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  1. Please pardon my ignorance or computer non-savvy: I downloaded the software for Qbrew which so far is fine and dandy. BUT I also downloaded the updated Qbrewdata zip file and followed (supposedly) the instructions of renaming the old data and copying the new updated Q-data and this is what I get when I open this new data: cannot read file C:/program files/qbrew/qbrewdata then I get this little box that reads: could not open datafile In my program files folder for Qbrew, I have the copied Qbrewdata and when I double-click on it, I get this box that says: Unable to import the file qbrewdata.qbrewdata Where did I go wrong? And please remember I am computer un-savvy. :computer: Thanks for all you assistance to this newbie. Happy Friday everybody.
  2. bpgreen wrote: With an OG of 1.082, I don't think S-33 is your best option in terms of year. Although it'll tolerate ABV up to about 11%, attenuation drops off as the off rises. I like a high ABV beer, bP, what yeast would you suggest please? This should probably condition for 12-16 weeks I presume. TIA
  3. Screwy: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For a newbie, I greatly appreciate this info. Very informative to us newbies. Kudos to Screwy.
  4. Abqu wrote: This spreadsheet on Google Docs might be helpful for referencing. Might be? Extremely helpful Abqu. and thanks for the recipe, Des!!! Alot of useful and flavorful concoctions at Google Docs. Waiting for the Weekend.
  5. I have the following standard refills and am interested in either mixing any 2 of these or adding LME/DME from my LHBS and also adding in the booster (half packet or full packet): 1 = HC Canadian Lager, booster 2 = Bewitched Red Ale, booster 2 = Cowboy Lager, booster 1 = CA blonde Ale, booster 2 = Vienna Lager, booster 1 = WW Weizenbier, booster Would any of these mix well together for either a 2 gallon LBK or even brewing in a 5 gallon bucket (I have access to both)? Any strong opinions one way or the other? I am getting ready for some bottling this weekend and will have both sizes available. Appreciate your expertise or flavorful comments (pun intended)...& TIA Salud
  6. Most of the standard kits don't produce much ABV and I am a noob to this. Specifically, what DME or LME would you suggest for most of the beer recipes that MB produces? Light malt DME, Amber DME, etc? I only bring these to the forefront since I have done a couple of partial mash recipes in LBK and 5 gallon buckets. Any specific amount of these per batch? I presume going with light malt DME at approx 1 pound per batch. Also, any specific yeast to use as well? SA-04? US-05? others? Thanks for helping us noobs out...It is always appreciated by me for what the veterans provide here. Salud.
  7. mashani wrote: The itch to brew something ever couple of weeks is how I ended up with 2 lbks... then the itch turned to once a week, so 3 LBKs... and now 4 LBKs... your all doomed! Now that you mention it, I am DOOMED! My wifey can't handle the NEW me. Brewing or bottling or buying almost every other day. LBK for Xmas from my grand-kiddies, bought another one 3 weeks ago, bought the deluxe model 5 gallon brew kit from LHBS = 1 primary, 1 secondary carboy and the bottling bucket. After brewing 1st 5 gallon primary, promoted the secondary carboy to primary carboy. Bought another primary bucket & airlock...now I have 3 primaries going as well as the 2 lbk's. Bottled both lbk's yesterday and so now I have to wait (sucks) since A: I don't have any more room in my brew closet (wifey conceded me that) and short on cash for more brew eqmt but the product keeps showing up at my door with Amazon specials and Cabelas specials. It's called an addiction. I may need an AA sponsor soon. NOT Salud :barman:
