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  1. Patience, Sanitization, & SWMBO...You make SWMBO happy then you will be a happy successful HomeBrewer. Did I mention SANITIZATION? PATIENCE? SWMBO? Happy Hoppy Brewing & Salud . T8r out
  2. You are in a prime area for optimum brewing temps...wow, what I would give for a basement again...grew up in burb west of Denver and LOVED our basement. Now, in Arid-zona, can't even get house temps below 66* even in winter time and NO basements within miles. Only the rich have basements built here.
  3. Happy Birthday Steve and salud to another year of life and of brewing.
  4. Thanks Dave...that seems to be the area that catches the most crud that never gets washed away, right around the neck area of the cap where the threads are on the inside. I ALWAYS high power hose the inside of my lbk's in the back yard giving the grass some vitamins and nutrients, rinse it 2-3 times then fill it full and place it capped upside down on my patio for a couple 2-3 days. Then I re-rinse and clean and dry thoroughly. I am so anal about cleaning and sanitizing my lbk's and utensils, it is overkill but I have yet to have a bad batch due to infection or other unsanitary reason...knock on wood. :pound:
  5. "dbrowning" post=371361 said:I had a lot of trub during fermentation, as expected After re racking I have at least 3/4" trub after 1 day Drest Wasnt really expecting that DB: I was under the undertanding that you were supposed to D-rest in the primary and once that 2-3 day (@ 62* - 65*) timeframe was up then you transferred to 2ndary. Now when i did that I haven't had too much trub in it but then I have only done 2 batches of Lager brews.
  6. "Joechianti" post=371341 said:Michele, I did see the hops dust, and I have bought some when they had it on sale for 69 cents/oz, but lately I've been getting identified hop pellets from Willamette in specific varieties for just under $1/oz average, so I'm happier with that deal at the moment. Jim, I like your idea of using that stuff as a partial mash, as well, to average down the cost of an HME batch. I also considered that as a possibility for taking advantage of this stuff. Ironically, we just had a combination birthday/mother's day party today, and one of my gifts was a gift certificate to the LHBS. I honestly don't "need" anything right now, but if I was gonna just get crazy with a gift, I think some of that mystery grain might be on the list. Dag, I think that's a good name for it. Might turn out to be some good s**t. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD CHEAPO BASTADGE PHART...see you next week (too soon for you I'ma sure) I don't know if I could go for something I didn't know any ingredients in BUT most of my homebrews I don't know how they will taste!!! Big question I worry about is if I really liked the frankenbier this would be, how do i make it again?????????????? LOL
  7. "dbrowning" post=370695 said: "Joechianti" post=370691 said:Welcome to the forum. Congratulations are certainly in order. And it's about time! Enjoy your brewing. dbrowning, why not legal for all in Alabama? How so? Still not legal in dry counties ... EVEN a wet municipality within a dry county 26 out of 67 counties are dry 25 of them have at least 1 municipality with legal alcohol sales The law states that dry counties are excludedWe have 15 counties in Arid-zona and most of them are dry...we usually only average less than 10 inches of rain each and every year. I thought Alabama was a humid muggy rainy state, guess I was wrong. On the topic at hand though, congratulations to those Alabamans that are legal to homebrew. Kudos to the hindsight of those that voted this into law!!!
  8. "Joechianti" post=370554 said:If you can save enough money buying the ingredients "a la carte", now that you know the list, I'm sure you could wing it on the amounts, making a small test batch, and then make any necessary adjustments on later batches, until you get it where you like it. I wouldn't hesitate to do that at all, but I love to be adventurous in the kitchen. That's what my SWMBO tells me as welll!!!!! :woohoo: :evil:
  9. Sorry for your loss and Coal will be watching over your brewing...making sure you aerate the wort and ferment at the right temps. The Borg is there with you.
  10. I have brewed their Fat Tyre clone partial mash recipe and it turned out to be one of my best homebrews. Like in life, you gotta try everything once, especially a homebrew that isn't too expensive to brew. My opin and i'm sticking to it
  11. [attachment=13289]paranoid.jpg[/attachment] Welcome to THE ADDICTION
  12. Congrats Dbrowning...that's what it's all about. Soon you will have him brewing and we can never have enuf homebrewers in this day and age. I had a buddy down from Idaho 2 weeks ago who really enjoys Coors Light...I turned him on to Blue Moon prior to the visit and I told him I have a generous pipeline going including a BM clone. Out of the 10-12 homebrew we sampled and drank profusely, he only despised one and it's one I won't brew again myself, not that it was bad just no what I really enjoyed. Sharing with friends and family is special in my book and that is how we grow and how we enjoy our ADDICTION or hobby, depending on your doctor. Kudos to you though nonetheless
  13. didn't someone on here a few months back say they also used bread yeast like fleishmann's or something like that???
