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  1. to those of u who cant get SHINE or the 190 everclear, double the 151 kind of alcohol, it creates around the same ABV. this is one of those creepers, u can drink it all night, and seem fine, the second u stand, down u go. so becareful.
  2. You could also get a couple of Mouslin (sp) hop sacks to put the frozen berries in, but the others i have no real idea, if i come up with one ill shoot it out to u.
  3. Sorry to add this, but I thought i heard that Witty Monk was a closer clone to Blue Moon.
  4. mtsoxfan wrote: Swing tops like Groelsh (sp) and others can be used. I think it adds an old world cool factor... there thats the name.
  5. I know all Sam Adams are pry off, but i also know that Red Stripe is (got a buddy from Jamica who loves the stuff), also if your significant other is like my fiance and isnt really big on beer, but like the hard ciders, then Wood Chuck bottles will work as well. You could always use some swing tops, I can't remember the brand, it starts with a G and is in a green bottle. Also food for thought you can buy a Coors Lite Home Draft System, and there you go, its the same thing as a Tap-a-Draft but comes full of beer, and its only 20 bucks.
  6. this is how i make mine, that is if i don't have actual Moonshine to add. 1/2 gallon of apple juice 1/2 gallon of apple cider 3/4 cup white sugar 1 1/4 cups of brown sugar 4 cinnamon sticks 1/2 liter of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol, Everclear or equivalent. To get started, you need a large boiling pot. Add into this pot the apple juice, apple cider, the white and brown sugar, and the whole fresh cinnamon sticks. Bring these contents to a boil, then remove the pot from the stove and let it cool down to room temperature. Once at room temperature, gradually stir in the 190 proof grain alcohol. What you don’t consume in one sitting, you can bottle for later use. Store it in sterile Mason jars, place one cinnamon stick in each jar, and then store them in a cool dark dry place. After a couple of weeks your Apple Pie Moonshine will taste even better. This batch will make about 4 1/2 quarts.
  7. GOF wrote: Did you use the Mr Beer suggested amount of priming sugar? Seem like many folks here abouts think the amount is too much and the beer gets over carbonated. Yeah i used what they said, i may have went a little over on accident i guess. Do you use the said ammount or do u do a tad less?
  8. Thanks for the feed back on the cap, i was just worried about the pressure breaking the tap system. Do you vent any pressure before you throw the CO2 in, or will the 48 hours release enough pressure?
  9. It's a West Coast Pale Ale, it came with the kit. It's pretty good. It's been carbing for the 2 weeks, im letting the rest of the bottles condition for another few weeks, but i did notice that it was a little i guess over carbed. will that go away sitting for the extra weeks, or is it a better luck next time kinda thing?
  10. What cap fits on it? I mean a 2-liter, or what?
  11. I haven't been able to use my Home Draft System yet, still fermenting, but everywhere that i have read, you do have to pop the top a little to let out some of your CO2, or it will explode and really suck. Let me know how this goes, and if there is anything u will do different next time cuz im waiting to do mine. Thanks.
  12. ok cool thanks, and to the above asked question, i guess i drink a lot of belgein wheat style ales?
  13. I mean i knew it mattered, lol. i meant is their temp ranges like the minimum and stuff or am i still good.
  14. It's more of a wanting to try new things, and see if it will make better beeer. And my house pretty much gets kept like between 66 and 69 degrees, and i know thats right on the cusp of the ideal fermenting temps, but do u think it really matters?
  15. Ok, iknow this has probably been on here before, and if it has point me to it, cuz im not finding it. I want to try using some liquid yest, the problem is idk what to use, i know some r good for lagering, because of the lower temps, but idk which to get, how does the yeast affect the flavors of the beer? Still pretty much a noob.
  16. Ok guys thanks for the pointers, and i guess i just typed the wrong thing in the search on here, or just plainly over looked it. Thanks again.
  17. Ok real quick, did you batch prime in your fermenter, or in the mini keg? and also, does it still have to wait the 2 weeks, for carb, like you would a bottle?
  18. Ok my buddy bought a Coors home draft mini keg, and i was wondering, has anyone on here used one? How did you swap CO2 cartridges? and also how did you prime it, i mean i know not to do it like a regular bottle, but did you put any sugar in, or what?
  19. I know you said you were wanting to do the lager, but if you were wanting to do something else, get a old cooler that your Mr. Beer can fit in, and get some 1 liter bottles, fill them up with hot hot water, and place them around your mr. beer. it should keep it warm enough for your regular stuff, my cousin had to do it when we were n florida, but with frozen water bottles instead.
  20. I just bottle my first batch last night, and was talking to my buddy who helps me out, and he asked me something, "What if we used distilled water instead, would it be better and not have the off taste of bottled water?" so i have now came to u all after doing a little searching and not finding anything. What do u think Distilled water, or is that just over kill?
  21. I was wondering the same thing, i know that i can get a good amount of comparable stuff from Amazon, but is there a better hidden jewel? or is the Homebrew club worth it, and the best bet?
  22. Cool thanks guys, ill give it a whirl then.
  23. Does conditioning your beer really help it's taste? is it really worth the longer wait?
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