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  1. Olmsted falls here. I just drank my first creation last night and it tasted surprisingly well. I should have read these forums before doing anything because I jumped the gun on fermenting but being premature is still tasted good. I am wondering if there is any place that sells hops around Cleveland... I heard maybe westlake but I'm not 100% sure. have you guys heard anything? Cheers
  2. Awesome. I stuck two bottles in the fridge yesterday just so I could see the difference between conditioning and I think I may twist one open tomorrow and see what's its like. Then keep good notes to compare. Defiantly going to let the rest sit and marinate for a while. Thanks to everyone that replied!
  3. Hello I am a first time home brewer who cannot wait to taste my creation (wcpa). Aftere reading some of these threads I am worried I may have made a mistake during fermentation. I only let it ferment for 10 days. Is this going to be a problem or am I going to be ok because of the sale of beer? I now know to wait at least two weeks before bottling my brew but is it still going to taste ok? It sounds like if I just let it condition for a few weeks to two month I should be good right? I am on day seven of carbonation today so maybe consume in a month? I can't wait to learn more. This forum is awesome! Cheers! -Steve
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