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  1. Hmm, will look into the bucket thing. Sounds the go for me.
  2. Well, with a good 6 weeks conditioning , I had the last bottle of this last night and wow, what a beer! The head was perfect, great little bubbles all through the drink, flavours were balanced and the clarity was excellent. I've since put on a number of other brew, with my latest being the Coopers Euro Lager (temp controlled to 13deg, so will see how that turns out), but so far all have been fantastic, with ageing making them smoother. Such fun!
  3. Cool, thanks guys. It's just I really actually like the 2 gallon size. It means I can try more types of beers with less brewed. 5 gallons is a big lot, so the ease of using the LBK just wins it for me. I guess I'll just keep looking (though the 3Gall carboys seem like a good idea too). Thanks, Pommyman
  4. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but thought I'd give it a go here. I'd like to get a little production line happening and would love another LBK as I love the size of it. Problem is I can't find anywhere in Australia that has them as a stand alone, and the Mr Beer website won't ship here. Does anyone know where I can get one from? Any help would be great. Thanks, Pommyman
  5. The next brew is in the LBK and has been fermenting away for over a week. This one will be left longer, now that I can see the results of patience. I figured being my first brew, I'd do the minimums for fun to see what I can gain from the experience. To get the pleasant results I have (except for the hangover now!!), just spurs me on to wait a little longer with each step to get a better brew. Simple things like leaving the wort to boil longer once the malt and booster was added, pitching the yeast at a lower temp than that stated by Mr B's instructions, leaving it to ferment longer etc, now that I have tangilble evidence of the results, I'm that much keener to get a better beer. This is such a cool hobby, and these forums a goldmine! Cheers all.
  6. Hey all, Wel, I couldn't wait (impatient bugger that I am), and so bottled the brew. I had a taste tonight of one of them - and man it is damn good! More like a Belgian Ale with a really malty finish. The others will condition out really well. BTW, the head on the beer was spot on and carbonation was near perfect. I am so happy (and really pissed, but I blame that on my band and JOhnny Walker), that the taste I was after I have pretty much obtained. Now if I get patient, think of how the beer will be! Cheers, Pomnyman (who really should drink less during jams - but hey as the singer with an ego - who cares!!!!)
  7. Sounds tricky! One to save until I'm a little more skilled. Thanks for that. Cheers! Pommyman
  8. Thank you! As a lover of beer, and someone with plenty of other hobbies - I'm doomed! I seriously didn't think I could get a brew as decent as what this appears to be turning into. I will wait before bottling. As an aside, my fave brew is Leffe Blonde. I take it that this is carb before bottling, but is it possible to get a similar taste brewed at home? Pommyman
  9. G'day all, I have just brewed my first batch - the MB American Blond with some malt for extra kick, and it's been fermenting for the last week quite happily. For kicks, I decided to taste sample a bit, and found that (surprisingly), it tastes like nice (genuinely tasty), flat beer. It tastes just like I imagined it would, with a little extra kick. Now it doesn't taste sweet, and I'm wondering if it's ready to bottle. Should I leave it longer to ferment, or bottle it now? I don't have a hydro-thingy to test, so not sure what I should do. If this beer carbonates with the taste I had, I will be stoked that this is what I can get from a basic home brew. Mr Beer rocks! Cheers, Pommyman
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