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  1. "mrblase" post=274812 said:... I've been drinking Sprite in the green bottles for the bottles, which don't do the bowing thing when carbonating and discarding the MRBeer bottles. Plus I like the 17 oz size of the soda bottles but maybe I shouuld be getting rid of them also and just buying more 12 oz brown bottles. :pound: I'd advise against Sprite bottles or, indeed, anything from Coca Cola (well, except the caps for the points). While I've used Sprite bottles myself, I usually end up throwing away as much as half of the bottles I've collected because they won't take a cap. I've even tried new caps and they still wouldn't seal properly. Pepsi products (notably Mountain Dew) have yet to fail me. This may be a regional thing with different bottlers or something, so YMMV. I've pretty much decided to keep using 20 oz Mountain Dew bottles until I collect enough glass to start using it. Of course, I have a recylcing trailer nearby and I can collect a case of M.D. bottles every couple of days, too. I've got a bunch of A&W bottles, but I think I'm just going to use them for root beer. It takes a lot of work to get the root beer smell out of them when I'm cleaning those.
  2. A tip for folks using PET bottles: I had problems with my vinator when using plastic bottles as well. A trip to the hardware store with the stem part of the vinator yielded a stainless steel washer which fits over the stem. 67 cents. Problem solved.
  3. I didn't get anything, myself. My last purchase was rather large, knowing that some of the proven recipes would no longer be available. Now it's just too hot to think about brewing. I need to get off my duff and get a spare fridge and a temp controller. Edit: As other folks have added, I think that the prices are too high, anyway. By the time I finish off the stuff I have in stock, I hope to be doing all-grain batches.
  4. "JonEleven" post=261867 said:Northern Amber Ale on that list was very good, I boiled the hops to bring the IBUs up to about 35 and it is tasting great! Thanks for reminding me. I, too, boiled the hops and I still have a couple of bottles in the bedroom somewhere. I guess I'll have to toss them in the fridge.
  5. But no one expects The Spanish Inquisition! "orm518" post=258290 said:Thanks for reading. Any suggestions would be great. This board is very helpful! Welcome and congratulations! Suggestions? Try batch priming instead of bottle priming. You won't have to worry about whether or not you primed a specific bottle. I use a 2.5 gal 'Slimline' container I bought at Wally World, and it makes bottling a lot easier. You can get your priming amounts here. Matter of fact, Screwy has a lot of good info on his site.
  6. "BlackDuck" post=261746 said:Seems like some of those recipes are pretty pricey.... Powerful Patriot Ale - $35 LBK IPA - $45 Ragin Rincon Pale Ale - $38 Santa Catalina Pale Ale - $36 I know some of them are cheaper...but these and a couple others are pretty pricey. Just seems a little high to me for a recipe that yields a few bottles less than a case. Wow... Talk about reading my mind. It seems that most of the 'new' recipes are more expensive than the old ones; even the ones with fewer ingredients are a bit more. For the same $35+, I can buy a five gallon kit from AHS, for example. I'm now thankful that I used my coupon and bought a bunch of stuff late last month. I've got enough 'old' product to make a grunch of beer, and I can kick back and wait for the dust to settle from the changeover. EditThat said, I think I might try the Gigantor Quad when I run out of MB LME's.
  7. I'm drinking Voodoo Magic right now... Quite tasty after nearly four months in the bottle. I wish now that I'd held off on my 'sampling'.
  8. "gophers6" post=261445 said:Anybody else have trouble opening the new cans? The can has a very recessed lid that my opener wouldn't touch. Had to open the bottom. Why the hell didn't they go with pop tops? Personally, I can't stand pop-tops. I always end up with product stuck in the can when I use them. Just sayin'
  9. "jhnh1010" post=258938 said:I think I have found the answer. According to the AHA, replace sugar with equal amounts of DME(dehydrated malt extract ). Also the honey would not be for sweetness but for a dryer beer. The Booster is a 1lb package. I have puchased a 1lb package of a light DME. I used a light color to ensure a lighter color in the style of a hef beer. Actually, Booster™ is sold in 13oz bags, not one pound bags. Also, when doing any calcuations involving Booster™, keeep in mind that Booster™ is only 80% fermentable. You're actually getting about 10oz of fermentables in that 13oz bag. I used a 1lb bag of DME to replace the Booster™ in my batch of Old Uncle Arnold. It tasted good great at bottling. I'll let ya'll know in four more months just how good it tastes.
  10. "k9dude" post=258897 said:I haven't really heard of anyone that goes commando complaining about hops floating around in their beer... You're about to. This thread is interesting in that some folks are talking about hops during the boil, and others about hops in the fermenter. The only problem I've had with going commando is when using whole leaf hops in the LBK. Pellet hops end up in the trub, but the whole leaf hops stay suspended in the beer and make it a PITA to rack to the slimline for bottling. On one batch with 1/4 oz of whole leaf hops, I ended up having to pull the spigot from the LBK and strain through my fingers in order to get the last two quarts of beer out. That's after I'd spent ten minutes using a slotted SS spoon to lift the floating hops out of the LBK. YMMV, of course. In the future, I intend to go commando only with pellet hops, and use a hop sack for the whole leaf hops.
  11. "alb" post=256565 said: "FedoraDave" post=256488 said: For instance, I can't believe alb thinks using a vinator is a hassle. I need 3 hands to work it, because my bottles slide all the way down over the stem and nothing squirts up into the bottle. I am still using 20oz soda bottles for my beer and had the same problem. A trip to the hardware store with the vinator yielded two different sizes of stainless steel washer which both fit over them 'stem' of the vinator. I got two because I wasn't sure which one would work best. Both washers work, but the smaller of the two doesn't allow adequate drain-back. With the larger washer in place, I have no problem using the vinator as intended when sanitizing my bottles. I do have a couple of cases of glass saved up, but money has been tight and I've still not bought a capper or caps. Until then, the free PET bottles I pick up from the local recycling center are working just fine.
  12. I know this is a silly question, but: Are you adding the priming sugar into the bucket dry, or are you first dissolving the priming sugar in boiling water? I put the priming sugar in a cup or so of water and bring it to a boil while stirring constantly.
  13. Update: The Northern Amber is losing that taste. I gave the WCPA away, but the guy I gave it to normally drinks cheap beer so he hasn't noticed anything wrong. Now I've got to wait for the Hefe and the Old Uncle Arnold to finish conditioning.
  14. Get a couple of 12oz plastic Coke bottles and use them as tester bottles. Our county has a recycling program and they park truck trailers all over. A quick walk-through usually nets me a couple of dozen soda bottles. I've been bottling entirely in reused (rinsed, rinsed, Oxyclean'd, rinsed, rinsed, sanitized) plastic Mountain Dew bottles and haven't had any problems with them. 20oz racks are frequently found behind Wal-mart, so you can easily store your beer, too. Oddly enough, 20oz Sprite bottles are damned near impossible to reuse as they don't want to take a cap.
  15. I made a lemonade-based drink for my wife which turned out a bit too tart (despite adding lactose to the mix). My wife was away when I bottled, so I added a packet of Splenda to each 12oz bottle to sweeten. She thinks it's still a bit too tart, so she's adding an additional packet of Splenda to each bottle when she opens them. Long and short is that, if you want it to be sweet, you have to add sugars which will not ferment.
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