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  1. Thanks all. I figured the Yeast was a tosser and now I'll toss the HOPS pellets too. I asked 2 seperate questions because I had an answer for the date on the cans and here I was looking for instructions. Thanks again.
  2. Sweet...Thank you very much....brew time. 😃
  3. I got a n American Larger refill kit a year ago. It came with 2 cans of HME. One says American Larger and the other says Classic American light. It also included Hops pellets and a bag. No instructions....Do I use both cans? Attached is a picture with what was in the box and the packing list is: ******************************** Liberty Pellet Hops No-Rinse Cleanser Muslin Hop sack Classic American Light American Larger ******************************** In the past I've only received and used one can of HME so confused here. Thanks
  4. Thank you. I'll give it a go after getting fresh yeast. I have another question but will post a new thread. Thanks again
  5. Haven't brewed for a while and found a kit my wife got me for christmas a while ago. It's an American Lager kit. Bottom of the 2 malt cans reads "best before May 2017". It's been stored in a cupboard and my home is pretty much 70 degrees all year. Any chance for this or is it too out of date and just toss it. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies. Guess I'll try the sep dated one and toss the July. Being in Oregon I'll bet there are lots of brew supply places in Salem. Thanks again.
  7. I have two refil kits and I noticed that the expiration dates on the can bottoms read July 2014 and the other is Sept 2014. Both are in the fridge are they still good? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will sanitize the can opener at least.
  9. I'm going to brew the Blonde Ale ths weekend and I have the can of Hopped extract and unhopped extract. The instructions say to sanitize the tools using the powered sanitizer. My question is is it nessary to sanitize the can opener and measuering cup? I'm mearuring out 4 cups of water then boiling it. then pouring the extract into the boiled water. Isn't that enough to sanitize? I've always doused the cup and can opener with the sanitizer liquid but feel thst it is an extra step I don't need to do. Thanks as always. By the way the Irish Stout I brewed and let sit for 2 months is excelent. The longer it sits the better it gets.
  10. Thanks to everyone on the replies. I have the 2 can delux refil and after reading this and the Malt to Adjunct thread I've decide to brew as is and get my extra jolt of alcohol from a shot or two from my bottle of Gentleman Jack. Thanks again
  11. I'm going to mix up a kit of Classic American Blonde Ale w/Pale Export. this weekend. Can I get a little extra boost on the alcohol if I add a bit of sugar or honey?I don't have anything else at this time although I could run down to the local supply if needed. Thanks SteveT
  12. The corn sugar I use is more like a fine powder. Got it at my Local brew store.
  13. Well It's been Almost two months since the Heart Attack. Dr. Ok'd me to have a few and finished off the Cowboy Larger. Was excelent. Going to Florida Saturday and have a batch of Irish Stout I just bottled Sunday. I'll let that sit for 4 weeks. so doing well and thanks to all for the well wishes. By the way. Cardio rehab is a heck of a workout. SteveT
  14. I have a question about this beer too. I just bottled my batch Sunday. Added 1/2 teaspoon of corn sugar to each 16 oz bottle. It's been two days and the bottles don't seem to be getting hard. was 1/2 teaspoon sugar not enough? Thanks Steve
  15. Thanks all. I know my heart is more important than beer. Just I started this hobby two months ago and have only been able to taste a few bottles. i'm sure in time I'll be able to knock back a few. Seeing my Dr. on Monday and it's one of the questions I have for him.
  16. My Cowboy larger is in the ferment keg waiting it's second week before bottling. So what happens? I have a heart attack on Friday. :S I'm told it will be a while before I can have a beer if at all. I am bummed out but happy to be alive.
  17. Ok. opened and had for lunch with a chicken salad sandwich. Very pleased Nice flavor. I like Michelobe and this tasted very much like it. No weird after tastes nice carbonation. Even my wife liked it and was impressed. Put another bottle in the fridge fo later on. I try not to drink on weekdays but today is a holiday. LOL
  18. Hi all. New to brewing although I've posted already when I added 2 1/2 Table spoons of sugar instead of 2 1/2 tea spoons. Any way I'm in Colorado Springs and my wife got me a kit. Having fun with it and just ordered the spout and filling wand combo with the Cowboy Delux refil. Today I'm gonna try one of the bottles for my first brew from the kit. The one I messed up the sugar on. On the advice of other forum members, I loosened the bottle caps and waited 2 weeks. Then put in 2 TEA spoons of corn sugar. That was a week ago and I gotta taste one even though I know it should sit another week at least. The bottle is hard and has been in the fridge since yesterday. It's real easy to mix a 2 gallon keg so I'm looking forward to making this a long lasting hobby besides my pen making and guitar playing. Will let you know how the bottle taste later today. Also have the second kit that came with Mr. Beer in bottles. Those will sit another week then will cold large half to see what the difference is. Thanks SteveT
  19. Thanks for all the replys. The balloon trick seem good. Will try it. Thanks again Where do you get Latex balloons?
  20. Thanks for the replies and ideas to save my batch.
  21. Thanks for the replies and ideas to save my batch.
  22. I have an issue with reading Tablespoon vs Teaspoon in books. Look the same to me for some reason. Anyway I screwed up and add 2 1/2 TABLESPOONES of sugar to the 1-liter PET bottles instead of 2 1/2 TEASPOONS. Should I toss it? Put the botttles in a box in the bathtub incase they take off. Thanks
  23. Thanks. 3 week? yeah that will work. Will let the others age.
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