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  1. I have 3-4 lbks in rotation at any one time..it is not that laborious to change out frozen water bottles in my 3 - 48 quart igloo coolers to keep the temps in a good range for brewing. I don't think the one day you had problems with the temps will severely affect this batch. The off-flavors that may be in this batch might be so subtle you may not detect them. Stay with it and let it ferment out, bottle and condition a couple extra weeks. If there is any off-flavors , you can mix a bottle of this batch with another bottle of another batch and it should taste decent if not good. I have done this a few times when i had screw-ups. RDWHAHB Salud my Friends
  2. I second this emotion!!! No issues EVAH
  3. but there is only one with BIG EARS with nothing in between
  4. Josh Doesn't live in Arid-zona where water comes out of the tap at 78* at the coolest time of the year..LOL
  5. Bottle Bombs aka premature ejaculation homebrew style has never happened in the Salad household. SWMBO is extremely happy with that. NEVER delay brewing a batch worrying about PEHBS. Like RickBeer stated...needless worrying, how old are you? You sound like my mother in law and she is 86. Brew to your hearts content and if you are concerned put the bottles in a bag in a cooler environment and let her roll. Keep brewing keep bottling STOP worrying. Salud my friends
  6. I've heard good things about this yeast. I am a big fan of the Safale S-33 yeast...a general purpose one that satisfies my brewing needs. I am on a 3rd generation of this yeast from harvesting and the brews seem to love it as it is very active within 12 hours of pitching and stays active for 2-3 days. I has such a velvety pillow-like krauasen as it works its magic. Salud my Friends
  7. Josh: Me thinks Vakko is busting your chops just for free stuff...he never clarified anything and thus sarcasm was his intent... Salud my friends
  8. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER dump a batch of homebrewed beer. Time is your friend. Time is my friend. Conditioning homebrew over time is the pure essence of homebrewing. Please learn from your mistake of illegal dumping and never dump again. The three most important words in Homebrewing are: Sanitize, Sanitize, Condition and Drinking your own Homebrew enjoyably!!! Salud my Friends
  9. epete28: You are so right...they only get better with conditioning. I try to drink a brew one time a week and make notes as i go so I have references to look back on when I hopefully brew something again. Lets me know how good it was in week so and so and when the height of pleasure is reached. kinda like ..............................a football game NOT salud my friends.
  10. Rose's Rambling Red is my wife's favorite so anytime she gets to drink it, she is my biggest fan. It is a simple recipe so simple is better according to SWMBO. I first brewed this recipe under Old Mr Beer and had a hard time switching to RRR using the Oktoberfest as the base. I was never a fan of the Oktoberfest from Old MB so when it came as the base to RRR with CMB I almost refused to brew it...silly me. Thanks CMB and Salud my Friends
  11. I am a proponent of those that want to ask a question, ASK AWAY...sometimes you waste too much time researching stickies and other bull-schiitttt, that to ask and receive an answer is much easier and quicker to do so. If you need guidance NOW, start a topic and ask the fricking question or concern you need answered. I also am a proponent of playing nice on any forum rather than being told you are a dumb-skull for asking such a stupid question and then being told to do some research before asking that stupid question. I believe there are NEVER stupid questions just ignorant insulting mean dis-spirited answers or responses. Salud my friends and ex-friends...MOOWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. Approximately 1.5 years or however long it takes the boat to get here from Australia.
  13. RickBeer: Play nice with the newbies. Otherwise they might run away from the forum. I can almost guarantee you that the directions were written in Australian thus the misunderstanding he may have had. Newbies bruise (brews?) easily and might quit brewing with the semi-harsh reprimand you gave him. Beat around the bush a little bit before you stab it...LOL Salud my friends
  14. May I offer up a solution to your situation that JoeChianti imparted on me and I love it so much I bought 3 of them to go in each of my coolers...a $1.97 Accu-rite thermometer from Walmart. It works great as I sit it in next to my LBK and i use the 48 Quart Igloo Island Breeze cooler $18 from HEB or Walmart. Fits an LBK, a 2 litre bottle of frozen water and my thermometer is easy to read. I leave the cooler closed with the lid down or latched down depending on outside temp. Remember the most important days of keeping the temperature in the 66* to 68* range is when krausen is being built when the yeast are feasting and heating up the wort. T8r's 3 cents worth... Salud My Freinds
  15. I do not understand the LOCKING OF The Thread Part UNO...Opinions were stated, RickBeer left the thread after explaining his side of it and said No MAS. The Gestapo in Chief has his opinion and locked it but I will start another one since i did not participate in Thread UNO. Mr Beer is being very generous in the flat rate shipping fee of $7.95. I am also a shopper for free or cheaper shipping fees whenever and wherever I do shop online. My personal opinion as well as my professional opinion is that with most anything sold online and shipped for free or for some fee, there is built-in cost for the lower cost of shipping into the product cost. In my online business, I either ship flat-rate USPS or Fedex Ground because UPS ground is significantly higher to residence than a business. You have to be in need of that particular product to want to buy it and have it shipped to you at whatever cost is imposed on you. I brew with Mr Beer products and I brew with products purchased from my local HomeBrew Store and from other internet beer retailers. I either pay for the cost of product, the shipping cost with that particular product and other such fees or I purchase from my local homebrew store...my choice, my choice, my choice. If you do not like the shipping fees charged or the prices of the products, DO NOT purchase from that particular retailer. SIMPLE eh?? If you really enjoy Mr Beer products, you know the cost of product and you know the cost of shipping. T8r OUT Salud my friends
  16. Welcome to the BORG, Capeman. We all lurk at sometime or another...either here or somewhere else on the net (where??? left unsaid). Ask away and please donate your own knowledge, advice, info etc. Mr Beer has got you hooked now and never lets go. So that being said...BREW ON Salud my friends.
