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  1. Nice job Samuel and Diane.. brewing one of each will carry us through the year, woohoo!
  2. Just about the same thing happened to me with a 5 gallon brew except it was with a wisk that had a smaller wisk with a ball inside of it. Aerating it and the smaller wisk came out. Tried a spoon, tongs, and finally had to sanitize the arm and hand to get it out. Bottled it 5 weeks ago and just starting to drink it and whatever was on my arm and hand made this one of my best tasting brews to date lol. Me thinks you'll do just as good.
  3. Here's another pretty pic of a stout burping. [attachment=14275]Beer8.jpg[/attachment]
  4. We use the same method with the stainless steel fine mesh balls. Never had them completely disintegrate or notice any dry hops in the center and we've used every type of hop available. Wonder if it's a specific type of hop thats disintegrating. We have noticed that if we put more than 1/2 oz. of hops in the ball it gets too compacted and wonder if we're getting all the hop addition that we could so we keep it to no more than 1/2 oz. for each ball.
  5. The swmbo and I had some time to kill and a bunch of the old hmes were begging to be brewed so we broke out the brewing gear. Was looking to make an irish red ale type beer not being too worried about brewing to style and winged our 38th and 39th batch using the old cans of bewitched red ale. We've brewed this as-is to get a baseline taste and really liked it then expanded to add cascade hops and different dme's. This time we wanted a more maltier taste so we went with a can of bra, 1.5 pounds each of plain dark and plain amber dme, and 1/3 oz. of cascade at 20 mins. for flavor for batch #38. A big beer (hydro attached) but what a really great tasting, malty flavor with the cascade and whatever hops are in the hme in the background from the hydro sample. #39 was more interesting with the same hme and dme, but used 1/3 oz. of cascade and 1/3 oz. of willamette at 20 mins. for flavor. What a difference in the hydro sample as the willamette really shined and there was even some caramel flavor with the cascade at the end. Can't wait to bottle this up in a few weeks and expect to condition for a few months if we can wait that long! [attachment=14206]20130713_133413.jpg[/attachment]
  6. What haerbob said. We have an awesome lhbs about 30 mins. away that takes orders for rizhomes, which are the roots of the hop. We paid $5 for each one and planted two of each hop, made a trellis type system with mostly free material after searching online, and let them do their thing. The only thing we are thinking of changing is the way the rope is. The hops naturally want to go upward so we have to "train" the hops to follow the rope so instead of going up and down, we're thinking of going side to side. Either way it's fairly easy, there's a lot online, here on the borg, and our lhbs was very happy to answer any questions we had. Hope that helps.
  7. Trying to get the pic, please bear with us, lol. [attachment=14135]20130706_111119-1.jpg[/attachment]
  8. Not sure if pic attached so here is ours.
  9. Nice hops! We started about the same time, with pic attached, cascade, willamette, and centennial. Bunch of flowers, but no cones yet. Yours look great and it's still early for our location in New Jersey- we hope as this is our first time growing hops. The centennial got a late start from stray cats digging it up, but they are on the way now. Hope our cones look as good as yours soon and cant wait to put them in our brews.
  10. We did the exact same thing you are looking to do with our blackberry tree many months ago and couldn't wait for the outcome. Unfortunately it was the only one of our over 40 batches that just never tasted right even after months of conditioning. K9dudes process and amounts are exactly what we did and was looking forward to a nice blackberry wheat. But don't use our experience as the way your's will turn out. Give it a shot and hopefully you'll have a great beer!
  11. Thanks all for the input and suggestions. I was 50/50 on the dry hop so I'll go with K9 and leave it out. Bassman- just thought with the extra malt to add alittle flavor hence the 20 min. boil. and your idea on the amber vs. dark crossed my mind too. As frozen said it will still be beer and a part of the learning process for the first stout.
  12. K9- love Sam Smiths, but your killin me with only having one our homebrews to try, lol, but I trust the borgs wisdom! The rest of the recipe is Ok?
  13. With you mrblase on the ten days. We have a hydrometer and with three lbk's, 21 days just seem to work with life, work, and the all important pipeline. Was wondering more about the choice of hops, times, yeast and dme as we expand our obssession, err, I mean brewing experience.
  14. Brewed up a Stout recipe after the awesome game and wondering what your thoughts are. Recipe #30 is: 1 can new St. Pats Stout 1# dark muntons dme .25# carapils 1/2 oz E. Kent Goldings @ 20 mins. 1/2 oz. Willamette dry hop @14 days fermenting (always ferment 21 days) 1/2 pkg. Booster ( just to use it up) 11 gms. US- 04 Really wanted to have it for St. Pats day, but life got in the way, so thinking it may be good, but will get better. Thanks for reading!
  15. Just by chance a local microbrewery was taste testing a raspberry wheat while we were homebrewing one. The brewers tastes for fruit beers were just like ours- not too overpowering but needed that fruit taste and told us he added the fruit at 5-7 days after primary fermentation, as the borg suggests. Since then we've made some incredible raspberry, peach, and just completed fermenting blackberry beers using 16oz. of the fruit. But, like everything our tastes are different so experiment until you're satisfied- thats the greatest part about this obsession, err.... hobby. :cheers:
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