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  1. Yup Monty you're exactly right, I have two LBK's I was planning on using for this recipe
  2. Okay, so I had a thread regarding this a long time ago and got a lot of help on how to get a recipe going for Boulevard's 80-care (love hoppy wheat beer). I finally came up with this 3.3 lbs Muntons Pale Liquid Malt Extract 3.3 lbs Muntons Wheat Liquid Malt Extract 1 lbs Crystal 10L or Cara-Pils (Grain - Steeped) Boil @ 50 min: 1/2 oz Bravo and Zeus or Summit Boil @ 7 min: 1/2 oz Zeus or Summit Flameout (whirlpool): 1/2 oz Cascade Dry Hop with 1 oz each of Cascade & Nelson Sauvin (after primary fermentation) However, I'm really confused about the ratio of Wheat malt to the Pale malt. I've read where a wheat beer should be around 50% wheat, 50% barley...but muntons liquid wheat malt extract is already 55% wheat and 45% barley. So, if in the recipe above I add the 3.3 lbs of pale Malt, won't that dramatically lower the %'s? Wouldn't the end result be like 30% wheat and 70% barley or something like that? Should I just use 2 cans of the Wheat extract instead? I'm still pretty new at this and normally I just use the Mr Beer recipe kits, so this would be my first time branching out on my own....but I'm excited about it. I just want to make sure I get the right proportions of malt. So, any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I haven't yet been able to try this out yet...my wife just had our second baby a month and a half ago and I haven't been able to do any brewing lately! How about yours? Did you ever get a chance to make it?
  4. Yup, that helps out a ton, thanks for the feedback!
  5. Great, thanks for downlow on the 80-acre! I'm going to take that info, along with your recipe you suggested, and see what I can concoct. I'll try to remember to post the results of it! One thing...I'm still a newbie so I'm not quite sure what the "1 lbs Crystal 10L or Cara-Pils (Grain - Steeped)" is or what it would add to the beer? I've only worked with extracts to this point...
  6. All good feedback, thanks! FYI to Wings_Fan....I briefly talked to a boulevard rep a week ago at an 80-acre sampling here in Wichita. He mentioned that they dry-hopped the 80-acre. So although it might seem pretty hoppy...I think it's mostly aroma. Thought you might like that tidbit of info if you're taking a stab at it!
  7. Sorry I didn't reply to your question on the other thread! But no, I'm not in KC metro area...although I did go to KU. I live in Valley Center..suburb of Wichita. There's a LHBS in the area here that I might take a gander at. I've been there a couple times, but only to take a look at their equipment. I have definitely tried the new 80-acre (a couple weeks ago) and it might be my new favorite brew! Love Boulevard. Sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly does WWW stand for in the homebrew world? In any case...it sounds like we're attempting sort of the same thing (hoppy wheat).
  8. Okay, so I'm almost ready to venture out on my own and concoct my "own" beer. I enjoy a nice American Wheat beer so am on the lookout for ingredients. I want to use unhopped malt extract and add hops separately so I have more control (and hence more "my own") over the hoppiness of it. I am having trouble figuring out Mr Beer's unhopped malt extract though. It looks like this is their wheat LME but the description doesn't say what % of wheat it is (i.e. 40% wheat, 60% barley). Is it 100% wheat or what? If anyone has any great tips for making a basic American Wheat feel free to chime in. I'd like for it to be all american (i.e. only American hops). I actually really enjoy semi-hoppy wheat beer...which I know is a bit out of character for a wheat beer...but that's what I like! Anyway, if someone could steer me in the right direction concerning the MB wheat extract I'd be forever grateful, thank you!
  9. I was curious to know if there was an online distributor that a lot of people used (other than MB obviously) for their ingredients? By ingredients I'm really talking about extract and hops. Or, do you get the bulk of that at your LBHS? I'm looking at getting some ingredients online but want to get them from a well established, credible website. Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. Thanks for all feedback...I'd expect nothing less from the borg!
  11. I'm really wanting to figure out the difference between how a more "hoppy" beer tastes vs a "malty" beer. I've been mostly a bud light drinker up to the point where I brewed my first mr beer batch so you can understand how I might not know the difference! I am hoping to purchase a six pack of a really hoppy commercial beer and a six pack of really malty commercial beer so I can get a good feel for what a malty vs hoppy beer really tastes like. I feel like that's the best way to distinguish the two from one another. My real intent is to decide if I am more of a hoppy or malty drinker...or perhaps a balanced drinker. So...any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  12. This is probably a very rookie question...but I'm looking at making my 2nd batch of mrbeer and have been looking at recipes on their website. I'm confused about how to tell the difference between lager and ale recipes? I'm assuming if it says Lager in the name it's a lager, if not then it's an ale? But, from what I can tell most of them have a "suggested lager time"....even the recipes that appear to be ale. Is that just the suggested cold conditioning time? For example....here's the Blonde Bombshell recipe: Blonde Bombshell MAKES APPROX. 2 GALLONS OF BEER IN ABOUT 3 WEEKS. OG: 1.061 (approx.) -- FG: 1.015 (approx.) Suggested lager time is 3 to 4 weeks. But even the recipes that appear to be Lager's (i.e. Leprechaun Lager) have you ferment at room temperature in the instructions on the website. I thought lager's were to be fermented at colder temperatures? Here's the instructions say for the Leprechaun Lager: 2.8. Ferment by placing the keg out of direct sunlight and in a location with a consistent temperature. Allow beer to FERMENT A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS at room temperature (between 68°-76°F). Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  13. I'm guessing the differences between StarSan and the mr beer no-rinse is StarSan has less contact time and sanitizes better?
  14. I was curious to know what types of sanitizing products people on here use to sanitize their brewing equipment. I'd like to be able to use stuff I might already have at home (or can easily get at walmart) instead of ordering online. But I've heard good things about Star San and I think it's only available online (or home brew store). I'm still a newbie to brewing so for the time being I'm going to be just ordering the recipes from Mr Beer which I think always come with the no-rinse cleaner. I'm just thinking about the future when I might decide to venture away from some of the Mr Beer recipes. Thanks!
  15. Actually that's what I'm finding easiest as well...looking at recipes to see what they do different from the standard
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