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  1. I'll throw in here that many of us prop the front of the LBK on a CD case or something to keep the trub clear of the spigot.
  2. Is this red enough? It sure tastes good. My thanks to mashani for his recipe and advice! [attachment=7866]irishredsmall.JPG[/attachment]
  3. 2.5 or 5 gallon batch? I'm not afraid to branch out a little from Mr. Beer, but I like the 2.5 gallon batch as it makes about 24 bottles. Thanks!
  4. I have a friend who will be supplying me with some bottles. In return he wants to try one of my home brews. He is partial to Black Butte Porter. Can anyone point me to a good recipe here? Thanks
  5. Headaches while drinking beer are different from a hangover headache and should not be taken lightly! I am looking out for my fellow borgs. You need to send all your beer to me. Do NOT drink anymore. I will run some extensive tests and publish my results here. :gulp: :stout:
  6. Did I taste it? Does a bear crap in the woods? Tasted like flat beer, smelled heavenly as I leaned over the bottles filling them! :cheer:
  7. Bottled today! Still bottle priming so we will have to see. FG 1.010 at 64 degrees. Now, just another 4 weeks..... :S
  8. Welcome Rob10. Yes a hydrometer measures specific gravity and can be used to measure ABV. In order to properly measure you must take a reading when you brew, called the Initial Gravity, and then a measure afterward, final gravity. Lots of calculators out there. 1.04 is a pretty good price, but by the time you pay shipping it might not be worth it. You can get them from a LHBS for about 10 bucks. Elkhorn
  9. Just looked, got mine a week and a half ago. New spigot.
  10. I don't know if I did something wrong, or something right. I steeped my grain, then added my DME...No extreme foaming issue what so ever! I did stir it in slowly so there were no clumps. My OG was 1060 at 66 degrees
  11. It does help to settle out some of the suspended stuff which some people say gives it an off taste. Maybe its something about living squiggling yeasties? Anyway, it usually doesn't last two days in the fridge...It's SOOOOO good. Welcome to this fiendish obsession they call a hobby!
  12. As long as you are not selling it, or throwing parties and making your neighbors mad, you'll be okay. Now I have to ask: "Who's your favorite President?"
  13. I did my first batch WCPA at 64 ish temps and it was great. I did a 3 week ferment to make sure my yeasties had plenty of time to work. YUMMY! :drinking:
  14. Congrats and welcome to the community. :cheers:
  15. k9dude wrote: The main reason most use more than one is because they don't rehydrate the yeast. If you rehydrate the MB yeast it's more than sufficent to do the job. Here's an article where a Dr. from a major yeast company explains that 60% of the yeast will die if you direct pitch without rehydrating: http://www.mashspargeboil.com/why-you-should-bother-and-how-to-rehydrate-dry-yeast/ I bake break and always re-hydrate dry yeast. I just carried that over to brewing without even thinking about it.
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