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  1. If it's NOT an infection, I can only tell you that I had the same heat issue, the same hot alcohol smell, the same description. I let it ferment longer, I cold crashed longer (not that it helped), and I just tried one and it was perfectly fine. I also added more hops near the end of ferment. I can't comment on the infection possibility though.
  2. wait until you see how the next few weeks do. Try continuing to condition some and also slowly rotate some into the fridge.....it also seems to improve with a few days in the fridge.
  3. After 3 weeks fermenting, I have the LBK in the fridge for a long cold crash (about 1 week), it gets bottled tonight...
  4. Bottling the stout tomorrow when the heat wave is over. It's getting to 100 in NYC today, so I have the thing surrounded by ice bottles. I didn't want to bottle during a heat wave and start the carbing/conditioning in the 80s.
  5. I was successful in using water bottles to keep my recent batch just under 70. But, we're about to get a heat wave. I am more than 2 weeks into fermentation and things have nearly stopped. Do I still have to be vigilant about the temperature or am I out of the woods now?
  6. Thanks! I think that if I can make this beer a little bigger it will be very nice. Last night I opened one and added some Dog fish 90 to it and it was exactly what I was looking for. I have no problem doing this.
  7. what kind of steeping grains would you add to a beer like this? This is one recipie that I'm going to keep tweeking.
  8. It felt more like 5% but yeah, it had no real substance to it. It drank like a 3%. I get it now about the steeping. The profile is very thin and one dimensional and that's the direction I'll need to go. We'll get there.....
  9. Fee

    Monster IPA

    100 would be awesome! I don't know I'm just often left saying to myself "that could have used more hops, more malt, been bigger....". I have to make a big IPA myself and use lots of hops....I want to really experience it. Anyone try Vermont's Heady Topper in a can? Or how about Oskar Blues Deviant Dave's? Man....now THAT...is HOPS!
  10. Is it wise to do NO bittering hops? Isn't that one of the very foundations that makes beer beer? Aren't there a certain amount of minimal bittering hops necessary just to offset the malts?
  11. 5 gallon.... It's a 5 gallon batch: 1 3.3 lb can of Briess light golden extract 1.5 1bs. light DME I steeped a little bit of corn and potatos, probably not enough to make a real difference, I just wanted them in there. I believe it will add some fermentables but I think I kept it minimal. I used oak chips in a muslin sac that I threw in at the end of the boil. I did a 75 minute boil and added hops at 75-50-30-5 Hops are 1 oz each of Northern, Simcoe, and Chinook (The Simcoe and Chinook are whole, the Northern is pellets). I saved some from each for a dry hop after 1 week in the fermenter. I used Poland Spring water Lastly, I used 1 pound of Blueberries, 1 pound of strawberries and a can of whole cranberries. They were pureed and went in at the end of the boil, along with 1/2 cup of honey. For yeast I used US-05 but doubled up.
  12. Fee

    Monster IPA

    I'm curious as to whether 2oz. of hops is enough. Not to make a beer.....but to make a big IPA.
  13. Ok so tonight I'm going to take a few pics and videos of first pours of my Weiss and my Paloma Ale. The Weiss was almost too easy, and I really like it. The Paloma ale has now been in the bottle for about 8 weeks. It was made with some blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry. Those fruits have mellowed out, there is no green/cidery taste. But it's weak, it's watery. This was not designed to be a big beer, but it's not designed to be Bud light either. I can only guess based on drinking it that it's about 5.5-6% and I think I added enough malts. It seems sorta watery and sorta flavorless. It's almost like beer flavored club soda. Obviously I could just add a lot of malt but what else can be done to improve the taste and body of these beers that are supposed to be on the lighter side....but not that light?
  14. So Andy, you gonna bottle it? have you tasted it?
  15. There is a reason why we do a boil that includes both malt and hops. It's about utilization and such....others can describe the why better than me.
  16. That's not a bad IPA. Not complex but strong enough and hoppy enough to be one of the ones you pick up a 6pak of when you want things pretty simple. The hops that go into that have piney characters. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they use rosemarry.
  17. yeah but it's a bit more involved than tossing hops. Yeast harvesting is something I'm interested in for sure. I'm not so motivated yet because what do I spend on yeast? $7 a month?
  18. That's an interesting question Andy....are you thinking that you missed some window of opportunity where even if you re-pitch new yeast you think it won't be as good? I'm not sure....would like to hear about that. Since there was no activity in the beginning has the risk of infection gone up?
  19. harvesting yeast is more complicated than going commando and probably deserves a couple hours of reading and watching video. I would never use enzymes! You know me....I'm exploring ways of growing heirloom barley in my closet..... no, not really.....
  20. Nice on the hose idea. Nothing like plain water, but with some force to clean things without chemicals. I can't do that in my 10th floor apartment but for anyone with a house......yeah I'd relegate a lot of activity to the outdoors as well......not the pitching of yeast though...don't do that.
  21. Is this a good time for a rundown on what additions have been made to those "smack packs"?
  22. This thread is funny. Please don't ask what "round the world" or a pearl necklace is...... Just wait until you spend days figuring out how grains with diastatic power should be combined with grains with no or minimal diastatic power......only to have someone say "you know, you can just buy enzymes".... fun
  23. This pot is many years old. I should really check to verify that it is aluminum. Does not seem like SS but perhaps it could be a combo? I don't know. I would prefer to use cast iron as we already know that that's safe. I've also heard that aluminum could produce funny tastes in some things. So that darker inside color you talk about is already present. I do not use bleach or sanitize it because....it boils things. I do use a little detergent and lots of rinsing.
  24. I have a giant, sturdy pot, and it's aluminum. How would one oxidize it, and why?
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