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  1. I am a little more daring than most and most won't recommend doing things this way. I brewed a batch of One Evil Pilsner 13 days ago in my lbk and filled lbk up to approx 2.5 gallon mark. Once the wort was cooled down to 66* I proceeded to pour on top of a yeast cake from my previous batch of Maris Otter Amber SMASH. I had used a 5 gram sachet of CMB gold yeast that produced a wonderful batch of brew. That being said, I got a 1.049 OG and just cold crashed the lbk with a racking FG that hit 1.011 (projection was 1.012 from Qbrew). I have had great luck with using a previous yeast cake and have great attenuation in doing so. This was no exception. I get krauasen building within 3-5 hours and it lasts for well over 2 days. I am looking forward to this batch as I have always been a fan of Mr Beer's Pilothouse Pilsner...always one of my favorites. Thanks Mr Beer for my addiction to your ways of brewing in my arsenal. Salud my friends
  2. I am a fan of Safale S-33. Never had a stalled fermentation and great attenuation. A very clean versatile yeast if i must say so myself. Another comment to OP is you used twice as much (not a bad thing) as really needed and I sometimes do this same thing as I yeast wash a lot anymore...taught be the best, JoeChianti. Good fortunes Epete28 and Brew On. Salud my friends
  3. Well thank you and tis good to be back on the borg though I have never stopped brewing...for that would be a CARDINAL SIN. Salud Da Yooper
  4. $18.00 dollar 48 quart ice chest with some free 2 litre or 3 litre ice water bottles swapped out every day, I can keep my fermenter at 64-66 degrees constant. Best fricking homebrew this side of the Atlantic Ocean guaran-fricking-teed!! Salud my friends Oh and i live in the closest thing to H-E- double hockey stick there is
  5. RickBeer: Are you saying brewing a SMASH recipe is a boring beer? I disagree. I am looking forward to a couple of SMASH recipes I just brewed in 2 of my 8 LBKs...one with Maris Otter with Mt Hood hops (60-20-7) and a Ultra Light Pale Ale with Willamette hops (60-20-7)...2.5 gallons each that tasted fantastic via OG samples. definitely not boring at all where this cowboy rides. Just saying!!! Salud my friends
  6. Totally agree with Swenocha and to add my own clarification to the timing of adding hops: I set my timers for 40 minutes for bittering ops, then to add the 2nd level of Hops for flavoring hops set the timer for 15 minutes, then to add the 3rd level of Hops for aroma hops set the timer for 5 minutes. I do it this way so i don't have to watch the countdown timer but have my timer alarm alert me...you get your 60 - 20 - 5 with alerts!!! Just this old mans way of doing things so my memory doesn't have to. Salud my friends
  7. I would personally let the Irish Stout recipe bottle condition longer. My personal opinion as it will taste much better the longer you let it condition. I might suggest that you do test taste one bottle after 4-5 weeks and then compare to the rest as they condition longer. Make notes on a brew sheet for each and every batch, each and every bottle until you feel comfortable with what you are brewing, drinking, etc. With the notes you can make comparisons for years to come. Like a diary with flavor!!! Salud my friend and Hoppy Brewing for years to come
  8. From the album: T8rs collection

    14" x 6" custom metal art
  9. From the album: T8rs collection

    13" x 6" custom metal art
  10. From the album: T8rs collection

    13" x 7" custom metal art
  11. :chug: :chug: :chug: Love it and meet-ups is what it is all about with this borg. Glad to hear y'all had a great time drinking & eating...looking forward to when we can meetup in Lake Travis / Lagos Vista area when I can make it back out and down to the Austin area. Kudos to the host & hostess... :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  12. "SelfFueled" post=389455 said:I saw the sale and thought it would be a good time to "stock on up" so to speak. 