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  1. Is out just me? I'm a new brewer, started in December. But all my Mr beer brews taste the same!? Even the seasonal pilsner. Is it water, can't be yeast I've used different types. They all have the same taste to me, i'm by no means a beer connoisseur. Thanks guys in advance.
  2. Thanks guys, I feel better. How long should I cond. I'm in no hurry.
  3. Help. I did the recipe straight from MB. fermented in 50 deg cooler for three Weeks. Bottled on 3-10, been in the 50° cooler since. Did not d rest. I'm I still ok?
  4. I have been at this since Christmas. My favorite so far is CGL. I want to make some more but maybe with a different yeast? can you guys give me some ideas on recipe. One dme and an hme or any variation. Thanks in advance. What I brewed before was just a basic recipe.
  5. Brewed the honey maibock recipe yesterday, followed MB instructions to the T. According to MB you leave the hop sock in with the wort . Is that right? I left it in the LBK. It has the tettenger(sp) hops in it.
  6. I don't learn quick enough, brewed the 2 basic recipes that came with my lbk. I can only drink one beer a night. I blow up like a fish. Way to much carbonation. Taste great but definitely not less feeling. Made adjustments on 2 batches I have going now. So to all the new guys, don't go by mr beer recommendations.
  7. I used 2 packets of mr beer yeast. My first time using hydrometer, but I think I'm doing it right.
  8. Im doing 3 spice lemon weiz recipe, with one change. I added a packet of booster. OG was 1.060. Two weeks later at 70 degrees. SP is 1.052.. You guys think this is normal? How long will it take to finish ferminting? Tasted ok, didnt tast like rocket fuel. I'll let it go another week and check it again.
  9. Opened my first bottles for super bowl. Beer was great except for carbonation. Used mr beer recipe, I will adjust next batch.
  10. I have been soaking my RB bottles in the sink with dish soap, the smell goes away. Then on bottle day I just rinse and sanitize. Let them soak a couple of hours in the soapy water.
  11. Another rookie question. Mr Beer recommends 2 1/2 tsp for liter bottles, does that amount ever change with different brews? Say if you do the hop boil or something like that compared to just a basic refill.
  12. How long can you store dme and how do you store it?
  13. I have been using filterd water from my fridge. No complaints.
  14. The yeasty boys are going crazy in the lbk. Seems like alot of foaming going on. I like it.
  15. Look on mr beer website under recipes. I just made thais last night. The 3 spice lemon weiz. It calls for 3/4 tsp of coriander, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  16. Thanks, basically I did the lemon three spice recipe, I just added one pouch of booster. OG was 1.060...... Fingers crossed. I would like to find a close pauliner(sp) beer.
  17. Well I will see how it turns out. Just got it all in the LBK.
  18. Yes, I was thinking about it.
  19. Anybody ever put two cans of ww hme together? Did you add booster to it or not. Also I have 2 cans of canadian draft hme. Is better to boost or not?
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