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  1. I just got my refill kit in and wanted to make a raspberry wheat my question is would i be better off adding fresh raspberry or getting frozen raspberry and adding it to the fermenter after my inital 7 days fermenting which would than ferment another 7 days also was thinking of using honey instead of the booster any suggestion?
  2. So i wanna do a 5 gallon batch of whispering wheat my question is should i just double everything inorder to get a 5 gallon batch just buy another kit from here thanks
  3. what about Hydrogen Peroxide ive read people using this also
  4. just wondering if any of my fellow brewers use bleach to sanitize now and how everything came out now i know i'll get people that say just buy star san but i got bleach just laying around and bottling days in a couple days so any advice would be great
  5. Ive seen loads of threads about wheat beer and adding orange zest corrander ext. my question is has anyone have experience adding orange juice to the wort at all to get some flavor?
  6. the cowboy lager is looking like a good choice
  7. I have never steep any grains but have watch and read alot about it, Im from the Wilkes berra scranton area of PA i wasnt a big fan of the WCPA i just thought it was to light not enough flavor thanks for the suggestion keep em coming lol
  8. so i just wanted to get some insight with spring coming upon us fishing season starts here in PA on march 31 im looking to brew a nice not to heavy beer maybe a good ale that i can sit and drink on the pond how bout some suggestion on the next recipe kit i can purchase thanks
  9. ok good what about adding half booster and half brown sugar or just keep it the way it is thanks
  10. just got my 2nd batch in the mail and Im gonna make Shillelagh Stout any suggestion on any other things to add or should i keep it like it is thanks
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