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  1. You are in the ballpark of being okay with that amount. I come from the firm belief that you can always let some carbonation out once carbonated but you can't easily add more carbonation if the brew is flat. I usually use 1 tsp to 1 1/4 tsp for my .5 Litre bottles and have never had a problem either way. You will be good to go until drinking time to verify your carbing...take good notes for each batch and note that you used XXX amt for YYY batch of brew and it was too much or too little or spot on...then move forward from there. Good luck and Hoppy Brewing my friend!!!
  2. "Joechianti" post=380732 said:I never knew it was possible to get too much head. Totally agree!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  3. Kahbrohn: WELCOME to "THE ADDICTION" and the borg. You have chosen a life of nectar-loving folks here and in what you brew. Start off right by freezing some 32 oz or 64 oz water bottles and get a 48 quart cooler at the least to place the LBK in with those frozen water bottles and the temps should stay in the 62-68* range as it does here in Arid-zona. also, remember these 3 important words: Patience, Sanitization & SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) [attachment=13898]welcome_2013-06-18.jpg[/attachment]
  4. Congrats BrewBS...always a good thing to cold-crash even if for a far shorter period. I love bottling cold for the same reasons you posted, the firmness of the trub, the crystal clear beer, etc. After doing this you will find that you can pour almost to the last drop of brew in your bottle (especially if you cold chill the bottles for longer periods of time as well). Your brews will be that much farther along as you will soon tell after carbonation. +100000000 to infinity and beyond to cold crashing. You will love the Oktoberfest I GUARANTEE IT (said like the Mens Wearhouse gent!!!)
  5. "eroush1" post=380639 said:Here is my question. I just brewed the Canadian Blonde. New to the forum. I have one of the discontinued models of the Mr. Beer. It has the airlock assembly on the top of it. Here is my question. I did not add sugar to the wort. The directions for the old one say to add sugar to the wort. I just put it in the keg yesterday. Do I need to add sugar to it, or will it be okay to add it the the bottles. 2 1/2 teaspoons worth when I bottle in a couple of weeks? Thanks for the help. Probably a rookie mistake on my part if it is ruined. Is this one of their NEW Coopers Mr beer refills? Did you just use the larger can of Can Blonde or what else did you mix in with this refill? LME pouch? Booster? Anything? You may be okay either way but give us more specifics please...thanks and good luck brewing. :cheers: And WELCOME to "THE ADDICTION" and the Borg
  6. T8r's 2 cents worth: When JoeC & I had our meetup in Austin last month, I had purchased an all-grain Fat Tyre clone that AHS wouldn't measure out and split the recipe into 2.5 gallon batches like I wanted so JoeC and I poured all the grains into a big mixing bowl, mixed it up really good and split it by weight down to pertinear an ounce into our own 2.5 gal batch. Now either one of us is gonna have a Fat tyre and the other one a Flat tyre brew when we collab on this come July to September or when I make it back to Austin. You can brew how much you want depending on your ferm size and recipes can be changed and measured out accordingly... Good luck
  7. Kcolb: Welcome to "THE ADDICTION" and the borg... We welcome any insight to this venture of yours as you can be our guinea pig by testing out a mason jar when you bottle your next batch. I suggest using only one mason jar and then bottle in your regular bottles until you are sure it is safe to do so. Mason jars aren't cheap after all, and I think you have to change out the seal more often than you would with caps on PET bottles. Keep us posted and remember these 3 vewy important things: Sanitization, Patience & SWMBO... Salud our new friend. T8r
  8. Sorry to disagree with y'all but his brew is toast...with no krausen and no bubbles but what he has on his one hand, This gent needs to seal the deal here and while he is at it, seal up the fermenter really really good, box it up and ship it to me POST HASTE (NOW)...this fermenter has been ruined and so has the batch within it. I will professionally and properly dispose of said fermenter once I receive it. SHIP IT TO ME NOW!!!!! SAVE 2nd Base brewery my address inserted here Mesa, ARID-ZONA 85*** - 6*2* :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :woohoo:
  9. "BlackDuck" post=378600 said: "T8r Salad" post=378583 said:Come on now...give the guy a break. Try em for us (like taking one for the team) and report back to the borg. Positive or negative experience. I wouldn't use a paperclip, just tie it closed with a piece of string or something along those lines. Good luck and let us know. :cheers: T8r...You've got a good point here. They might just work. I've never tried them so I guess I shouldn't have made the judgement without the first hand knowledge. Who knows, Brewbs might have well found a great alternative. My apologies!!No apologies needed...I jump to conclusions all the time, just not too high since i am a white boy. Brewbs just might have found us a very cheap alternative to muslin hop sacks. I hope it turns out to work since my ulterior motive. I am harvesting yeast from my lbks and going commando sure muddies up the trub and this inexpensive idea will clean that trub up a little...
  10. That should def be enuf...don't over-hop it until you try it then decide if yiou liked it as is or it needs more..the GBCP is a somewhat bitter hopped brew in my opine but that is my opine!!!
  11. Come on now...give the guy a break. Try em for us (like taking one for the team) and report back to the borg. Positive or negative experience. I wouldn't use a paperclip, just tie it closed with a piece of string or something along those lines. Good luck and let us know. :cheers:
  12. Booster will be fine as it will dissolve with some gentle whisking. I really enjoy the Old MB HCCD with either the booster or even a lb of extra pale dme or lme. Sorry I cannot comment on the other 2 types of HME as I have no experience with them.
