find out if it is time to bottle for my batch. I am making the Cowboy lager. I sanitized everything properly and to the best of my ability I brewed and filled the keg all properly. I have left the keg in a dark spot in my closet for the last 13 days and the temperature has been fairly consistent and only varying between 69-71 F. I filled the keg 13 days ago on sunday. Today (saturday) I have just taken a sample from it to check it. The beer smells like beer and tastes like beer. The color looks like a lager and looks like a fairly nice golden color. My only concern is its clarity. I am trying to find out if this is normal or if I did something wrong in the process or if I should wait to bottle or bottle now. I have included a picture of the sample that I have taken and hope that it shows it clear enough Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you all so very much for your patience with my ignorance!
  5. Thanks very much for all your help! I really appreciate it and I will take it all into consideration. Hopefully the other household members are fine with the wort "smell"...
  6. Don't get me wrong, I personaly LOVE the smell of beer. Hence, the very reason why I bought a kit to make my own. I'm just trying to be respectful of the other household members.
  7. Ok I'll try to be a bit more specific. Some of my household members are concerned that a "smell" whatever it may smell like, if it smells like anything at all, will fill the room, and eventually the apartment to the point that another tenant may smell it and complain about it to the landlord. I really doubt that it would be anywhere near that potent if there is anything at all. I bought a brew system from mr beer just recently and have not yet used it. I was thinking the strongest smell may come from actually making the wort rather than from fermenting at all. Which does any "smell" come from, the wort or fermentation? And if there is any, is it overpowering or hardly noticeable? I understand that these questions have some degree of opinion in it, but I'm told if my beer process gives an unpleasant "smell" I cannot use the beer kit that I just bought! Grrrr.......... what do you think?
  8. Hi, I'm a new brewer to mr beer and I have a few questions about the fermenting and wort making process. I am wondering if either making the wort, or while the yeast is fermenting, if either process will give off any foul odor at all? Or if there is any foul odor given off during any other stage of the brewing process? This is all assuming everything is done correctly and all was sanitized correctly etc. Much obliged! Thank you!
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