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  1. I'm not sure adding lactose will help it finish sooner as lactose is non fermentable. That being said when I made my hard cider I added 1lb if lactose to 5gallons of cider if I remember correctly. And I believe it only took 2-3months to reach its FG.
  2. It came out pretty good. If I were to make it again I would probably steep 1.5 - 2LBS crystal 20 or 40 instead of Amber DME but that's only because I'm moving into all grain brewing now. But this was only my second brew and first wheat beer try. Had good strong banana eaters. While kitchen smelled of puréed banannas at bottling. Very good drinking.
  3. I just made a coffee brown ale and cold steeped 1cup of grinds in 4 cups water and added it to bottling bucket when I batch primed for bottling. I thought the coffee flavor was a bit strong. Would cut it in half next time I brew it. Just my $.02
  4. I'm trying a batch of whispering wheat with Amber DME and was looking for suggestions or input on if anyone thinks this will be ok or not. Originally was going to try an all DME with 2Lbs. Wheat and 1.5 amber but accidentally wound up leaving LHBS with 2 3lb. Bags of Amber. So will probably try this recipe with Wheat DME instead of whispering wheat HME next time. Any reccomendations out there??? The recipe I used was: 1 can Whispering Wheat 1.5 Lbs. Amber DME .25Oz. Saaz Czech Hops 10min boil. .25Oz. Tettnang Hops 10min boil. .25Oz. Saaz Czech Hops Dry Hopped .25Oz. Tettnang Hops Dry Hopped White Labs Hefeweizen IV 380 liquid yeast
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