  13. "BigFloyd" post=378038 said:And don't skip the d-rest (unless you want your beer to taste like movie popcorn butter). Agree with BigFloyd. I have used this yeast for 3 of my lagers, once from the sachet and the other 2 from yeast harvested from the first batch. I really like this yeast and you really shouldn't have a problem in keeping the temp in the low to mid 50's using a cooler and ice bottles, I changed my 64 oz bottles out every 10-12 hours and did a D-rest after 14 days (let temp ride up to 65ish* for 3 days)...You shouldn't have too much of a problem with making a nice clean brew using that yeast. good luck and brew on forever more!!! :cheers:
  14. You will really enjoy this batch especially since you kicked it up with 2 paks or cans of lme...I let all mine go 3 weeks but to each their own. You shant be disappointed either way. Happy bottling and on to the next batch and the next round of waiting!!! Patience is a virtue with homebrewing... Salud my friend :cheers:
  15. "russki" post=376573 said:Sure. 1 pound Light DME 1 Can Irish Stout HME 2.5 oz fat-free cocoa powder 1 can Oregon Sweet Cherries Dissolve DME in 6 cups of cold water (a whisk will help) Bring this to a boil, add cocoa powder, boil for 5 min After you turn the heat off, add the HME, mix, add to 4 qt of cold water in the LBK, top off to 8.5 qt. Pitch yeast and aerate as usual After the initial fermentation slows down (in about a week or two), add a can of Oregon Cherries, pureed in a sanitized blender. And Russki comes through again...another Very Valuable Borg member!!!
  16. very nice little DIY build...it'll work and work it will, then you can drink your fresh little swill. Good job. :cheers: :banana: :chug:
  17. To sum it up nicely in one word: ALLOFMINE :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: WHY * cuz: you asked and I answered!!!
  18. OR waitforit: use a 48 quart Igloo cooler...fricking works awesomeness for my swampers and I have 4 of them!!! [attachment=13587]IglooCooler34L.jpg[/attachment]
  19. "Brew Ha" post=375506 said:Just opened bottle of my first batch of American light and I was really pleasantly surprised. Came out golden with a good head on it and the taste was far better than any store beer. I'm hooked. Just ordered a Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner Deluxe kit that several on here gave a good rating. Happy brewing!!! :chug: And you will love the GBCP even better...one of my favorites and I am talking FAVORITES. Welcome to "THE ADDICTION" 3 words to live by: Sanitization * Patience * SWMBO [attachment=13560]welcome_2013-05-28.jpg[/attachment]
  20. Might I suggest doing some Research & Development, drinking brew that is...see if your local beer stores that sell craft beers, sell them by the bottle, that way you can purchase a six-pak of six different brews. Then drink em and you will be able to tell your style of craft beer. Then come back and tell us which ones you like and don't like and some of the advanced drinkers and brewers might be able to tell you what Mr Beer has to offer you of those you enjoyed...hope this helps just a little bit as we are always in the R&D stage at Save 2nd Base Brewery :cheers:
  21. Brewed ADIPA with booster n some DME..had some devilish excrement in it. One of my best brews to date. JS have a homebrew for me too. Rdwhanotherhb
  22. "ao" post=374624 said:Just wondering....I have heard and I believe I have read it on the Borg here that star scan can be reused? Is this true or am I thinking of something else? If so, how is it reused and how many times can it be reused? I use Star Scan every night with my grandkids. It works wonders and it can be reused as often as you like. They even update the app on my smartphone quite often as there are new stars being found and named monthly if not more frequently. Use it to your hearts content and have fun with whoever you want using Star Scan!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :evil:
  23. "Brewbirds" post=373958 said:I'll throw in two points for what it is worth. Re: Twang in extract; anyone remember the article about a university study that found "a lot" (paraphrase big time here) of big name extracts that claimed to be pure malt extract had corn syrup in them when tested in a lab? Also, from reading this forum maybe one man's twang is another man's cidery, who knows. Another is that I see and have acquired plenty of brewing stuff from AG home brewers off of Craigslist where they said they were making "nasty" beer and were quitting. Point is it is not necessarily THE method but the practices of the brewer that determine the quality and the outcome. BrewBirds: you are wise even in your infancy of HomeBrewing....and if you have a problem with MY brew practices...you have a problem with my brew practices, what can i say???
  24. First Myth: I am a better brewer than JoeChianti Second Myth: I am older than JoeChianti Third Myth: JoeChianti is better looking than me Need I debunk more myths!!! Bring on the Civil War...just how is a War Civil???
  25. Not used to using the DME ... questions, :borg: , many questions. How must it be kept & what is the storage limit? dry and cool & How much did you buy? Since my closet could get into the eighties this summer... Can I keep it in the refrigerator or freezer at regular cooling temps? YES or no Can I transfer from plastic bag into a glass/plastic jar? YES/YES Should I use one of those dessicant cylinders (like in RX bottles)? I WOULDN'T!!! Would you really? {ALSO same questions for adjunct sugar solids powder} No need to but keep in DRY cool locale...like Toronto maybe THANKS :evil: :banana: :banana: :banana: :evil: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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