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  1. So I was in the big city tonight and I went to the local wine/brew store and found some "Beer Heading Powder". Which on the package says it is: propylene glycol alginate maltodextrin Has anyone every used something like this? it sasy to add 1 rounded tsp per 23L at time of bottling. I ofcourse bought and am now looking for information about it because I kick bubble gum, chew names and write on asses... always backwards. heres a link: http://www.winemakeri.com/Beer_Heading_Powder_p/13510.htm
  2. Ill have to see if I can get Sam Adams in the city nearest me (an hour) they dont carry too much american around here and most canadian brands are twist off
  3. So I'm looking at using beer bottles from the local liquor store (buying new ones isnt an option, too far away and too much $). I live in Canada and I;m thinking about using Miller draft and Corona's but theyre both clear. Can anyone think of a beer type that has a pop off top and is in a dark bottle? (except guiness, theyre new bottle can have their design taken off)
  4. jcubz


    I'll check out the info you guys provided. I'm a bog time novice and I really appreciate your help. Im trying to add more malt to my beer without using DME... or atleast thats the goal. DME just doesnt sound good to me for some reason. is it good enough? and if so what brands are good?
  5. So when I am malting with grains (like flaked corn), how long should I boil the grains? I am planning on adding some extra malts to my next batch and I thought Id try it without DME and just try boiling actual grains. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
  6. i have more of a keg than a six pack. but more is always better. Thanks guys
  7. So do I leaves the maltodextrin or carapils in the LBK until bottling or remove it from the wort after the initial "seal". Also this might be a stupid question but... i saw on another forum that someone used this: http://www.nowfoods.com/Sports/Products/StrengthAndPerformance/M003488.htm and then crushed the tablets and added that to the beer.. seems almost a little hokey.
  8. Where would one find information about how much maltodextrin to add to wort? I've seen a lot of comments about adding maltodextrin with dextrose for head retention etc but I havent seen a place that says how much... especially for approx 2.13G or so.
  9. well, I like fairly bitter beer, so I was thinking of adding some Saaz hops for flavour and then maybe ... oatmeal?? as an extra malt. might be a disaster. but it might not
  10. So I'm ordering another LBK and it comes with a can of each Classic American and Cowboy Lager. I have other beers lined up that I want to try and I was thinking of maybe combining these two and then adding malt via steeping. Comments? Good idead? bad idea? suggestions?>
  11. Ok. Well this is only batch number two. I guess Ill buy more bottles and another LBK and then I can let everything sit longer. Thanks for the advice. I thought I'd try both honey and brown sugar but maybe I should just try extra malt instead next time.
  12. So then my next batch is Englishman's Nut-Brown Ale w/Mellow Amber. I added 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup of honey. I am going to leave it in the LBK for 4 weeks. bottle and leave for 4 weeks, cold room condition for 2 weeks. Should I am higher with the priming sugar? should I add 1 and 1/4 tsp in each 500ml? thoughts?? Im doing the dubliner after that... this may sound bad but I usually enjoy beer with more head than not.
  13. So I'm just tasting my first batch. Western Pale Ale. It tastes good. much like Alexander Keiths. but... I used Screwy Brewer to calculate the carbonation and Im not sure if I did it wrong or what but... in a 500ml bottle I put approx 8/10 of a teaspoon of dextrose. carbonated at 70 degreees F. There is carbonation but there is very little head when I pour it and it dissipates within about 30-60 seconds and the carbonation isnt anywhere near what store bought bear is... in fact if I let the beer sit for about 5 minutes it would be almost flat.. I had it in the LBK for 2 weeks, bottled and carbonate for 2 weeks and then cold room condition for 1 week, 2 days in fridge. any thoughts other than more priming? my aim was 2.5 CO2 levels.
  14. thanks for the help guys. i tried it and we'll see
  15. Thanks for the advice. Sorry I was at work. I think the temp was too high when I pitched the yeast. I'm going to try the bread yeast i think... Thanks. When I go to the big city ill stock up big time.
  16. Ok so Im brewing my second batch and I think that I killed the yeast by accident. I live in a small town and dont want to waste this beer. can I add plain kitchen yeast? like quick yeast? if not why? and also any suggestions?
  17. I looked on the forum but couldnt find the answer. I really dont like the idea of plastic (but I have 8 1litre PET bottles) so I went and bought 500ml beer bottles from the local brew store. Im using the screwy brewer calculator to decide how much primer to put in (im doing west coast pale ale, priming with dextrose) but im a little nervous about exploding bottles... If im looking for approx 2.5 CO2 volumes how much room should I leave at the top of the bottle? the bottles I bought are actually the same as this: http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/46/nm/16_oz_Glass_Swing_Top_Bottles_Qty_12_1 Of course this is my first batch but I want to try to go all out.. Thanks for help on the space for the CO2
  18. jcubz

    2 HMEs

    It doesnt have much information. But it does say I should add 1kg of Dextrose (which I have) so that would increase the abv so I was thinking that without adding any extra sugar/dextrose maybe it would be ok with just the HMEs.. Also the Mr.Beer boosters are just dextrose right? I was told to use dextrose to increase abv and prime..
  19. jcubz

    2 HMEs

    its an "Australian Pilsener".. So you think I would have to wait for another LBK. Would it be way too much to have the equivalent of three HMEs in one LBK? I like strong beer, ie Harp, Guiness (taste not neccesarily abv) but this might be too crazy.
  20. So I have my first batch of Mr.Beer brand beer about to be bottled and im eager to experiment. I dont want to wait to try more. the problem is im waiting for my Mr.Beer stuff to ship/arrive and so I went and bought a different brand which is Hopped Malt Extract but it's set up for 23L. It came with yeast etc. but would that be way too much to put in the LBK? If I put the whole can in the LBK it would be like using 3 HMEs with as much yeast. Is there anyway I can use it with the LBK or should I try splitting it or get a 5 Gallon bucket . . or .. or .. or what??
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