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  1. They is a pumpkin recipe, that'll be ready for fall that uses Oktoberfest refill.
  2. Yes, the temperature was your problem. letting it go above 78 is a no-no. It creates a different alcohol ( can't think of it's name) that is not the best tasting. I place my LBK in a cooler and use frozen water bottles to regulate the temp, usually one bottle replaced daily. It's tough to pour out beer, but if you can't handle the taste now, it won't get better with time. I have 'chugged' those funky ones and definitely don't share them.
  3. While lack of governmental oversight to maintaining the back country may be at issue, don't forget many times environmentalists stop needed work from happening. Either way it's very sad
  4. Don't see much amber. Infected or not, good beer is good beer-DRINK UP!
  5. Update on my not so active starter. After another day of sitting, it still hadn't done much and started to separate as if I was washing it. Figured what the heck and brewed some Firecracker Ale and pitched with that yeast figuring if nothing happens I can always re-pitch later. I'm sure glad I didn't add any yeast as I almost had a complete blow out. Wasn't a huge mess, but I've never had to wipe down the LBK before. There is plenty of activity now. Thanks to the borg for the encouragement.
  6. No, I don't have a stir plate. Should I slightly shake once in awhile? My last attempt looked like this as well. I had gotten afraid with that one and threw some Fromunda yeast in the wort for insurance. The way it too off, I don't think that was necessary. Just curious how much action on average goes on.
  7. I made a yeast starter yesterday. In watching it the last 24 hours, it hasn't had much action. It doesn't have some bubbles rising here and there, but definitely no Krausen like you'd see in brewing. Is This beast dying or just taking longer to wake up?
  8. Thanfully I have a can of HCCD. Is there a replacement recipe with any of the new HME's?
  9. My first batch mistake came in my concern that the priming sugars wouldn't dissolve. In a moment of genius, I shook every bottle aereating each beer. Thankfuly the borg advised to wait it out, it was a pleasent surprise and I was hooked. Besides learning to let things go longer than Mr. beers '2 gallons in 2 weeks'
  10. I somewhat agree with the tossing of the booster and adding DME. Only I would USE both.
  11. Solution for rock hard boosters- smash with a hammer- no longer rock hard (of course you don't open the booster and have it in another bag for when the first explodes).
  12. Congrats, I have done and enjoyed the Firecracker Ale as well. I've done some other recipes, but find the right outta the can ones are good enough. Haven't tried the new Cooper recipes yet. Hope they hold up to the MRB ones...
  13. For those sanitizing in the dishwasher, are you using dishsoap while you're doing this? I've heard dishsoap will leave a residue of the anti water spot stuff inside the bottles.
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