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  1. "Joechianti" post=385612 said:T8r, you're funny. This is one of those times when flying by the seat of your pants is about all you got. But one thing, I don't think it will take as long as 2 weeks before enough pressure is gone so that you can safely cap off the bottles tightly. All you can do is guess and play it by ear, but I'm thinking by the end of one week at most you should be out of serious bottle bomb danger. Even then, after capping them off tightly, you'd be wise to keep a good eye on them still, just in case. I only got one good eye so what happens when the bottle bombs happen??? Play it by Ear? I am deaf too. I love me some carbonated beer but Hay-seuss, these are carbed almost. I have them in a igloo cooler in the closet farthest away from human and dog species with a steel chain and 4 padlocks on it. Think I am safe?
  2. I just started brewing 4 weeks ago (NOT) and was bottling my very first batch (NOT). I decided I would try something easy to bottle in and bottled in 3-Litre bottles (green I am with recycling bottles). I thought I had everything figured out properly with measurements, teaspoons vs tablespoons (NOT). This was a batch of ADIPA & CABA, old school MB refills, and when I was measuring the priming sugar and using a funnel, I somehow had a SENIOR moment (happens more often nowadays) and instead of priming with 6 teaspoons, I somehow measured out 6 TABLESPOONS per 3-litre bottle (WHAT THE FLYING F*#+ was I thinking???). So after I bottled 2 of the 3-litre bottles, I realized the error of my ways and had to re-figure what I was going to do so I call JoeC (GOD in my homebrew book) and he gives me some sage advice on how to try and correct this mishap or should I say future mishap (BOTTLE-BOMBS). Well I ended up using four 3-litre bottles filled 3/4 full with only close to twice the sugar in them since I was bottling a 2.5 gallon batch and was able to milk out as much of the leftover fermented wort (un-primed). The sage advice JoeC gave me was to never F*#+ing bottle again EVER and to keep the caps semi-tight or semi-loose on the bottles (depending on glass half-full or half-empty outlook) and to then tighten them after a week or two of the yeasties eating thru the WAY-TOO-SUGAR prior to actual carbing to begin. I HATE Senior moments but the magic 8-ball says MORE in my future. feeling like a NooB all over again...okay free to laugh at me now you are!!! [attachment=14168]volcaniceruptioninmyfuture.jpg[/attachment]
  3. Like in brewing, patience is a virtue AND A Requirement, patience on finding the right fridge ferment chamber is one of my suggestions. I have waited long and hard to make my brewing and fermenting a pleasure looking for those particulars. Glad to see you have joined "THE ADDICTION" and the borg. Welcome to our friendly community here, read, learn, read some more and above all else, remember these three key things: Patience, Sanitization & SWMBO (whether it's your mum or your significant other). :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  4. Vince: along these lines of thinking, putting them in yeast vials like JoeC gave me from AHS, how much liquid should I keep on top of the yeast? TIA
  5. I would definitely do at least one more transfer so as to get rid of the liquid on top and to minimize thru the transfer of your trub and get more yeast than trub...one or two more times will do that. Then you can put the yeast into smaller tubes or bottles for safe refrigeration and minimize space in fridge.
  6. First addition for me would be WATER...and good water at that. 2nd would be a good looking female brew-helper. About the only things coming to mind yet
  7. Send her my way and I will be happy to show her a Blue Moon-like experience...from one borg brother to another, I'll help you out.
  8. "Twinauto" post=383882 said:when useing two cans hme do you pitch one or two pack of yeast YES
  9. The best ever recipe for Classic American Light is: use a couple of bottles of this to par-boil your brats or italian sausages in with onions prior to throwing them on the Bar-b-Que :banana: :evil: :banana: :evil: :banana: :evil: :banana: :evil: :charlie:
  10. "Chuck N ™" post=383474 said:Looks tasty but, judging by the picture of the beer and your avatar, I think some one should point out to you which part of the camera is the bottom part. LOL...sweet tasting and looking brewski
  11. A way to help the fallen's families: http://www.100club.org/web/100Club
  12. +1 to Joe and when you go to store the leftover 1/2 can, pour a layer of vodka on top so as to keep it fresher and protect it from bacteria or whatever. good luck & hoppy brewing my friend.
  13. I love your ingenuity and making do with what you have...kewl beans and sweet homemade setup
  14. Absolutely a Tragedy...this is the biggest loss of firefighters battling a blaze since a 1933 fire in Griffith Park in LA. These men were an elite team from the Granite Mountain Hot Shot crew with one firefighter fighting for his life now as they are a 20 man team. Our state is so dry from lack of moisture and this started due to a lightning strike in a very beautiful area of mid to high desert with a lot of scrub oak and such. Prayers and thoughts to the families and friends/coworkers. A very sad day in Arizona.