  17. Wow, carb drops are expensive for what you get...A 4 or 5 pound bag of sugar is the same as the carb drops. What is the advantage except for ease of putting a drop or 2 into the bottles? I am either cheap or smart or BOTH!!!
  18. FWIW: I always boil water and pour it over the HME can in a separate pitcher slightly larger than the can. Whether you use hot tap water or hot boiling water and pour it over the HME can, we are loosening up the HME in the can without affecting any flavors or changing anything in the can. we are getting to the same point taking different routes. I am very pleased to see or hear that OPR had a successful first batch of homebrew even with the slight hiccup. Congrats OPR and many more successful brews are in your future. We learn one step at a time and one batch at a time. Keep a notebook diary of each and every brew from beginning to end and even make notes of your first pour from each batch...head, body, taste, mouthfeel, off-flavors, legs on side of glass, anything that you might detect or notice, whether it is good bad or indifferent. Here is a great page for brewing notes that I use: http://www.brewersfriend.com/brewday-extract/ and their main brewday page: http://www.brewersfriend.com/brewdaysheets/
  19. Oh come on now RickBeer, your momma or daddy told you when you were young if you didn't straighten up and fly right, you were going to your bedroom and all you were going to get to eat that evening was bread and water!!!
  20. T8r's 3 cents worth: Do not, I repeat DO NOT follow anything JoeChianti or RickBeer type, write or say on this forum...EVER. Unless of course you want good sound advice, good beer savvy, and want to brew fantastic tasting homebrew like mine. Joe is a master chef, mad scientist and loony while Rickbeer is full of it (it being solid info and a wealth of knowledge especially research and development on the web). My question is this to the powers that be and this goes back to the Old Mr Beer and now, the New Coopers Mr Beer: Why do you ship the worst beer refill with the kits which are intended for the Newest of Newbies knowing full well it is not going to produce that great of a beer? Why is the stated ABV of most if not all the refills much higher than is actually produced through proper fermentation? And why is the stated fermentation time as well as stated conditioning time so much shorter than it really needs to be to produce a good quality homebrew that is drinkable, enjoyable and ego building for the new brewer as well as us old timers? Once the modified time of both is extended we have been able to enjoy the recipe and take great pleasure in sharing our homebrews with others. Just asking for clarification and possible updating of instructions leading the newbies to continue brewing, drinking and especially purchasing refills from Coopers Mr Beer. Salud my friends. PS...I am still brewing with refills and using my 7-8 LBK's for brewing enjoyment and actually giving them away with instructions to purchase your products, refills and leading some of them to this borg which has a wealth of information.
  21. rickbeer: I do the 90 degree angle then turn it another quarter turn but what I am having difficulties with is that when it comes to bottling time, I have to put the LBK on its lid or head and i then get a little leakage around the 4" cap. I don't lose too much fermented beer but does Mr Beer offer a gasket or o-ring for this 4" cap so I don't get anymore leakage? if they dn't offer one, where should I look? I've been thinking of supergluing the lid on and that might solve my problem...whaddyathink?
  22. Jim: Thanks for the link. It's amazing what ScrewyBrewer has put together, all the info he posts, and how much I forget months after I have read and re-read this info. Old age sux but brewing beer and drinking it keeps me young. Salud my friends
  23. Please assist me me in your ways of washing and storing the yeast. I have a boatload of yeast vials I retrieved from Austin Homebrew but have yet to utilize them. I love reusing yeast due to that abundance of yeast cells in the yeast cake. Salud my friends
  24. If Joe is cheap then I must be cheap & Lazy. I do things a little more risky that others and i have yet to master yeast washing like cheapo-Joe. I have on occasion poured my wort on top of the most recent bottled batch, same day or next, of yeast cake. I usually get rid of all the liquid since I cold crash my batches before bottling and i try to brew and pour similar beers, color and hops. I get great attenuation and fast krauasen building out of doing things this way. I have yet to get any infectious batches though the odds are against me sometimes. It is an experiment I love to do and I get good-flavored beers from this. Now if Joe would just go brush that one tooth he has left...it'll only take a second!!!
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