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  1. What size holds a LBK nicely? Dorm? Those double dorm size? Or do you need a full size fridge?
  2. 2cans less the booster=more flavor. Not too much difference using bag or not, you can just fish them out easier. With no bag you just let them settle with the grub.
  3. sugar, then bottle/cap, then a few rocks back and forth to mix it up.
  4. SenorPepe wrote: azmark wrote: note to self.....host compitition,,,,,collect free beer,,,,give no prizes,,,,I love it!!! This guy's one step ahead of you: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f20/east-coast-west-coast-brew-off-wtf-282964/ This thread is the revenge of the homebrewers! A truely classic example of the internet in action!
  5. note to self.....host compitition,,,,,collect free beer,,,,give no prizes,,,,I love it!!!
  6. mr. B's might be a bit stronger, but most arent ment for carbonating. You could prime n fill 2 liter coke bottles, and transfer to the growler right before consumption, fir a fancy presentation.
  7. online instructions found here... http://www.mrbeer.com/images/pdf/MB11-Inst-SELECT.pdf
  8. New LBK only 10 bucks, not too much more than the slimline.
  9. A much better answer than my short blurb, thanks!
  10. genotype wrote: Cold crashing is different from cold conditioning. Cold crashing your primary or secondary for a few days helps to clarify the beer, dropping some yeast and other suspended matter into the trub, prior to bottling. Cold conditioning, in the case of ales, retards the melding of the flavors that happen more speedily when you condition at room temperature. The Borg opinion on cold crashing is fairly split. I do it on all of my LBK batches, since I can fit it into my fridge. My gallon batches are another matter. hence why I said 'in terms of sediment' obviously other good reasons for conditioning.
  11. My very newby guess..... They do much the same thing as far as sediment,,,just one ends up in the secondary, the other in your bottle.
  12. Looks good, and the glass isn't bad either!
  13. it's in a box, it's in a bag, why worry?
  14. I've heard at least one other with this suggestion,,,,not really to help with the flavor, but with the consistancy of the carb. But, I would guess it would make the same sense for flavor.
  15. standard answer for most questions here,,,,leave it alone.
  16. Phoenix here as well. First batch in bottles, second batch in the LBK!
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