  15. y'all are awesome posters...I appreciate what you give us to go on, experiences and ideas ...what works & what doesn't. I have pitched on a full yeast cake only cause of my un-comfort level, first time I did it and all with pouring the wort of new batch (obviously)start on to the yeast cake and just sanitizing the lid from the used lbk and also cleaning the outside of the lbk. Ferm took off within 2-3 hours with serious eruption. 2nd batch I poured off the yeast cake and then used it in a fresh lbk with same results...fast ferm and eruption. You experienced yeast cakers helped me then and are still helping me. Y'all know your shi-t and I greatly appreciate it and I hope this also helps the OP in his journey to better brewing and saving a few dollars whilst headed there. Thanks !!!
  16. JLScar: Welcome to "THE ADDICTION" and the borg. I would recommend you to bring it down a little further in temp range near 65*-68* during peak fermentation (wort temp) if possible..then try to maintain it near 65* for total of 3 weeks ferment time. You will be pleased at how good this will taste once carb & conditioning is finished. Good luck and brew on.
  17. Shi---t, I wish you guys would have told me earlier about this. The first 3 lbk's had this problem and I thought the(replacements of they were bad or went bad after the first couple of fermentations in them so I disposed of them and ordered 3 more from Mr Beer. Again after a couple of batches in those I noticed the same things. Again I disposed of them and now that my 3 newest ones (replacements of the last 3) and I have only used them one time each so far, and in looking at them, they have that bubble at that same spot as you guys describe. $90 later i find out I threw away 6 good LBK's...well piss-s me off
  18. I just use my Mother-in-Law to clean my glasses. I have her trained real well and if she misses a spot, she seems to end up with a bloody welt on her backside for some reason or 'nother. [attachment=14006]crackthewhip.jpg[/attachment] I have the cleanest beer glasses in the world!!!
  19. Totally agree with what has been advised above. Time is your best friend. Several key points to bring up are: Invest in 2-3 more lbk's from Mr Beer as this will pump up your pipeline to my brewing & drinking standards. Once your pipeline is built up you have the luxury of being more patient in your conditioning times which then allows you to drink better brews and will be very proud of what you have brewed (and more to share with your drinking buddies). The 3 most important KEY words in HomeBrewing: Patience, Sanitization & SWMBO (she who must be obeyed - if you have a significant other). Welcome to "THE ADDICTION" !!! [attachment=13980]welcome_2013-06-26.jpg[/attachment]
  20. "RangerDanger" post=381997 said:A lot of people have made the switch to batch priming because of how time consuming bottle priming is. I won't deny that priming each individual bottle is a bit tedious, but what I find much more of an annoyance is sanitizing each individual bottle. And the way I see it, even with batch priming you will still have to sanitize each bottle individually. I use one step sanitizer so my method is to dissolve it into water while heating on the stove. Then use a funnel to fill each bottle, seal it, slosh it around a bit, and pour it out. Is there a better way to do it? Will switching to a sanitizer similar to star san make the process any easier? Vinator is god's gift to bottling...or kegging is another option.
  21. FYI, if you can keep it below 70* whilst the yeasties are working you will have less of a chance of getting any off-flavors in the batch. We suggest a cooler with a couple of frozen water bottles in the cooler and change them out every 8-12 hours or as needed...a 48 quart igloo is what I use and 64 oz juice bottles work great as they are a thicker plastic than like a milk jug plastic. I have my coolers in my brew closet and they are running 62-64* now that high temp ferming is done...and the yeasties are just cleaning up after themselves. Good luck and keep us informed
  22. Mash at same temps for a total 40-45 minutes so 20-25 minutes longer...
  23. "FedoraDave" post=381327 said:When all else fails, stop and read the directions. I am we todd id I am sofa king we todd id I am Bill Maher
  24. "haerbob3" post=381262 said:unless you are using the grains immediately you start losing flavors alot of online store keep the crushed grain on the self pre make the kits etc so you may have no idea how old the grain is. Grain like coffee starts losing flavor as soon as it is ground. yes I grind my own coffee :laugh: Now Bob: do you like your coffee as much as you like your homebrews? Me THINKS not... so stops comparing them ...(Read: tongue in cheek) Coffee gets me started Homebrew keeps me going until I am done :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  25. "Brewmaster mike" post=381165 said:I emailed mr beer and they told me to use 3 tsps In the 12 oz glass bottles 3/4 tsp for 12 oz bottle...says right there on their website FedoraDave linked you to... Do I see bottle bombs in your future? Magic 8-ball says: YES
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