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  1. Cool, thanks! I will throw a bottle of each into the fridge tomorrow, and try them over the weekend. I'll let you know how they turn out. I bottled a batch of the Winter Dark Ale with the Robust LME last weekend. I'm planning on opening one on Thanksgiving, I think it's gonna be great!
  2. I bottled a batch of the Diablo IPA and Bewitched Amber Ale on October 5th. I usually let them sit for at least a month before cracking open a bottle. I'm really excited to try these... Would this weekend be too soon to try? Has anyone else brewed these and only let them carb/condition 3 weeks?
  3. I bought a pack of address labels that I used. They were very convienent to apply, but very hard to get the residue off, even after soaking in OxyClean for hours. I now just cut them out of plain paper and use a glue stick, as someone mentioned earlier. Very easy removal and clean up. The only issue is that the ink runs if you get the bottles wet.
  4. Sometimes, after I dump the hot wort into the LBK, and add the cold water to bring it up to 8.5 qts, the wort is still too warm to pitch the yeast. When this happens, I put the LBK into the freezer and let it cool until the wort is around 70 degrees, then pitch the yeast. Does it hurt to place the wort into the freezer for a while before pitching the yeast?
  5. "Duff" post=289176 said:Out of curiosity do you know what brand those bottles were? There is a guy I have run into a couple of times at the LHBS who is a little out there(which coming from me probably says a lot). But he claims that all the Microbrews are going to switch over to bottles with thinner glass so they will be cheaper to buy and ship but they won't be reusable. I still have yet to break a bottle in almost 3 years. Sounds like that would create a liability issue.
  6. By any chance, do you sanitize your bottles by baking them in the oven? I've read that can weaken the glass.
  7. I brewed a Diablo and a Bewitched Amber Ale yesterday. I got 1.050 on the Diablo, and 1.048 on the Bewitched. I brewed them both straight up.
  8. I purchased all four Craft Series refills before the UME's were available. I just ordered the Pale and Robust UMEs to turn my Craft Series refills into the Deluxe versions. I also have a few bags of Booster. Would it be a mistake to add a bag of Booster to the UME and the Craft HME? Is that too much adjunct?
  9. "samueld" post=285390 said:The problem with stirring or shaking the LBK right after the yeast is pitched is that some yeast that may not have been reconstituted into solution may stick on to the upper walls and not enjoy in the feeding frenzies with its buddies. It's just as effective to vigorously shake your LBK BEFORE you pitch the yeast so that your wort is well oxygenated, and then afterwards add the yeast. So, is it ok to just sprinkle the yeast on top of the foam that is created when the wort is stirred up? I assume the foam will eventually die down and the yeast will slowly fall into the wort?
  10. I'm getting ready to brew my first batch of the new refills, the Diablo IPA. I noticed in the instructions it just says to sprinkle in the yeast and screw on the lid. With the old refills, it said to sprinkle in yeast, wait 5 minutes, and then stir vigorously. Is stirring no longer required or recommended after pitching the yeast?
  11. Do you think I should add a bag of Booster to the new Craft Series beers, or brew as is? I wish the UME's were available...
  12. Yah! I haven't purchased any of the new refills they've offered. The Craft series is definately more my style. I will buy the Craft and Craft Deluxe versions, for sure. :chug:
  13. Thanks. I will RDWAHAHB, and leave it alone until bottling time.
  14. I'm a fairly new brewer, with 11 batches under my belt. My favorite so far has been the Witty Monk. Now that it's unavailable, I found some on eBay, 4 cans of Witty Monk and 2 cans Vienna Lager for $45, shipped. When they arrived, all cans were close to the expiration date, with the closest in September of this year, so I figured all was fine. I brewed both batches of the Witty Monk, adding a bag of Booster to each batch. I used the fromunda yeast from the cans, which looked like they had dates from 09 on them. I placed the LBKs in my closet and checked periodically for signs of fermentation. They stay at 70-75 degrees in the closet. After 3 or 4 days, I never saw any krausen, and only a very thin layer of trub, less than 1/8 inch on the bottoms. The top was totally clear of any krausen or foam. I thought that the yeast packets may have been bad, so on the 4th day, I pulled out the LBKs and sprinkled 1/2 packet of US-05 yeast into each one, let it sit for 30 minutes, and mixed it in. Since then (4 days ago) I still haven't seen any bubbling or krausen, but there is a bit more trub on the bottom. Could I have screwed up my beer by adding more yeast? I really hope I didn't just waste 4 cans of discontinued Witty Monk.....
  15. I brewed a batch of TBM Golden Lager on Friday, and placed my LBK in my garage cabinet where it stays about 65 degrees. This morning I checked on it and the lid had blown off, and the foam had run all down the sides. I'm not sure when the lid blew off. Can I clean it up and salvage the brew, or should I dump the whole thing out?
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