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  1. bleach is good for getting rid of an infection, but for 10 bucks, a new lbk would be your best option. hard to get rid of those tiny critters.
  2. "m3n00b" post=369944 said:I always get awesome compliments when I share. Except for this chick at work...she whined about my red ale being too bitter and that she wants Foster's. I lol'd. Is she cute?
  3. "lionsfan7705" post=369937 said:I bought a kit from that sale too, but mine came with the Czech pilsner instead of the patriot lager ... But anyway the patriot lager, in my opinion is a very good beer, I'm currently drinking it! The only thing I'm gonna do to that one next time is add some DME and a 15-20 min hops boil with some mt hood ... The Cervesa I just brewed up last night, added some light DME and some saaz hops 15-20 min boil with a 5 min addition of saaz at the end .. Gotta wait and see how it turns out as I had a complication with it too ... Self inflicted .. Didn't have a thermometer for 2nd LBK when I pitched yeast .. Brew on! +1 any of the light kits. steep some carapils add some dme do a 15-20 min boil with your fav hops. Not much harder than Mr. Beer straight up, and the beer produced is exponentially better.
  4. nah. You'd want more consistent bottles, and less green bottles. Some of those old one might have the dreaded double lip, or the euro size. Pick up a bottle (or case ) of Sam Adams, or Sierra Nevada at the supermarket to get a good idea of what is ideal.
  5. kinda missed the P in the IPA.
  6. "VTGroff" post=367968 said:There's nothing wrong with knowing ambient temp, but I am much more concerned with what the actual temp of my fermenting wort is. Ambient Temp by itself is practically meaningless. "azmark" post=367937 said:The ambient temp is what you control. It's good to know. It will always try to make everything in that area the same temp. Unless you have very good (professional) temp control, such as cooling and heating coils around your fermenter, you are controlling ambient temp to control your fermentation temps. I wasn't saying not knowing your wort temp was unimportant. Just that, knowing that your wort temp, and what ever you are using to cool or heat it, (usually ambient room temps, or ambient fermentation chamber temp) is good to know. If you want 65* wort and you are using your room temp to cool it, you would know from past experience that keeping it at 60* will get you the proper wort temp. Knowing both can be very helpful.
  7. or go with a stick on thermometer, or an infra red digital? http://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Temperature-Non-Contact-Infrared-Thermometer/dp/B00837ZGRY/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1367419721&sr=1-1
  8. The ambient temp is what you control. It's good to know. It will always try to make everything in that area the same temp. Unless you have very good (professional) temp control, such as cooling and heating coils around your fermenter, you are controlling ambient temp to control your fermentation temps.
  9. "finsfan" post=367635 said:azmark, where did you get mid 60's for the temperature? everything i have seen says to keep it between 68-76 degrees and that being too cold slows down the yeast so i was making sure it would not be to cold but still being below 76 Those temps are for the temp of the wort which may be 5-10* higher than the surrounding air during heavy fermentation. So, if you want you wort at 68* (best to keep in the cooler range of a yeast) then you'll want to be in the low 60*. I was giving you mid 60s just to be nice. Mr. Beer does try to make their yeast very clean even at higher temps. But again, it's cleanest at it's lower range, which still means 74* is too high.
  10. 74* a bit warm for room temp. Might be a bit late to lower now. First few days is where you want to keep the temp in the mid 60's.
  11. Just at the LHBS. (local home brew store) or amazon for star san.
  12. Most likely yes, depends on the recipe. Just want to make sure to add most of your extract late in the boil. If indeed this is an extract boil.
  13. btw 70* might be a bit warm for a fermenting room.
  14. it's a really light kit to start with, it's not going to have a ton of hop or malt flavor. Think Corona light!
  15. Just make the tea described above, boil and reduce the volume, cool, put in fridge in some Tupperware. Next bottle you open, add a few drops before you pour.
  16. Used more for a cleaner than a sanitizer. A lbk can get pretty gunky after a ferment, and a nice soak will clean it up. Then before the next brew, rinse, sanitize with one step or star san. Oxi is also great for soaking glass bottles. Gets the gunk from inside and make the labels of many brands slide right off.
  17. How do you know your target FG is correct for your process?
  18. Don't do new for the fridge. Craigslist can get you all sorts of deals. The largest of the mini fridges can hold two lbks. And you can pick them up for 50-75 bucks easily. Add a temp controller and you'll have better control of your temps for less than a new fridge. I don't think a lot of the wine fridges can get into the mid to upper 60s, which is where you'll want to be quite often.
  19. some could be cracked shells, but some of it could be your starches needing to be converted. It would be very hard to separate the two.
  20. That's a lot of late addition hops, if it tastes pretty good now, I'd say drink fairly quick.
  21. Called blending. Usually done with bigger beer to give the desired profile.
  22. "pete rose haircut" post=365294 said:I can honestly only recall trying 2 ipas, Sam Addams whitewater IPA & another called hazed & infused (don't recall which brewery ) Blorf to both of them Sam Adams is a pretty generic IPA. Do a little research, pick up a mixed 6 of local and fresh IPAs. Make sure you drink them out of a glass, these are not bottle chuggers, a good deal of the taste and pleasure comes from the aroma. You'll be amazed how different they can be, some earthy and piney, some full of citrus and grapefruit.
  23. Just did this one as well. 2 old HMEs, 1lb DME. 2 old fromundas. Finished a bit over 1.020 Tasted the first one a bit early, over the weekend. Sweet, but very tasty.
  24. depending on the Hop Beer A might have around 29 IBUs Beer B might have 17 IBUs
  25. Doubt it, more ibu in the longer boil. But you might perceive a more hoppy beer with the second beer.
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