'been reading that most are driven away from the prices etc, but I know that I like the simplicity and also not having to split a 5 gal recipe....kinda difficult for some. Mr Beer not only had the great sale on recipes, but they also honored a coupon which dropped my jaw. :charlie: Only been brewing just over a month, but I do know that I like beer, and I do like brewing, MR Beer, and partial steeps, and full steeps. I seem to go overboard on a lot of things, but again I needed to get in at good prices, so I did. Ordered tues night and it was shipped today. I expect it delivered tues/wed next week. Yes, that was my order, along with a 5th LBK (mostly for back up and bottling keg) and bottling wand/spigot and spare airlock for my 7/8gal bucket. (realized I needed a second airlock to brew in the bucket after racking wine to carboy and using airlock) I have to compile a spreadsheet or list of ingredients to then list the exp dates etc and also know that I can yield to the original recipe and sway over to a new brew by adding in hops, using different yeast or simply adding LME or DME Would like to finish that this weekend before it arrives to take inventory and also stock it up nice until needed. (someone wants to help compile list, that would be great just let me know!!!) So this is the thread of my journey I plan... to take a stroll down Mr Beer Lane! Post any thoughts and recipes that would benefit a tweaking. my first thought is: I love you man and I betcha Mr Beer loves you more. That is one order short of a full cabinet. Good job and enjoy and once you get the pipeline built full-tilt, let us know and we'll celebrate!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. "LorraineMontana" post=389087 said: "jbags" post=389017 said:So Mrs beer, now give us some advice, how do we get our wives interested in this hobby? Mine is repulsed by brewing activities and leaves the house on brew day. Oh goody, I get to be the Dear Abby of the Borg. Well Jbags, I would recommend positive reinforcement. Start with offering your wife a champagne flute of perfectly chilled Beltian White with a diamond ring in the glass. Then, try gifting her with her very own Mr. Beer kit -- with a spa gift certificate stashed inside the LBK and a hundred dollar bill hidden under the canned LME's plastic cap. I guarantee that Mrs. Jbags will begin to take a keen interest in your brewing activities. That is why this is a very expensive hobby...not brewing but keeping SWMBO satisfied
  14. Well, Mrs. Beer: This is a case of Good news & Bad news. I am not sure where all the rookies before me are getting their mis-founded information. Bad news is that you have wasted time and efforts in brewing this 5 gallon batch of give-away brew that you will neither like the taste of or enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good news is that you can ship it to me direct prepaid of course and I shall dispose of it properly for you. Please don't waste any more of your valuable time with this BAD batch of brew and move on to the next LBK size brew. You will thank me in the end but before doing so, expedite the shipment immediately. It will make a better brewer out of you and you will feel no shame in doing this. Sincerely. Master Disposal Services INC of Arid-zona T8r Salad saluds you.
  15. "RickBeer" post=388640 said: "yankeedag" post=388638 said:Are the MB instructions still telling the newbz to "cold" condition the beer? The 2013 instructions on their website, are not telling them that. 14 days in the keg (never more than 21) and 14 - 21 in the bottle. http://www.mrbeer.com/images/pdf/MB12-Inst-850g.pdf Who knows what the in the box instructions say, or if every instruction link, and video on the website matches up. KNOCK KNOCK..is Mr Beer HOME? if so answer the door and/or change the directions for MUCHO enhanced home brew!!! :charlie: :charlie: :charlie:
  16. T8r Salad


    "neil" post=388507 said:Why do I have to use refrigerated water when making my beer? Neil. WELCOME TO "THE ADDICTION" In answer to your question, How do you expect to achieve refrigerated beer? :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  17. "gophers6" post=387584 said: "Foothiller" post=387477 said:For the "4" part of 3-4, the prevailing wisdom is 2 weeks of carbonating + 2 weeks of additional conditioning (the "-2-2" part of 2-2-2), but one really doesn't do anything between the 2 two-week periods, so it is just as easily called 4 weeks. What? On day 15 I flip a switch in my cellar and go from carbing mode to conditioning mode. :chug:Please provide us a picture of the magical switch...I am engineering savvy and want to try and build one...puh-leeeeeeez
  18. "RickBeer" post=387336 said:Sun... No No No...Sun-ovabitch
  19. So there is never the possible problem of beer tasting like poop, I aerate the S-H-I-T out of it prior to pitching dry or re-hydrated yeast. Then I usually give it a soft stirring after 5-10 minutes of sitting. Never a problem.