  14. "alb" post=369777 said: "FedoraDave" post=369500 said: I do need to supplement the immersion chiller with an ice bath. I use the chiller alone to get the wort down to 120 degrees, and then I put it in the ice bath, still running the wort chiller. Total time to 65 degrees is about 15 or 20 minutes. Were do you live, Dave? Hell?No Alb, I live in Hell...we don't even have to use our hot water heater 8-9 months a year...the other 3-4 months is like luke-cool if that. LOL
  15. "FedoraDave" post=369743 said:Hmmmm.... I think the ADIPA will be softened by the other HMEs. I don't know if the hops combinations will be compatible, but I'm hardly an expert when it comes to Frankenbiering MB ingredients. I don't foresee you winding up with oven cleaner or industrial-strength jet fuel, though. Maybe not the best beers you've ever made, but I think they'll be beer. And that's better than not having beer, right? The Hat: exactly why I asked since I know the ADIPA has one of the highest in IBU's. The CABA & CGL are fairly tame refills and I am hoping the mix of both with the ADIPA will turn into a very decent if no very good bier. It's not like I am going all madd scientist but have so many cans of the old MB refills tha I am trying a tweak here and a tweak there. One other note from The Hat's reportoire of recipes was one you did 2-3 years ago with the First Pitch Pilsner...it has become one of the best homebrews that Mr Beer has generated and that is NO LIE...just a fkavorful excellent mouthfeel brew that it is one I will do again until I run out of those ingredients. Thanks for that one Dave.
  16. Heading to Texas tomorrow and wanting to brew two LBK-size batches in my spare time there over a 3-4 week period. I want a little higher ABV bier and won't have a chance to visit an LHBS whilst there. So i am taking with me the following Old MB refills for my recipe thoughts: 1 can ADIPA with a can of Cowboy Golden Lager ale with bag o' booster and 2 paks of 2-gram yeast & 1 can of ADIPA with a can of CABA with bag o' booster and 2 paks of 2-gram yeast... Whaddya think? Something weird and eclectic = LOL...just want to wing it for what it's worth Salud and TIA
  17. Now go brush your TOOTH...It will be worth the effort , time & expense. Our doppelbock collab is in 2ndary cold crashing and started at a 1.080 with FG in 2ndary @ 1.014, 8% ABV approx. Looking forward to drinking ours and brewing with you in a coupla weeks!!! Salud JoeC... :cheers:
  18. got the spanish rice on the stove and the red chile cheese & onion enchiladas in da oven as swiggin' a Moravian Ale prepping for the feast of Cinco de Mayo-naise. Salud mi hombres!!! :cheers:
  19. Since you have sooooo much time on your hands, I'm bringing my brew closet to BrewBirds....now what will I do with all my idle or is that idol time?????? great job and lovin' it
  20. This deserves an "AMEN" ...can i hear it??? [attachment=13204]AMEN_2013-05-05.jpg[/attachment] Thanks & a big KUDOS to Brewbirds for doing the research and to Screwy for add'l info...teamwork is GOOD
  21. after you have setup the poll, YOU have to vote yourself prior to seeing any votes for the poll...it took me an hour to figure than out myself. [attachment=13183]pollvoted.PNG[/attachment]
  22. Though you don't know exact temp when first pitched, do like Joe & Fedora Dave have spoken before, aerate (stir excitedly and almost excessively). then pitch another pak of yeast. THEN and most IMPORTANTLY: RDWHAHB and wait 3 weeks before bottling...
  23. Agree what Brewbirds asked: what temp was wort just prior to pitching yeast? the closer to 70* you get the better for an ale, a lager is another day another answer! If you pitched yeast in to hot of wort, that would kill the yeast. Do you have a brewing thermometer to measure the temp of the wort (if not, purchase one along with a hydrometer)? If you trust the temp strip and it shows green, then pitch another 5 gram pak of yeast into the lbk. Now remember all is not lost on the dead yeast, that now becomes your yeast nutrients and should make for an even better brew cuz you assisted the new yeast in doing its duties!!! :cheers:
  24. I've used summit in a couple of IPA's and really can't remember what they smelled like out of the pouch... I would say you should be okay to use them especially as a bittering hop and you will be able to tell soon after you put them in the 60+ minute boil. Go for it!!!
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