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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I planned on adding it to secondary fermentation, but now I am hesitant. I have thought about getting fresh mangos and making a puree, but I don't understand what you mean by heating them up but not boiling them. I wonder if trying the canned mango is too much of a risk?
  2. The preservatives are sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, if that means anything to anyone.
  3. Hey Guys, A couple quick questions about the mango that I will be adding to my summer beer next week: A)The jar of mango I bought is 20 oz and the MB recipes all call for 15 oz, such as the Oregon cans. Didn't think it would be a big deal, just might produce a stronger mango flavor? The manual says to make sure the can is preservative free, but the can I have lists preservatives. Is it extremely important that I find another source? If so, what is the best source of non preservative mango puree? Thanks!
  4. "TheConserver" post=252056 said:I'd switch the yeast out to Safale 05 and ferment around 60-62 if you are looking for a crisp beer. I'd add the fruit after about a week of fermenting. Make sure you don't aerate the wort when you pour it in. Also make sure you sanitize your blender. You could try dry-hopping with some Citra hops to enhance the mango-ness. Many describe Citra as having a strong mango flavor/aroma What do you mean by "don't aerate the wort?" I thought I read that the appropriate process is to open the cap on the LBK really quickly, throw the puree in, stir it really fast, and close it back up?
  5. Hey Guys, I'm a new brewer and I am going to be trying my most unique idea that I have planned for a while. I am trying to make a crisp, summer Mango Ale. I have a couple of questions, but first here are the ingredients I plan to use: -1 can of Blonde Ale -1 can of Pale Export -16-20 oz pureed mango in syrup (canned) -1 Saf-ale S04 ale yeast -1 package booster? My first question is whether or not I should use the booster. I didn't know if it would enhance the body and ABV or if it would deter from the flavor. My second question is (and I know there is much debate) whether I should add the mango puree immediately into the wort or halfway through the fermentation process. I am planning to use between 16-20 oz of the canned mango in syrup, which I will puree in a blender prior to adding. My last question is if there would be anything else that would enhance the beer that I am not thinking of? I don't want to start adding too much before I find a recipe I like, but if there is something that jumps out at you that would really help the brew, please let me know! Thanks in advance for all of your advice!
  6. I have read a few threads about when to use your adjuncts, and I will be doing so for the first time when I make the Voodoo Magic recipe today. My question is when to use the brown sugar. The recipe says to add it to boiling water and make it part of the wort. However, in other threads about using adjuncts such as fruit, some people say you get a more pronounced flavor by waiting until part of the way through the fermentation and then adding it in really quick. This question is also important to me because I am going to try and make a mango summer ale next, and am curious as to when to add my mango puree to get the best overall taste. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Is there any way to not get that trub in the bottle? When you drink any beer from the store, you don't have to deal with any unwanted settlement at the bottom of the bottles.
  8. Just wondering what the difference between the trub at the bottom of the LBK and the settlement at the bottom of the bottles after bottling is? Should you try to not let the settlement in the bottles mix up with the beer before drinking or is it like a wheat beer where you should gently disturb it to mix before drinking? Noob question, I know.
  9. OK, that makes a lot of sense. However, that chart is way above my head as a new brewer. I think they recommend 3/4 tbsp for a 12 oz bottle, I wonder if I should just cut back to about 1/2 tbsp and see how that goes.
  10. My first batch of the Golden Lager that comes with the kit is done. Since it is my first batch I am doing what was suggested somewhere, which is to taste it before conditioning and then once a week as it conditions. I am at week 1 on conditioning as of today. My question is that the beer tastes pretty good overall, but it seems to almost taste a bit too carbonated. It almost has an initial "bite" to it. Its hard to describe. My brother in law has the kit too and last year his tasted the same, even after conditioning. I wonder if that carbonated taste or "bite" has something to do with the booster or if it is just the beer. I'm pretty sure everything was done correctly and came out the way it was supposed to.
  11. As I mentioned in a recipe thread, I am going to try and make a Mango Ale for the summer. I have read a lot on when and how to add the fruit, but I was wondering what people mean by "Primary" and "Secondary" fermentation. Some say you should add the fruit after primary fermentation. Does this mean I should add it to the keg before bottling? I have also read that some people wait until halfway through fermenting and open the keg really quick, add and stir it, and close it right awawy. Any help would be appreciated in my quest to get a nice mango flavor to come through!
  12. Looking into buying a few refills for my future brews, and I notice the 19 different kinds of yeast they sell. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I will be ordering the St. Patricks Irish Stout, Pumpkin Lager Reciple (For the fall), and probably Whispering Wheat. Also, and this pertains to a similar thread on this page, should I still go ahead and throw the packaged yeast in along with any additional yeast? Finally, what differences will you notice when using a special yeast?
  13. First of all, if this sounds awful, let me know I was thinking about a summer beer for the upcoming season and one beer that always comes to mind is Bud Light Lime. I like how its a light beer and has that subtle lime flavor. It just feels like a pool-side beer. So I started thinking about making a unique summer beer and I was hoping for some suggestions. One idea I had was mango, as its a lighter and tasteful fruit. What kind of base beer would be good, or equivalent to a Bud Light? Would any other unique fruit possibly make a good summer brew? Also, could there be any other ingredients? How much of each would be ideal? Thanks in advance for the ideas!
  14. How many times can you re-cap a glass bottle? Can you only use it once more? If so you would just have to keep collecting glass bottles? In that sense it seems like plastic would be EASIER, but glass would be IDEAL.
  15. I'm sure this has been asked at length on this forum from time to time, but would it be better for me to purchase a new set of Mr. Beer plastic bottles or save the pry-off glass bottles after I drink them?
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