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  1. That would be a fair enough response if other, newer posts, weren't being responded to. But they are. Do you know how to leave this board?
  2. I posted earlier about where I am in my first brewing experience and got exactly zero response. If thats what constitutes "community" here, then I'll experiment on my own rather than ask for advice here. Is it possible to remove membership here?
  3. Is there a way to remove a post of my own?
  4. Wcpa...first beer tasted- 1+ 1+ 2 days fridge....green, immature. Next 2 beers tasted- 1w 6days+ 10days+ 1.5 days fridge...nice...excellent head, smooth. A little cloudy but tasty. The rest will be 1w 6days+ 4weeks+ 2days and I'm sure looking forward to it!l
  5. Thanks for the info. The zest thing does sound easier and more consistent.
  6. I really like the taste of lime in beer and would like to know if I could substitute fresh lime juice for sugar when priming the bottles. Or should I forget adding lime during the process and just add a slice of lime when drinking. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
  7. Hey fellas and ladies. Like many here I got a kit for Christmas. I'm in the middle of carb/cond (2-2). I ran one off early so I'd have one for the NC game Monday. It was awful!!!! Hahahaha...but it was mine! I love learning new stuff so I'm counting on all you guy's patience with all the questions I'll have. In 3 weeks of reading this board I've been verily impressed with the generosity of those who are so knowledgable.
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