  8. VTGroff wrote: What do you mean by "boil of grain bag?" Do *not* boil your grains. Steep your grains. heat 2 qt of water to about 160, put your grains in, and let it steep for 30 mins.Oops, I meant to say steeped at 155-160 for 30 minutes, I forgot that part off the top of my head. Thanks for reminding me. That said, what's the purpose of the # of 6-row? That's really a base malt and needs to be mashed, are you wanting to do a partial mash here? That's a little bit longer than a steep, but same general principle. That said, I don't know what that would really be bringing to the table, none of your other specialty grains require conversion. I am doing a partial mash here and I used these particular grains as per owner of Brewers Connection who was familiar with Kiltlifter (4 Peaks Brewery is right around the corner from his shop) I would lose the base malt and just steep the specialty grains. I think that would be better for what you're looking for. I would also go for US-05 instead of S-04. Scottish ales generally have a much cleaner profile than English ales, they're usually not very estery. Originally used Danstar Windsor yeast for 1st batch; used SA -04 for this batch but will take your advice here as I experiment & tweak my recipes That said, I've never actually had the beer in question that you're trying to clone, so I have no idea what exactly you're trying to re-create I appreciate your comments. I am wet behind the ears and reallly getting into this hobby / addiction. Thanks for the info. Salud
  9. I have 2 LBK's with old spigots. I have a 5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot and a bottling wand that came with my 5 gallon kit. Can anyone suggest an adapter tube size to go from my 5 gallon bottling wand that will also connect to the MB LBK old spigot? I have been playing around with them for a few days and haven't found the right size adaptor. Suggestions please. TIA
  10. This is my 3rd batch of a Kiltlifter clone with few changes from the 1st 2 batches: T8r's Skirtlifter Ale: 3# = Briess light DME 3# = Briess Amber DME 1# = 6-row malt .5# = Belgian Carapils .5# = Belgian Caramunich .25# = smoked peated malt 2 oz = Fuggle hops 1 packet = Safale S-04 30 minute boil of grain bag 60 minute boil of DME & hops Recipe Gravity 1.059 OG Estimated FG 1.017 FG Recipe Bitterness 13.9 IBU Recipe Color 11.8° SRM Alcohol by Volume 6.5% My 1st batch of this similar clone was in LBK..2nd one is in LBK ready for bottling tomorrow. This one I did yesterday in 5 gallon bucket and the SA-04 is taking off like gangbusters all day today. It'll stay there for 3 weeks then bottle condition for 3-4 weeks more. Any expert info or critique from just this, be my guest. I am always trying to improve cuz I can't get any worse since I just started Jan. 5th, 2012. TIA
  11. Packerduf: Would this be a close clone to Kiltlifter from Four Peaks Brewery? I have done 3 batches of this clone (IMHO) with 3 slight variations to each. The first batch in LBK was almost spot on from Brewers Connection in Tempe, AZ. I have made 2 now still in 5 gallon primaries getting ready to bottle condition the first of the two. I have tweaked a little for my own beer recipe. I know the are close to being a Scottish Ale spin-off. Whadya think? I can post the recipes to give you something to go on for your opinion of it. TIA :chug:
  12. USMCMatt wrote: I meant to say that I would sanitize as well on a brew day but more of a rinse then going full crazy on it. I constantly get the feeling I'm a little too concerned with cleaning and sanitizing. I understand you can NEVER be too concerned...unless of course, you are OCD, then there is no hope for you. I know OCD too well through a close relative of mine. Happy Brewing and remember Clean & sanitized means Damn Good Beer. Salud
  13. To understand fully, I place the fermenter into the fridge for 24-48 hours? Then bottle like I normally would, correct? Any other advice you might offer, feel free to post it. TIA
  14. Newbie here: What is and why does one Cold Crash? Should one do it for all batches prior to bottling? I am getting ready to bottle 2 batches here this week and want the clearest cleanest beer if at all possible. TIA
  15. I came across a Mr Beer blog on the web for replacing the plastic spigot with the following 1/4 turn angle valve (plumbing supply house carries this)...here are the specifics for changing it out and being able to use the bottling wand: 1/4 turn angle valve - 5/8" OD x 3/8" OD metal washer - 13/16" ID 3' to 4' length of 3/8" OD with 1/4" ID vinyl tubing 1/2" length of 7/16" OD with 5/16" ID vinyl tubing cut into 1/4" lengths Using the original rubber washer from the MB fermenter spigot this way you can attach the vinyl tubing to the new valve and have it transfer the primary into a secondary for clearer bottling...at worst case, just use the valve to pour into bottles with greater ease. TIA & good luck
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