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  1. Alright, I'll just keep it in the fridge till I have some free time. Thanks guys
  2. I know that beer can not be stored for an extended period of time in a slim line but what exactly defines a long time? I'm asking because I need to bottle a brew I have that's been sitting in my fridge now for a week (total of 4 weeks in the LBK) and I need to bottle it. Problem is my schedule is very hectic right now and I haven't had the time to sanitize, transfer, and bottle in the evening. So what I need to know is, can I go ahead and sanitize this evening, prime, & transfer from the LBK to the slimline and bottle tomorrow evening? If so, do I need to store it back in the fridge till tomorrow evening or leave it out at room temp? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Will it hurt anything if I leave the hopsack with the dried bitter orange peel and coriander in the fermentor? Or should I go ahead and take it out? I boiled for maybe 5-10 minutes with the LME before removing from flame and adding the HME. (If memory serves me correctly)
  4. I did the Bavarian Weissbier w/ the Golden LME soft pack. My OG was 1.048. Filled the LBK slightly over the 8.5 mark (unintentional). I've never came anywhere close to what Mr. Beer projects.
  5. NEECCCRRROOOO BUMP!!! Was searching the borg for an answer and found this old thread. Didn't want to start a new thread if there was already a similar topic. Anyways, in regards to adding orange zest to boil, I added some dried bitter orange peel with half a table spoon or so of coriander in a hop sack and boiled for a few minutes. My question is, do I leave the hop sack in during fermentation or take it out after adding the HME and LME? As of right now I decided to leave it in the LBK but can sanitize a spoon and fish it out if need be. I brewed the new Bavarian Weissbier with the Golden LME soft pack. Added the orange peel and coriander and pitched some WB-06. **EDIT: Can I dry hop with the orange peel? I think I used about a 1/2 oz or so during the boil. Should I have used more? I want the orange flavor to shine in this. Thanks!!
  6. I had a similar experience with re-priming. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/11-basic-brewing-techniques/264048-re-carbing#264091
  7. Fifth'ted. I don't mess either facebook either. Ohwells!
  8. All your gravity readings seem appropiate for the HMEs used. Wait 2 weeks after fermentation and check the gravity, wait 3-4 days and take another, if it hasn't changed any it's good to bottle. Or like KC said, go 3 weeks if your unsure or don't want to bother with a hydrometer. This might help with Qbrew,Using Qbrew
  9. Think he means the day of, not as in right before you bottle though. As stated above, do it a day or two before if you dont plan on batch priming. The flavoring should have plenty of time to disperse throughout the beer. If you can batch prime via slimline or a second LBK, I'd put 2 oz or so as its racking into the bottling bucket.
  10. It means to store it at room temperature. For whatever reason, Mr. Beer likes to call it "lagering".. but it is not. After you're done bottling, store away your bottles and forget about them! In the mean time, brew up some other beers to keep your mind off them. Before you know it, several months will have passed!! At least thats what happens to me.
  11. While I agree that you're correct about not needing to boil the DME if you are not doing any hop boils, there is still a 'hot break' when DME reaches boil. Every time I have ever used DME to just do short flavor boils, there is a 5-10 minute period where the DME tries to boil over. And it will do so if left unattended.
  12. Have you ever tried using Oxyclean? I usually pour a scoop or less under running bath water, fill my bath tub up enough to submerge the bottles, and let it sit over night. By morning the labels have mostly fallen off and those that haven't usually require minimal peeling.
  13. "jiman" post=292116 said:I want to brew a batch of Full Moon Marzen soon but I'm a little confused with the "instructions" on the MB website. Its says you need 2 cups honey but at what point do I introduce the honey? Do I mix it in with the HMU/UME on the stove? Also, I have read that some people used orange zest and some orange peels. Does it matter? https://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/778/nm/Full_Moon_Marzen_Archived Step 1: Sanitizing Follow the steps outlined in your MR.BEER® BEER KIT INSTRUCTIONS. (You can find a copy of these instructions to download by clicking on the "Kits" tab of the website.) NOTE: BE SURE TO SANITIZE YOUR HOP SACK ALONG WITH ALL YOUR OTHER EQUIPMENT. Step 2: Brewing 2.1. Fill keg with cold water to the 4-quart mark on the back. 2.2. Remove yeast packet from under lid of HME, then place unopened cans of HME and UME in hot water to make the liquid easier to pour. 2.3. Place 2/3 packet (1/3 oz.) of pellet hops into the hop sack and tie it closed, then trim away excess material. (Save the balance of the hops in the freezer for another batch of beer.) 2.4. Using the sanitized measuring cup, place 4 cups of water into a clean 3-quart pot and bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Add 2 cups of honey and grated orange rind, stir to mix well. 2.6. Stir HME, UME and hops (in hop sack) into mixture. This mixture is called the wort. NOTE: HOPS MAY APPEAR AS GREEN LEAF PARTICLES AND WILL NOT DISSOLVE. KEEP HOPS IN FERMENTER THE ENTIRE FERMENTATION PERIOD. 2.7. Pour wort into keg. Bring the volume of the keg to the 8.5-quart mark by adding more cold water. Stir vigorously to mix well. 2.8. Sprinkle yeast into keg and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Stir vigorously again, then screw on lid. 2.9. Ferment by placing the keg out of direct sunlight and in a location with a consistent temperature. Allow beer to FERMENT A MINIMUM OF THREE WEEKS at room temperature (between 68°-76°F). Taken straight from the Mr.Beer site. Bring your water to boil, add your honey and grated orange, stir it in, then add your HME & UME. Everytime I've used honey I boiled it for a couple minutes, but to be honest, I can't stand honey in my brews. Took a few tries of using to understand how it works, no flavor is imparted as it completely ferments out. Kinda thins the beer some and gives it a 'dry' taste as well. If it were my beer, I'd stick with just zesting some oranges and using that, unless your goal is to up the ABV.
  14. I brewed up the BTP saturday night. I scored a few cans from the blowout sell so I wanted to try it pretty much straight up first. I used the two cans, added 4oz of Maltodextrin and steeped 4oz of Carapils.. pitched 3 fromunda packets, 8 hours later I had a nice 1" krausen @ 68*. Wort sample tasted great! I plan on bottling it with some coffee flavoring liquer.
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