  20. "Monsteroyd" post=386723 said:Oh great so I have to worry about this too? From what I have seen the threaded part breaks in two, is that what happened to you? Is there a fix for this? Monty YES there is a fix for this with a little elbow grease and time. Purchase the 1" solid spigots that you can pick up from any LHBS, around $4-$5, and purchasing a step-up drill bit that will enlarge the LBK hole, 7/8", to a 1" hole for the new spigot and you will probably 95% sure never to have a problem with a broken spigot AGAIN. A hassle since CMB isn't doing much if anything about it. If they would just make the LBK hole industry-standard 1" hole, some relief would be so that if CMB spigot breaks, you could just run down to the LHBS, if there are any in your area. I don't care that their breakage is less than 1%...it is so aggravating to those of you that have fallen victim to this problem. Just sayin'
  21. Depending on the type of beer brewed with it, I usually will make another brew similar in style or at least color of the brew or maybe matching the yeast used in the former to the yeast needed in the second batch. Now i learned this process with the help from ScrewyBrewer & Beerlord & others. And doing so, the krauesen starts within 2-3 hours almost every time. Good luck and great inquiry!!!
  22. "Jim Johnson" post=386400 said:i was given 4 MrB galena packs 1/2 oz each but the alpa on each pack read 12.0-14.0. how do i figure this? FYI: Overview Originally from the Nugget variety, Galena is the most mellow hop of the high-alpha varieties and has replaced Cluster as the most widely grown US hop. The bitterness is clean and well balanced. Great general purpose bittering hop. Can be used in most English-style and American Ales. Pedigree Bred from Brewer's Gold by open pollination in the state of Idaho. Maturity Early to mid-season Yield 1900 - 2500 kg./ha. or 1700 - 2230 lb./ac. Growth Habit Neat and columnar. Pickability/Drying/Baling Good Cone-Structure Medium-compact and plump Lupulin Abundant, yellow in color Aroma Citrusy Alpha Acid 12 - 14% w/w Beta Acid 7 - 9% w/w Cohumulone 38 - 42% of alpha acids Storageability 75 - 80% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20°C. Total Oil 0.9 - 1.2 mls/100 grams Myrcene 55 - 60% of whole oil Humulene 10 - 15% of whole oil Carophyllene 3 - 5% of whole oil Farnesene Price: $1.12 Wholesale Price: $0.78
  23. "JLScar" post=386249 said:my ambient temps have been staying between 58 and 65 ... I don't have a temp on the LBK yet (4 - 6 weeks). It went up to 70 when I was out of town for 3 days last week. I will plan on waiting until next Saturday and cold crashing .. that s 2 - 3 days in the fridge, right? You got it right...if you are bottling on Saturday, fridge it on Wednesday or Thursday with the cd cases under the spigot end of the lbk tilted it back so it helps the trub settle away from the spigot, thus keeping your bottling cleaner except for the trub bottle which is usually your very last bottle and it should be of minimal trub even then. also yours temps have been pretty good but you might want to bring the temps up for the last few days...somewhere near 68ish would be my suggestion. will help the yeasties finish their work for these last few days
  24. "FedoraDave" post=385652 said:Another strong case for batch priming. n mst cases I would agree with you but just think of me putting 18 Tablespoons into the bottling bucket and having no way to even begin to thin it out with what I still had left in the LBK...remember this was only a 2.5 gallon batch. Senior moment had already happened before I even thought about the overall measurements I had done and 2 3-litre bottles already filled. Bottling before thinking doesn't work for me obviously.
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