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  1. I'm two weeks into carb/condtioning the bottles of my first batch of WCPA. My question is this, when its time to chill the beer can I just do a few liter bottles at a time? The whole batch would take up too much real estate in the fridge. I have also read some people chill their bottles at least a week in the fridge. What's the thinking behind chilling them that long?
  2. It has been one week since I bottled my WCPA. How clear can I expect the beer to be once finished? Looking through the liter bottles it seems like it could be kinda cloudy right now. The last bottle I filled definently got some extra sediment in it due to it from drawing from the bottom of the keg. After visiting a homebrew supply place I'm going to start brewing 5 gallon batches, carboy the whole bit. I saw for the larger setups you use siphoning methods and cut down on sediment. Im just wondering if the beer from my first batch will clear up.
  3. Today is bottling day for the WCPA. I've had it in the keg for three weeks. I stopped off at a store that sells beer making supplies and picked up some things amongst of which which was Coopers carbonation drops. Anybody ever use these? I'm just not sure on how many to add to the liter bottles. The dosage on the package only goes up to Long Necks at 750ml which is two drops. Im thinking 3 for a liter or should I try and cut one in half and go for 2 1/2 drops? The people at the supply place really sold me on these carb drops for ease of use.
  4. Hi all, It has been a week since I brewed my first batch of WCPA. I've been keeping the fermenter in a cooler in the basement. Not sure of the overall temp down there but it seems to be warm enough since the basement gets enough heat in that area. When the furnace kicks on and starts blowing down there the temps go up so thats why I put it in the cooler to shield it. I sent away for the little thermometer that you get when you register on the Mr Beer website(I wonder why they dont just throw that into the kit in the first place.) After one week I see some evidence of bubbling when trying to shine a flashlight through the plastic keg. Not easy to see if there is anything in the way of Trub forming on the bottom. In order to check this I had to take the keg out of the cooler. Is this a bad idea handling the keg right now? I was just wondering how much handling it ok. Even though I cant see much going on it has gone from a sweet type smell earlier in the week to smelling more like beer. 3 weeks enough in the fermenter? Or should I get a hydrometer and test it earlier? What should I be seeing as far as shining a flashight through the keg.
  5. I just got the starter premium kit with the WCPA and had a couple questions. First, is the homebrewed beer cloudy with particles floating arround once bottled. From my understanding you can't filter this out because you need it to react with the sugar to naturaly carbonate? Is there a way to filter the crud out and force carbonate with some type of carbonator which would also shorten the wait time? I have no idea if this is even possible but I thought I'd ask. I've seen those make your own soda carbonators and wonder if there is a beer making one. Anyways, Im going to give this a try and start brewing this weekend. Cheers, Mark
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