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  1. Sounds like you are getting your volumes figured out. What I do if I end up with more sweet sticky wort than I can fit in the brew kettle is. I drain every drop of the extra goodness into another smaller pot and put it on another burner and boil pretty hard. I try to reduce the volume by half while brewing as normal in the main kettle. When the volume in the brew kettle is low enough I top it off with condensed wort. It will add a carmalized flavor to your beer that is good with some styles and not so good with others like lite beers. I hate wasting any of the sticky goodness.
  2. I know a home brewer that keeps his fermentation chamber warm in the winter with a small aquarium heater. He has a small bucket filled with water that he puts the heater in then sits it inside the chamber. the idea is that it will radiate heat and keep a constant temp. Also adjustable for temps normal for brewing.
  3. Before I had a bottle capper I would use the bud lite plastic bottles. They worked well, no problems at all. Around here they come in 16 oz 6 packs with plastic twist off caps. Still have about a case of them sitting around. last year I brewed a 5 gal wheat beer kit that I split between 2 lbk's and bottled with the bud lite plastic, then took it to a Motley crue/Kiss concert. It was a big hit and no glass to break and cut someone.
  4. The cascade at 1 min. doesn't mean that you would add them then remove 1 min later. Left in the hot wort they would continue to work till the temp drops below 170. If it takes you 10 minutes to get your wort below 170 then the hops would have that time to add aroma to your beer. Then strain out however you want going into the fermentator. I didn't make up the times, I took them from a kit I bought from more beer called american ipa.
  5. If you like bitter then 1 oz of magnum might not be too much. I like a little less bite and more on the aroma. That's one of the great things about home brewing, we can make it how we like it.
  6. I would think something like, 1/2 oz magnum for 60 min 1 oz cascade at 10 min 1 oz cascade at 1 min
  7. I put the LBK on the kitchen floor so I can stand over it. Makes pouring a lot easier, especially when you do a full volume batch. Clean up is easy as it's linoleum. The floor gets a little star san first.
  8. Thanks, I have 3 gallons for top off water and will use them up this weekend.
  9. Russki, have you used the Nestle pure life water for brewing? The label says purified water enhanced with minerals for taste. Tasted salty to me so haven't used it. Could just be my taste buds though.
  10. Interesting that mr beer lists OG and FG for El Diablo Blanco IPA at 1.063 and 1.006.
  11. Ok in brewing software you had to reduce the amout of hme to match what you got in real life right? Sorry, didn't read that way first.
  12. I have 2 lbk's with the seasonal that came in at 1.061 to 1.062 each and both are slightly overfilled. Neither overflowed. better than wasting hme and should be a lot of beer.
  13. What is the utilazation of dry hopping compared to a boil?
  14. screwy brewer, would that effect the 60 and 20 min hop additions if those hops were left in?
  15. The kit came with a hop sack so I was thinking along those lines instead of going commando. I didn't like the idea of throwing in the bag and then pulling it out a short later. I think commando then straining will be the way I go. Thanks.
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