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    Thanks for the advice. My ingredients are the following: 1 can of Patriot Lager 1# of Briess Amber DME * Boil the DME until the hot break and then add the clove and boil 5-10 minutes...remove from heat and add the HME 1 pkg of Mr. Beer yeast That is the plan so far...any way thank you for the advice. Any other suggestions, please let me know. WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight
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    Thanks....I am just using the HME
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    Has anyone used cloves in a Mr. Beer recipe? If so, what recipe did you use? How much cloves did you use? Did you put them in a muslin hop sack and add them to the boil or just add them to the LBK? I have a can of Patriot Lager I am thinking about using with the cloves, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. What kind of hops would you add?
  5. Okay, I have a few of questions regarding DME's. 1. I did not have any booster left so I bought 2#'s of Briess Gplden Light and 1# of Briess Pilsen Light. Can I substitute any of these for booster? 2. If I can use one of these DME's instead of booster, do I measure out 355 GRAMS of DME to match the amount of booster that I would normally add in a recipe? 3. I also have a 1# bag of Briess Sparkling Amber. Can I add that to a recipe along with the DME that I used in place of the booster, if the recipe calls for it? If so, do I put in the 1# bag? 4. Okay this one is not about DME's but about qbrew. I have downloaded it, but can't find Mr. Beer ingredients on it and therefore I am not sure how to use it? I have a Mac. Thanks for your help!!!
  6. I am adding fruit to a couple of my recipes. I am waiting a week or two before adding the fruit as I have read on various postings. My question is...do you pour the fruit into the keg and leave it, or do you mix the fruit after pouring? Thanks for your input!
  7. Do you use the same amount of DME as what is in the booster?
  8. I have a batch of beer that has been in the LBK for 4 weeks. I have another batch that has been in for 3 weeks and may have to go over the 4 week mark as well. Can you leave beer in the Keg too long? I usually try to go 3 weeks in the keg, 2 weeks in the bottles, and at least 1 week in cold storage. I have kept his in a little longer because I do not have enough bottles as I am waiting for some to arrive. Also, on a different note, has anyone substituted corn sugar for booster (stirring the corn sugar like booster before mixing in the wort)? If so, how much corn sugar do you use instead of booster? Thanks for any thoughts!
  9. Has anyone tried making the Boysenberry Tart? Has anyone substituted any other fruit in place of the Boysenberries? I was thinking of making the recipe but substituting either blackberries or blueberries. Any thoughts or ideas??? Thanks for your input! Boysenberry Tart RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Mexican Cerveza HME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Pouch Booster™ 1 Can Boysenberries in Light Syrup 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser YOU PROVIDE: Juice and Zest of 2 Small Limes (about 2 oz.) Blender
  10. I thinking of making Rose's Rambling Red, but do not have a package of BrewMax - Smooth. Instead of BrewMax I have Briess Sparkling Amber LME: 1 Can Oktoberfest Lager HME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1# Briess Sparkiling Amber 1 Pouch Booster™ Thanks for any input or advice!!!!!
  11. I noticed that a package of a Brewmax LME is 250g compared to the old can of Mr. Beer UME which was 550g. I have a couple of old Mr. Beer UME's that I can substitute in a recipe instead of the Brewmax, along with other brands of UME's that I can substitute for the Brewmax as well. With the other brand types of UME, I use to measure it out by pouring it into a MR. Beer HME (which is 550g) when I did the old Mr. Beer recipes. My questions are... Should I use the whole can of 550g of the old Mr. Beer UME in the recipe or just 250g like the Brewmax? Do I use only 250g of other types (Briess, Muntons) UME's or do I continue to use 550g of these UME's as well? Thanks for your help and suggestions!
  12. I thought about just brewing the 3.3# of American Style Light Beer and not adding the the sparkling amber. I new it would be quite a bit of malt, but thought it would be close to and Irish Red Ale , Thanks for your input!
  13. I am thinking of making the following recipe because I have the ingredients on hand and got the itch to brew some beer without having to wait to get Mr. Beer ingredients: 3.3 lb Muntons American Light HME 1 lb Briess Sparkling Amber LME 1 pkg of Safale US-05 dry yeast I would make this recipe just as any other recipe from Mr. Beer and put into 1 LBK. I also have packages of Palisade and Liberty hops, but do not plan on using them in the recipe. I thought about adding a couple of ounces of Kentucky mash whiskey, Creme de Cocoa, or Bailey's Irish Cream (I have various flavors of Schnapps as well). Any advice or comments would be appreciated! Any other recipe that I can make with what I have available. Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. Yes, it is underneath the lid, but I am thinking of substituting Safale S-05.
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