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  1. OR Better Yet...Brew this batch using what you with using the Perle at 60 min and at 25 min. Then call and order and hopefully receive the correct recipe and hops. And brew that batch when you can following the recipe. Now you have 2 batches of brew and have a good comparison of the same recipe with just a slight twist and  slightly different hops flavor Then you can have taste tests with your friends and families. Two batches gained and nothing lost.


    Salud my friends and Hoppy Brewing

  2. I have never used drops before in the 3-4 years of brewing. I have brewed Mr Beer from the beginning and have always used table sugar and I put sugar in each bottle by hand using a heaping teaspoon per half-litre bottle, 2.5 teaspoons per litre bottle, 3/4 teaspoon per 12 ounce bottle. I have never had a problem with any type of carbonation only to the extent of slightly over-carbed on a batch here or there due to type of beer and I don't have it down to exact science of my measurements. Some here swear by batch priming and that's cool but for 2.5 gallon lbk batches, it takes less time to prime each bottle in my mind. I would let it condition for another couple of weeks, put one in the fridge for 2-3 days then drink it...make notes, let us know how it goes and we can go from there. Remember this is your first batch, don't get discouraged, keep working at improving all facets of the brewing techniques. Find what works, doesn't work, adjust and adapt. You will only get better with a struggle here or there once in a while.


    Salud my friends

  3. UPDATE an extra week can make a huge diffrence!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! the beer is definatly more drinkable, more flavour and better all around. i'm sorry i "wasted" those earlier brew due to impatience


    We all have done this as noobs and we learn that valuable lesson of time curing many ills (and many off-flavors in homebrews). I would advise letting it go for another week or two but you also don't want to go past 5 weeks of the batch sitting on your yeast cake.  I will advise you to purchase a hydrometer and check OG original gravity before you add the yeast to the fermenter and then check your FG final gravity so that you will know when it is ready or almost ready to bottle. Food for thought. 




    Salud my Friends

  4. Happy Memorial day everybody. Thanks to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice so we may brew beer and every other freedom & liberty they have afforded us.


    On this subject, I will guarantee that the OPs batch of brew will be better each and every week he lets it sit and conditions. There is a right way to brew beer and we are all on that mission to do so. One batch turns out perfect and the next batch is so-so. This is how we compare our own brewing. We set a standard and then proceed to match or better that standard. I brew my batches of homebrew the right way, my way...so let it be written so let it be said.


    Your batch will improve with aging thru conditioning even if ever so slightly. It will not get any worse unless you really screwed the pooch in bottling it. Stay with it and keep reaching for that perfect standard of brewing. I have reached it and I am still perfecting it even if i do it the right way every time.


    Salud My Friends 

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  5. My advice would be IF: the ambient temperature of your LBK is within the range of fermentation (say 65*-69*) with no risk of it getting warmer than that, let it keep fermenting. Otherwise, I would go ahead and Cold Crash whilst you are away and the risk of off-flavors is lessened. My opinion and I'm sticking to it. I have experienced these same circumstances so I speak from experience which I am experienced at being experienced.


    Salud my Friends 

  6. I clean my brew area with vinegar and water spray solution then I spray it Star-san solution. Then I place nice clean towel over that. All my utensils and lids that may rest on the towel are either temporarily stored in a large pitcher of sanitizing solution. NEVER a problem, infection or batch there be. I am anal like all brewers should be when it comes to clean and sanitized surfaces, etal.


    Salud my Friends.

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  7. I recommend a yeast starter similar to what one would do at first with original wort. I have had several stuck fermentations and this has worked for me. And when adding it it do as others have stated, gently rouse the existing yeast of the bottom. Something went wrong somewhere...Houston we have a problem!!!  Good fortunes with this batch and hopefully it will come down to the 1.015 - 1.016 range where need be.


    Salud my Friends

  8. Drinkable conditioning is okay at 3-4 weeks BUT the brews will be so much better once you hit the 6-7 week mark and progressively better longer. I speak only from experience and nothing else. If you have a pipeline going, even better for you to wait. If you don't have a pipeline going, then there are other matters that you need counselled on!!!


    Salud and enjoy my Friends

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  9. New brewer here.  I am currently working on my first batch (Classic American light). I followed the brewing instructions and things seemed to go well. One error I did make was not purchasing a stick-on thermometer for my Keg, but that will be rectified for my next batch. Room temperature has been at 68F on the nose since I began the process 17 days ago and the keg is insulated with blankets.


    Anyway, I have been taking notes on how everything has been going. At the 14-day mark, I noticed that when I shine a bright flashlight into the keg, that the top half was crystal clear and the bottom half was still foggy. I assumed that this was a good sign that things were progressing. Three days later (now on day 17 in keg) the top half is still clear and the bottom half foggy, no change.


    Am I just a newbie who is overthinking things or should the beer have cleared up a bit more over the past 3 days?  Also, is there any point to continuing the fermentation process beyond 21 days If the bottom half of the keg is still foggy? I have read some mixed opinions on this.


    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks a lot to those who post on here. I have learned a lot from reading up on the forums.




    Biggest question needed answered is which eye were you looking at the keg with? And have you had your eyes checked lately?  This might be the answer you were looking for.


    Salud my Friends

  10. And remember to put a piece of wood (3/4" x1" x 6" under the spigot end of the LBK while you are fermenting and cold-crashing and even bottling (until you get the brew down to the spigot then use it at the other end)...this assists in keeping the trub in the bottom of the LBK away from the spigot and makes for a cleaner pour when you are bottling. The cold-crashing helps compact the trub and actually makes for an easier and cleaner bottling experience. One might ask if this affects the yeasties take longer to help in carbonation but I would answer that question with "Yes but only for a few hours until the bottles and brew return to room temperature. 


    Any more questions, ask away and the borg will sound off. I hope this helps you in your brewing and bottling process just one iota. I once was a newbie and asked many questions and received great advice here.


    Salud my Friends.

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  11. I have 3-4 lbks in rotation at any one time..it is not that laborious to change out frozen water bottles in my 3 -  48 quart igloo coolers to keep the temps in a good range for brewing. 

    I don't think the one day you had problems with the temps will severely affect this batch. The off-flavors that may be in this batch might be so subtle you may not detect them. Stay with it and let it ferment out, bottle and condition a couple extra weeks. If there is any off-flavors , you can mix a bottle of this batch with another bottle of another batch and it should taste decent if not good.  I have done this a few times when i had screw-ups.




    Salud my Friends

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