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  1. I only asked because some of the older recipes call for 2 cans for 2 gallons of water, so at that rate 1 can with 1 gallon of water would or should work,, so I asked because I know this can of Classic American Light is lager than those older cans,,,, that's all Jim
  2. I have had a can of Classic American Light given to me, I was thinking I would just add the whole can to 1 gallon of water,, <what are every ones comments on that ? thanks !! Jim sorry for the edit
  3. guys, is there a shelf life for the No Rinse Cleanser ?? LOL thanks again Jim
  4. I found some 3y.o. yeast in the back of my beer frig,, is it too old to use for extra food for my fresh yeast ?? thanks big time Jim
  5. 3 years after my dad died I found a bottle of home made wine in my mom's basement, my mom said my dad made it some 30 years earlier.. well when I opened it, it smelled just like a good strong whiskey, and when I tasted it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was great, it tasted like Maple Syrup, and it's mouth feel was thick and smooth like Maple Syrup.. my mother said she thought it was a Tomato wine, I don't know but it smelled very strong and tasted like Maple Syrup, I didn't drink much of it cause I didn't know if it would put me in the hospital or not Jim
  6. yes, I just looked, they are dated for this month "FEB" Jim
  7. yes, they were some of the last WCPA sold when Coopers bought MB Jim
  8. the Shelf Life Dates on my cans are 2015 Jim
  9. I will take that as a "yes it is good" I will use a 1/2 cup of Booster to cut the bitterness a bit 2 cans of Mr, Beer's WCPA, Centennial Pellets, a 1/2 cup of Booster, S23 at 56 degrees to make the smoothest, best Pale Ale I have ever tasted Jim
  10. Hi guys, it's been a while, had a lot going on, but now I'm ready to do some more brewing, so what's the Shelf Life of Mr,Beer's Booster ?,, I have a couple bags that are about 2-1/2 years old, they are not caked-up or hardened, are they still good ??? thanks for the help ! Jim
  11. I'm sorry too, and I do know how you feel, Dewey is still missing and I only have myself to blame I hope you feel better soon !!!! Jim
  12. http://www.mashspargeboil.com/why-you-should-bother-and-how-to-rehydrate-dry-yeast/ quote from the link>(For the initial few minutes (perhaps seconds) of rehydration, the yeast cell wall cannot differentiate what passes through the wall. Toxic materials like sprays, hops, SO2 and sugars in high levels, that the yeast normally can selectively keep from passing through its cell wall rush right in and seriously damage the cells. The moment that the cell wall is properly reconstituted, the yeast can then regulate what goes in and out of the cell. That is why we hesitate to recommend rehydration in wort or must. Very dilute wort seems to be OK)
  13. I have seen a few beer bottles with air bubbles in them ,,,,,,,,, pop
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