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  1. Not sure if this popped up on here somewhere (my search-fu is weak today), but figured it couldn't hurt to share again. White House Ales
  2. What yeast, style and how long did it ferment? I've done 3 batches with booster and haven't had an issue...did you get a good stir/mix when you batch primed?
  3. Mine was carbed in a week... Did you batch prime or bottle prime?
  4. BlackDuck if you are headin to Cleveland send me a PM and maybe we can exchange a few beers. I am in Brunswick just south of Cleveland.
  5. Alright I gotta ask the borg for advice on how to Carbonate this stuff. It tastes good, and I know it is done. The problem is that I know the yeast has fallen out since it is champaign yeast. I have some Mr. Beer yeast packets that I will NEVER use, and figure maybe if I make a starter and put it in at bottling when I add the batch prime. Will this accomplish the goal or will this make every bottle I own explode?
  6. "smgarrett" post=266435 said:I'm right there with you Fee. I've found that even using less than 1/4 sugar can make the beer taste too thin, for me at least. And sugars like honey and brown sugar impart flavor, so they are a whole different animal to figure out. Despite their faults, I'm glad the new refills are all-malt. I think beginners will get results closer to what they're expecting. As long as the directions tell them to ferment and condition for longer than a week each.
  7. Next time maybe try limeade. My limeade worked REALLY well.
  8. Well you can't just sub 1 lb. to 1 lb. of dry to liquid or vice versa if that is what you mean. To equal 1 lb. of DME you would need 1.21 lbs. of LME.
  9. My Limeade one tastes good...the Berry one is like a dark red wine.
  10. Make sure if you used Champaign yeast that there is still some gravity left! I learned with my cider that if you aren't careful you won't have any carb.
  11. "rickbray66" post=264374 said: "Ossian666" post=264347 said: If you are concerned that the temps will be higher and you don't have room to work with then check out Wyeast's Belgian Saison yeast. Its designed to work at higher temps (prefers 75-90). Today I placed a batch into the refrigerator for the cold crash. I used that Belgian Saison yeast. Interestingly enough, my ambient temps never reached as high as I thought they would for this time of year. It stayed around 72-73 degrees throughout, and took 4 weeks in the LBK before it was time for the cold crash. First time I've had to go longer than 3 weeks. Rick Its the yeast I use for FD's White Panama. It works great for the warm temps in Cleveland.
  12. I let it sit in the fermenter for 4 weeks because I was afraid to take it out prior to meeting FG. I didn't need a ton of bottles exploding in my house. That makes me rethink how I do my Hard Limeade drinks I have fermenting...may need to pull those early and toss a tad more yeast prior to bottling. Fruit drinks are tricky!
  13. Hmm that stinks. Oh well no carb for me then. (I took some sugar out of the recipe to make it more for the ladies)
  14. It takes temps of upwards in the 90-100* range to KILL yeast. Having higher temps may cause some stress and some off flavors/less clarity, but in the end its STILL BEER! Don't dump it. Let it ferment for 2 weeks, then bottle and let it condition 4. I am sure it will be fine. This is all a learning experience so do some searching/digging around on some forums and you will find LOTS of stuff that works! If you are concerned that the temps will be higher and you don't have room to work with then check out Wyeast's Belgian Saison yeast. Its designed to work at higher temps (prefers 75-90). Edit: Ninja'd!
  15. Yea I have been holding it at around 72*. Maybe it did drop into total suspension...which would suck because there is NO WAY I am dumping it all out to repitch and rebottle lol
  16. I used Champaign Yeast. Can't remember the brand off hand I think it was Red Star. ABV is 7.7. OG was 1.059 FG was 1.000
  17. I did a cider using Nong's pumpkin spice recipe and it has been about 2 weeks and i tested one just to see how it came out and there is no carb. I carbed using half the amount suggested and used booster. Is this normal of Cider or should I be concerned?
  18. "thompscr" post=263401 said:My LHBS guy said that using booster thins the flavor so that any faults are more apparent. Do you all think that is true? I have a lot of booster left over, so using it for bottling seems like a great idea. Do you find any difference in the taste or carbonation levels? Thanks! I use it for carbing. Just remember that it is NOT sugar. Treat it like honey for the most part. So you will need a different amount than what is used for sugar.
  19. I bought this one... For the price it works. I had to make sure everything fit right, but it saved me the time of making it which I would have probably botched anyways.
  20. My LHBS carries most of the kits, so I prefer to go in and ask them about each of them and maybe what they know about them. I only did 1 kit and it was my first time using steeping grains...I botched it miserably but that was my own doing.
  21. I use Booster for batch priming and thats it anymore. If you have a bunch of booster and you don't want to go out and buy more malt, then why not use it? Either use it all up, or use it for bottling/batch priming. Won't hurt necessarily, but it also won't help make the beer more flavorful.
  22. Calculate it as if its Honey. Trollby uses it frequently and that is what he recommends. I did my last batch with booster and it worked GREAT!
  23. I see everyone furiously pushing Favorite at the top of the thread! LoL
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