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  1. Yup - I have a batch of WCPA in the LBK right now.....
  2. It was my first beer. There is no way I could have waited 12 weeks. :gulp:
  3. I agree with Tabasco. I brewed my first one exactly per the instructions and was amazed at how good it was. Maybe that is just because I don't have a sophisticated palate, but it was a nice way to prove I could do it and it turned out very well. Do pay attention to the fermentation timetable and the conditioning. That was the one thing I did differently - I fermented for 2 weeks before bottling and yes, I tasted after one week in the bottle because I couldn't wait any longer. It was quite good. Fortunately I was smart enough to wait another week or so before quickly drinking the rest and those bottles were even better.
  4. Update on the Golden Lager - Cracked open the first one today (Bottled 18 days ago). It is excellent. Good body, good color, clear. Very enjoyable. Recap - I used new Mr. Beer standard yeast instead of the included packet and added one pouch of booster. Ferment 2 weeks, almost 3 weeks conditioning in the bottle. Very good.
  5. I would be up for meeting there. Sounds like a great place.
  6. No Red Ale would be a major disappointment for me. I hope they come out with one since it is my favorite base ingredient.
  7. Yes - I essentially did that with my first batch. Luke warm water, dump in the mix, pitch the yeast.
  8. Thank you. I am having a tremendous time with this. Clearly still getting my feet wet. I will work on being patient. I was also disappointed that they didn't have an Irish Red style which is my favorite. Oh well. Patience is a virtue....
  9. I was disappointed to see that the new refills are all in one. I am hoping at some point Mr. Beer adds UME add-on cans. As a newbie (10 batches and counting) I found it quite entertaining to try the deluxe refills with the different combination of UME cans associated with the HME cans. In my case, The Irish Red combined with different UME's turned out two of my favorites (Irish Red/Amber and Irish Red/Brown). I hope that concept comes back.
  10. Thank you for this. This is an excellent recap and you share my desire to try it correctly the first time and then experiment. How do you know what you did if you didn't know what the base recipe was? Anyway - I have brewed two batches of Canadian Lager and one of the Golden Lager. The Canadian Lager were both brewed as per the instructions. The first batch was really metallic upon first taste (2 weeks brewing, 2 weeks conditioning). I then decided to let it condition for a couple more weeks and tried it again. Better, but still not great. Since then I have let it condition for another month, some in the fridge and some warm. It is better, but I still can't drink it by itself (my test of whether a beer is OK or not - can I drink the entire bottle without eating something with it to dilute the taste). The second batch was considerably better. I added booster this time which seemed to mellow it out some. Not the best beer I have made, but drinkable. What is frustrating is that it wants to be a good beer. I like the idea of what the flavor and color is trying to be, but it is just off a bit. Both batches were done using the yeast included - I didn't get the message about the yeast being the culprit until later. Since then I have purchased fresh yeast that I will be using in the future. The Golden Lager is still in the bottle. I will have my first taste this week. I did use the new yeast for this one and added booster. In this case, I tried adding the mix to the hot water/booster mix which was clearly a mistake as it clumped up pretty badly. I filtered out the clumps and gave it a shot in the LBK. All in all I am looking forward to trying it. We'll see how it goes.
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