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  1. manosteel9423 wrote: I've never used a liquid yeast, but its been a few days since you pitched, did you get a good krausen within 24 hours? I brewed a variation of this beer on Saturday and I had two inches of krausen by Monday morning. I used S-04 dry ale yeast. If you had a good krausen, your yeast is working just fine. I see some formation on the top, and some stuck on the sides, nothing major. I will try to take a pic when I get home.
  2. BUMP As anyone else seen little to no CO2 bubble formation right after tossing in their smack pack?
  3. A little update on this one :-) Brewed a few nights ago and it went well. Used the standard Shameless stout recipe then added: 2oz Lactose 1 Vanilla bean Added my 2oz Lactose (A few people here said even 4oz lactose made their stout too sweet) to the boil and was a little uneasy about my vanilla bean as it has been sitting up in my pantry for god knows how long, maybe a year. I've read milk, warm water, or vodka can help rehydrate the bean. If vodka really does rehydrate then Ill do that since I can also sanitize at the same time! So I soaked in there for about 3.5 hours). Cut long ways on the bean, scraped out the goo, and chopped up the rest and tossed it into my LBK. It didnt seem like a lot but ive baked with vanilla beans and they are quite strong. As for yeast, I used a wyeast 1084 for my 2Gal batch (Dated 1/17). Never used a smack pack before which was pretty funny if their was a camera on me. I was smacking the pack a few times and still wasn't sure if i hit the nutrient pack! I heard some bubbling. 2 hours later it was a little bigger but not swelling THAT much. In about 3 hours, it was about an inch thick and i know that full swell is not required so i said screw it and tossed it in to the LBK. I assumed i would see some bubbling right as i toss it in but nothing...hope thats fine. Still getting used too and also getting better at sanitizing. I usually have a shallow bowl with some one step and put equipment down in their when I need to set it down. Any better ideas? Hope everyone enjoyed my rambling :-)
  4. Fee wrote: Can you guys explain "swelling" and "smacking"? The wyeast activator packs includes a liquid and live yeast cells. When literally smacking on the packet, you release the liquid with the live yeast. When the cultures inside start to metabolize you start creating CO2 inside the packing which creates the swelling.
  5. Is it fine tossing in the whole smack pack (says for use for a 5gal recipe) with a regular 2Gal MB recipe? I am starting a sweet stout tomorrow and picked up Wyeast 1084. Using the OG of a Left Hand Milk Stout Clone at around 1.059 and a 2Gal Batch, MrMalty recommends 82billion cells which is around 80 percent of the pack. I am assuming tossing in the whole pack is fine then?
  6. @fedoradave thank you! Update on this topic: Picked up a red Barron Wing capper last night at my local lhbs store for 11 bucks, can't beat the price. Was bottling my second batch today abd decided I was going to to use 12 oz bottles and also took my extreme laziness into consideration. I used 2 of the liter pet bottles and the rest the 12 oz bottles. With santitizing and priming, the 12 oz bottling takes forever. May have to start buying more rogue and stone 22oz bottles. Never mind my complaining, but the wing capper was great. I love any item which doesn't come with directions. Although time consuming, the wing capper does the trick. Dan
  7. @bpgreen @Gymrat @SenorPepe @genotype Damn you guys are quick, thanks for the comments. At the price, I will most likely go with the wing capper then
  8. Looking to get a capper and I need opinions, here are my local brew stores stock with prices: Cappper (Colona Bench) 28.50 Capper (Hammer) 6.00 Capper (pin set bench capper) 22.50 Capper (Red Baron) 12.00 Thoughts? What do you guys find the easiest and the most durable. I know a lot of people have the red baron but I hear its cheaply made. A side question too: Do crown caps (oxygen barrier) really work? Is it worth the few extra dollars. Thanks!
  9. No problem! May add 2 taplespoons of pure vanilla extract and one scooped out vanilla bean. May be interesting, but with the additions prob will only need 2oz lactose
  10. +1 to the Pros Thanks for responding to the endless amounts of cleaning, sanitizing, priming, temperature, timing, recipes, explosions, and equipment type of questions from the newbs
  11. Any update on this one? (probably not since based on posting time you would only be done carbing) I'm also looking to add lactose and wondering if anyone has tried this :cheer:
  12. Welcome Koko!! Welcome to the addiction, way cheaper and more socially acceptable than a crack or heroin addiction
  13. Gracias! I wouldnt want that to happen. I guess I will get my lazy ass to my local store and get some glass bottles and a capper :laugh:
  14. Sounds good. Thank you I have a few 1/2 Gal brewery jugs with a screwable lid (unfortunately the brewery is a little to far to get a refill at the moment). Acceptable to bottle in? [img size=400]http://community.mrbeer.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/photo1.jpg
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