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  1. "McBeerson" post=253131 said:As long as the discussion is on bottles... Before I made my first batch I was on a Grolsch kick. The swing tops were an attractive option to me for bottling my own stuff, so I saved enough to bottle batches with. Now, I know the rule about green bottles making skunky beer but heres what I do after bottling. The bottles are stored in a room lit only by whatever light makes it through the blinds and underneath a thick blanket (same with fermenting). As my first batch was poorly done and impatiently drank I didn't judge the bottles as a factor in the less-than-ideal result of that first try. So my question is: does anyone have any thoughts on using these bottles in this way? Thanks for any insight anyone can provide. K I condition my beer in a big cooler - no light gets thru (even to my ultra-cheap MGD clear bottles.) When ready to drink, they go into either the closet (again no light) or the fridge (again no light). No skunky, no monkey... )
  2. "mashani" post=231957 said:It will be very tasty. It is very tasty!
  3. "Photon Brewing" post=252807 said:Brewed the voodoo magic yesterday evening and used s-33. layed down for a nap before midnight shift and when i awoke fermentation was well under way. from pitching yeast to awaking for shower was 1.5 hours. Indeed fast. If you have same success, it will be done in a couple days. My last batch (IPA) is incredibly good in a very short period of time.
  4. "Ossian666" post=252912 said:He's probably another Ohioan just like you and I. yup - bleed scarlet & grey (and homemade beer )
  5. "BlackDuck" post=252908 said: "Mmm_beer" post=252852 said:my local favorite (columbus pale ale) has the non-twist off bottle. Just curious...if Columbus Pale Ale is local, what area are you in? Plain-tucky (plain city)
  6. "TMed" post=252800 said:We all would probably recommend that you go a buy a case of good bottles and as the nong always says they even come with free beer in them! Buy? I've got cases of good bottles (I told my wife the bottles were free, the beer was just expensive! ) I've got cases of "good" bottles - my local favorite (columbus pale ale) has the non-twist off bottle. Also a visit to your local japanese restaurant and a nice tip to your waitress can net you a plethora of nice 20oz bottles... Those clear miller bottles allow me to see what is going on inside too... Just surprised they work so well w/ no problems... just sayin
  7. "bpgreen" post=252825 said:The packet of S-33 has 11 or 11.5 g in it. Mr beer yeast has 2 g. If you use 6 packets of fromunda, your results should be similar to 1 packet of S-33. I'm using 1/2 pack in 3+ gallon batch.
  8. after a butt load of weeks, that yeast smell finally finished off. I'm starting to use 1/2 of 11 gram fermentis yeast packs per batch - much quicker with tastier results...
  9. I know everyone says not to use them, but I tried a couple on a batch, then several more on another batch, and by now have bottled at least a case of screw top bottles (miller MGD) and have not had problems. I know you have to be careful with clear bottles and skunky beer, but I haven't had any sealing issues. I thought I'd pass this along. fyi: I'm using the red wing capper with the silver o2 absorbing caps.
  10. Anyone else try S-33 yeast? That stuff is crazy fast. Fermented like crazy for two days - done. All malt batch. Bottled on 4th day, drank one on day 7. Tasted great. No green apple taste. I did add 2oz of cascade at start of boil so it is pretty hoppy - but it taste great. My best beer yet. Mr. Beer should package their starter kits like this - A little bit more money, but you really have drinkable beer in a week. The kits with the corn sugar take so long to loose the green apple taste...
  11. Brewed the mr beer octoberfest. Fermenting started Jan 28, Bottled on Feb 11. The beer has a heavy yeast odor. I am carefully pouring - last night just poured a small glass (third of the bottle) and same heavy yeast odor. Tastes ok, just smells nasty. Didn't have this problem with WCPA or HCCD, those turned out great. Any body else have this problem? Will it condition out? It's been in the bottle over a month at 65 to 70 degrees.
  12. Yeah, I tasted again yesterday, tasted even more like vinegar. Something was definitely wrong. I opened it up to dump it and there was some weird funk growing on top. Sanitized, so not sure what I did wrong. Down the drain it went...
  13. ok, I messed up a couple weeks ago when after 6 weeks I tasted my first batch of beer (WCPA) and wicked green apple taste. Ahhhhh yeah, need to condition at room temperature. Pulled them from fridge, and now 2 more weeks later at room temperature, not bad. Still slight green apple finish, but I understand that too will go away. I've got my 2nd batch (canadian draft) at same age (minus two weeks in fridge) and will crack one of those tomorrow after work. Two weeks out from the octoberfest being min drinkable batch (6 wks). My third batch is whispering wheat, and 1 day from two weeks and it is cloudy and smells vinegary. I'm thinking I've got an infected batch maybe? I added half pound of muntons DME and some cascade hops to it, but yeah, the first two batches smelled like just plain beer. I'm pretty sure something is wrong here. Thoughts?
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